Break Xerxes


-Pandora no Carte: major arcanas-

The orders for the second batch are now open! It has 22 cards (major arcanas), plus a bonus card with a random drawing.

Size: 80 mm (3,15 inches) x 150 mm (5,9 inches), about 90 g (0,18 lb).

The full set costs 20 euros (about 25 USD), shipping included. The orders will be taken if 15 persons or more are interested, because under 15 the price of a set will be too high.

Just leave a message on this post if you’re interested! (: I’ll contact you after in MP for more information.
(I won’t count the messages in a reblog, mostly because I won’t see them?)

Also, if you want a special drawing, let me know, otherwise it will be totally random.

Paypal preferred for the payment.

[2nd order batch will be closed on Mar, 30th]