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Patton Oswalt on the Time He Enlisted Bob Odenkirk and David Cross to Perform Jerry Lewis’s Holocaust Clown Screenplay
An excerpt from his upcoming book, Silver Screen Fiend.

‘’….January 27, 1997: “Chevy Chase was born to play a clown who leads children into a gas oven!”

That’s Bob Odenkirk, onstage at the Powerhouse Theatre in Santa Monica, improvising one of the most brilliant lines in a brilliant night of comedy that all of my friends and I had to lash together at the last minute….’’

14 Memorable Improvised Moments on Scripted TV

Breaking Bad, 5x15 - Granite State

‘The podcast for Granite State, Breaking Bad’s penultimate episode, welcomed Cranston and director Peter Gould. At around the 48:58 mark, Gould discusses the scene in which Walter White offers to pay ‘The Disappearer’, played by Robert Forster, $10,000 to stay for an hour in the cabin where he’s hiding out. While the pair prepare to play cards, Forster deals the deck, symbolically turning up “A King. Two Kings.”

That line was of Forster’s invention. Director Gould explains: “The scene as scripted ends with ‘Do you want to cut the cards?’ And that was just to keep the card-playing… that was the out of the scene. These guys… I kind of was lazy with saying ‘cut’ for once and these guys kept going with the scene. […] There are a number of variations, and then Robert starts dealing and calling out what the cards are. […] He did it once and it was ‘let’s keep doing that’.”

That wasn’t the only time a cast-member’s addition made it into a final episode cut. According to Vince Gilligan, the line “Everybody dies in this movie don’t they?” said by Walter in season five’s Hazard Pay when Walter and Walt Jr are watching Scarface was an addition from Cranston. “There’s that great line that Bryan Cranston ad-libbed that is not in the script for the episode: ‘Everybody dies in this movie.’ Who knows if that’s foreshadowing or not?”