S2 Review - ‘Better Call Saul’ Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

While it’s understandable that fans of Breaking Bad are itching for the return of Walter White or Gus Fring or any of the old gang in Better Call Saul, Gilligan’s proving that a story that crawls at a tortoise’s pace is what will truly win the race. And there’s no real way to do it otherwise. Instead of using Better Call Saul as a “this is what leads up to everything you liked from this show you loved,” we’re saying hello from the other side, and while season one ended on the note of Jimmy finally looking to get his, breaking bad doesn’t (and shouldn’t) just happen overnight.

Ultimately, Better Call Saul pumping the breaks and letting the story develop naturally should be looked at as a gift. It’d be so easy to throw Bryan Cranston in a car wash into Better Call Saul, but cheap tricks aren’t what we’re here for. Gilligan’s diving deeper, sussing out the human experience and what it means to be “bad,” revealing that nothing is ever as black and white as it’s made to be. This is something we know, but Better Call Saul (and to a more grandiose extent, Breaking Bad) does a magnificent job at highlighting just how far people can—and will—go to do “right.”
– Kahl, Complex