Happy Saturday, studyblr babes! This past week was about springtime, new opportunities, and acceptance. Here’s what I’ve learned: we are all build-in with issues and faults and that’s just the way it is. Everyone is going through something else. Give yourself a break. Stop beating yourself up for being human. The sun will always rise tomorrow.

Now Playing (aka two songs that got me through all the shit I was going through this week):

Shake It Out- Florence + The Machine

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Dennis Coffey -Scorpio (soul train)

Actual Cinnamon Roll Mike Faist

•Believes his character Morris Delancey is actually a good guy deep down, even after saying things like “My skull busting arm could use a break" and beating up a crippled boy. (Aka Mike Faist has an unbelievable amount of faith in people)

•Informed everyone of the cookie cake before getting some himself.

•Have you seen the picture of him and Ben Platt cuddling?

•His friendship with Laura Dreyfuss. Too cute.

•Actually named his Newsie Mike.

His hair is on point no matter what length

•He used to beat up on the rest of the Newsies cast, but they loved him anyway

He wears a tiny tie!

•"You know how I feel!“

•He reads Albert Camus before the show

•Always plays the villain, but is the sweetest?!?!?

• His energy when performing King of New York. You can tell he loves it.

•Him and Thanye during King of New York. Yes.

•His friendship with Tommy Bracco. Too pure

•The boy can’t use Twitter for shit, and I live for it.

• Once said his favorite fan moment was when someone asked him to marry them.

He is a tired little cinnamon roll with puffy eyes that need sleep

He wears New Balance shoes (But he also owns converse tap shoes)

Please add more! I love hearing about Mike’s adorkablness.

(If it’s in italics, it’s something my sister said)

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It is said that between two people there is always someone who loves more and most of times it is the same person who notice the end before it comes. It feels suicidal to go beyond reason and still hope that it might get better, that the love may stay, that it has to be a way to fix everything. Yet the heart still breaks, the heart still beats, the heart still cracks but it still beats. What an ironic way of living in and out of mind, of love, of heart. How can we love more, give more, lose more and be our own hero when our heart doesn’t belong to us anymore? How can we be the one who see the end when forever is all we hope?
—  a.h - k.m
Heart Break Beat Fic: Why Can’t I Touch It?

Why Can’t I Touch it? 

Rating: Mature

Length: 7k

Tags & Warnings: Underage, mutual pining, angsty masturbation, handjobs, genderfluid Yuri

Summary: Otabek writhes against the sheets to get his sweats pulled down, and Yuri can hear the grunt of frustration in his voice. Yuri can feel the movements of his wrist. The mattress rolls and creaks with every single pump of his wrist. Yuri can’t help himself. He pulls his own half hard cock from his pajama bottoms and mimics the slow motions of his fist.Yuri comes first. Then Otabek. 

Otabek moves for a tissue immediately. Yuri isn’t sure what to do. They’re not supposed to do this when the other person is still awake.

Emily Fields with Santana Lopez is my fave crossover wlw ship <3

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A woman of color dating another woman of color… *check*

Both are out and proud lesbians… *check*

The calm sweet girl falls for the wild mean girl… *check*

The hot cheerleader falls for the star athlete… *check*

No blonde hair in sight… *check*

Santana would beat the breaks off of “A” for terrorizing her gf… *check*

Emily would always be the first to come to her gf’s defense… *check*

Both are loyal af to their squad… *check*

Did I mention that they’re both women of color :)

Naya & Shay could pass as sisters even though Naya is half Puerto Rican and Shay is half Filipina, the resemblance is ridiculous Lol I’d be all about Sanily <3

Tell Me

In retrospect Keith proberly shouldn’t of teased the Galra holding them captive.
They had been on what Coran said was a peaceful planet so they had all gone down only in black.
However when they arrived they found the place swarming with Galra.
Shiro had tried to pilot them out of there but they were shot down and crashed on the banks of a large pink lake.
With Black down for the count they had tried to fight off the sentries, but they just kept coming and one got a lucky shot in knocking Lance’s helmet off and grabbing him round the neck.
The other Paladins had no choice but to drop their weapons or Lance would pay the price.
It was then that Keith had an idea.
“Let him go and I’ll give you information.”
“What information could you possibly have?” The general asked as he peered down at Keith in curiosity.
Keith looked around desperately trying to think of something when he remembered Allura telling them about an old virus they had used in the old days that would make the sentries useless.
Of course it was outdated and useless now.
But they didn’t know that.
“Information on a new sentry destruct virus.”
The generals eyebrows shot up into his hair line.
Keith hoped for a second he would let Lance go.
However he only tightened his grip causing Lance to weakly groan.
Even from this far away Keith could see the bruise forming around his neck.
“Tell me.”
“L-let him go first!” Keith demanded keeping eye contact.
“Tell me now or” he held Lance over the edge of the water, “I drown him.”
Keith felt his heart beat speed up. This wasn’t part of the plan.
The general took his stunned silence for refusal and threw Lance into the water, holding his head below the surface.
Hunk screamed his best friends name.
Shiro was desperately trying to fight his was free.
Pidge was trying not to panic.
And Keith was staring horrified.
This was all his fault.
“So red Paladin, tell me what I want to know.”
Keith couldn’t talk.
He didn’t have to answers.
“Just tell him Keith!” Hunk yelled frantically catching his attention.
“If you won’t then I will!”
Keith almost sighed in relief.
Hunk had figured out what he was doing and had a plan to get Lance out.
“Just let him up.” Hunk begged fully aware that though Lance was the best swimmer he knew, there was only so long a person could hold their breath.
And Lance had been under a full minuet already.
“Tell me about the virus first.” The general replied cooly not even noticing how Lance struggled beneath his grasp.
“I-it’s erm… it’s designed to fry the sentries databases so they don’t know who to follow anymore.”
“How?” The general asked.
“Let him up please!” Pidge yelled.
“I asked how!” He snarled.
“Plug into the main drive that commands them. There I told you now let him up!”
Hunk screamed at him tears running down his face.
Lance had stopped struggling, just lying still in the water.
Keith couldn’t breath.
This was all his fault, this was his bluff and Lance was paying for it.
“Return to the ship, tell Zarkon we captured the Paladins, well most of them. One was unfortunately killed in the process.”
“You bastard!” Keith yelled trying to break free.
However Shiro beat him to it.
Flipping the guard over his shoulder and jumping over his cuffed hands.
He barged into the general knocking into the water and causing him to drop Lance.
The next few moments were sheer chaos of grabbing weapons and trying to get away.
Pidge used her bayard to free Hunk who ran and pulled Lance from the water.
It wasn’t until they were all in Black flying away did they actually take a moment to check on the fallen Paladin.
His skin was a sickly grey colour and his lips tinged blue.
His hair was plastered to his forehead and he was so cold to the touch.
The worst was that he wasn’t breathing.
“Help me get his armour off!” Hunk ordered Keith as he began to take the armour off his best friends chest.
Keith in a daze did as he was told.
Once his chest was free of armour Hunk began doing compressions while Shiro radioed the castle.
“Allura we need a pod ready. Lance is down.”
“What happened?” Allura asked alarmed.
“We were jumped by the Glara and Lance was held under water for too long… h-he’s not breathing.” Shiro tried to hide the way his voice cracked but he couldn’t.
That was one of his team mates back there dying and he couldn’t do anything but fly as fast as Black would let them.
When then returned to the castle Hunk scooped Lance up and took off running.
Lance had coughed up a little water and was breathing on his own…
Hunk didn’t stop until they had him loaded into the pods.
Coran looked him over with a grave expression as the others filed in.
“He will live.”
Everyone melted to the floor all the tension and adrenaline leaving their bodies all at once.
“However it was close… I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets some lung damage from the water.”
Keith stared at the pod.
He kept staring even after the others went to bed.
He was still staring when the pod hissed open and Lance fell out.
Keith was only just able to catch him before he hit the floor.
“Lance! How you feeling?”
Lance groaned and opened his mouth to speak but started coughing.
Keith stared panic clear on his face.
“I-I’m ok.” Lance wheezed after a while.
“No your not… you lungs are messed up now because of me. It’s my fault you almost drowned. I’m sorry Lance I’m so sorry.” Keith didn’t even realise he was crying until Lance wiped the tears from his face.
“Hey hey… it’s fine, I’m fine. Drowning if better then a broken neck.” Lance croaked.
Keith ran his thumb across where the bruise had been round his neck.
“Still… you don’t deserve this.”
“And you don’t deserve to feel bad, the Galra did this to me not you.”
Keith nodded but still felt bad.
That was until Lance pulled him close into a hug.
Keith silently promised that as long as he was there no one would ever hurt Lance again.