Breakfast at Tiffany's

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Literally insanely pumped but like in the hiding it with a calm demeanor kind of way about moving to New York. It doesn’t really seem like it’s a real thing. Like I feel like I’m still going to have a life in Pittsburgh. Or more so I can’t really picture my life in New York, of course because it hasn’t happened yet. But it’s one of those moves where you feel like you can really re-create yourself…keep creating yourself. 

Moving home suffocated me in a way. It allowed me to ground myself and reconnect (to the people, the places, the true down-to-earth essence of Pittsburgh) but I also feel like it put walls around me. I existed as the person who everyone always knew me as. There’s danger in comfort. 

New York is, well, whatever I want it to be. There will be confinements, naturally, but it’s a new place - its the MU-FUCKIN’ BEST CITY IN THE WORLD! I truly do…*heart* NY. 

Anyway, I’m filling myself with New York inspo, starting with Breakfast at Tiffany’s (how did I go so long without ever seeing this movie…I couldn’t have found more of a spirit character). I want to watch all the classic New York movies, of course with episodes of Sex and the City sprinkled throughout. 

Currently on: Coming to America 

Welcoming suggestions! 

Someone on /co/ asked for Pearl dressed like Holly Golightly awhile back- I didn’t forget ya, anon, doodled this but got a little sidetracked 

Give your girl my regards
the signs as literary heroines
  • Aries:arya stark
  • Taurus:katniss everdeen
  • Gemini:daisy buchannan
  • Cancer:daenerys targaryen
  • Leo:ginny weasley
  • Virgo:hermione granger
  • Libra:hazel grace lancaster
  • Scorpio:holly golightly
  • Sagittarius:violet baudelaire
  • Capricorn:elizabeth bennet
  • Aquarius:margo roth spiegelman
  • Pisces:luna lovegood