Break A Lead

“In Sappho’s poem, her addresses to Gods are orderly, perfect poetic products, but the way—and this is the magic of fragments—the way that poem breaks off leads into a thought that can’t ever be apprehended. There is the space where a thought would be, but which you can’t get hold of. I love that space. It’s the reason I like to deal with fragments. Because no matter what the thought would be if it were fully worked out, it wouldn’t be as good as the suggestion of a thought that the space gives you. Nothing fully worked out could be so arresting, so spooky.”

- Anne Carson, from an interview in ‘The Art of Poetry No. 88′  (via a-witches-brew)

  • Ferre:*breaks into science museum at night for fun*
  • Courf:u beautiful rule breaking moth
  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:How much should i pay cheritz for a route where you can save all of them and even if romantically you're only with one of them, you can help each and everyone as a good friend and make all of them eventually happy? because it's so sad that you can only help one of them,but in game u had to either be rude or neutral towards those whom you're not choosing and it just breaks my heart?? so MC leads only one of them to the 'light', while other stay in the 'darkness' of whatever they're going through?? i did not sign for thid?? i know it's just how the game works u only choose 1, but that doesn't stops me from thinking how it would be great to help all of them at the same time withoute reseting

alright kids gather round for a lesson from your favorite tumblr art teacher on the difference between “animation style” and “sexist character design”

I know this comparison has been done to death but thats because its a good one so let’s look at some Ghibli couples

this, my friends, is an example of an animation style. yes, all the women have pretty much the same craniofacial structure. but look at who also does: the men!!!

now, here are some examples of animation that certainly has distinct style, but is still guilty of sexist character design

how can I tell, you ask? let’s break it down.

1. all lead Disney women fit into the exact same big-eyed tiny-nosed heart-shaped craniofacial structure

2. all the lead Disney men don;t

there all done its that simple

in case this is still not making sense for some of you I have created a fun visual guide to help

thanks for reading & have a great day


The Magnar would be coming up that road before the day was done, his Thenns marching behind him with axes and spears in their hands and their bronze-and-leather shields on their backs. Grigg the Goat, Quort, Big Boil, and the rest will be coming as well. And Ygritte. The wildlings had never been his friends, he had not allowed them to be his friends, but her… He could feel the throb of pain where her arrow had gone through the meat and muscle of his thigh. He remembered the old man’s eyes too, and the black blood rushing from his throat as the storm cracked overhead. But he remembered the grotto best of all, the look of her naked in the torchlight, the taste of her mouth when it opened under his. Ygritte, stay away. Go south and raid, go hide in one of those roundtowers you liked so well. You’ll find nothing here but death…”