Bread Toss

  • Kilvin: Do you want to know how I actually hurt my wrist?
  • Kvothe: Yes.
  • Kilvin: I was hula hooping. I attend a class for fitness and for fun.
  • Kvothe: Oh, my God.
  • Kilvin: I've mastered all the moves. The bread toss, the tornado, the scorpion, the oopsie-doodle.
  • Kvothe: Why are you telling me this?
  • Kilvin: Because no one will ever believe you.
  • Kvothe: You sick son of a bitch.
questions i think about a lot
  • what to eat for hanukkah
  • did i toss enough bread for my sins
  • should i get involved in this drama?
  • is there anything two jews will agree on?
  • should i correct this goy or will it just ruin my day?
  • what’s the deal with goyim
  • why is this night different from all other nights?
Waste Not

Fendrel was born into a poor family. They barely scraped by in their little town, and he remembers well his mothers scoldings.

“Waste not.” She would say with a smack on his hand when she found him tossing bread crust or fruit skins away. She was always mindful of using everything at her disposal and never wasting what could be used.

Fendrel loved his mother very much, and when sickness took her from him one winter, he knew he needed a change of scenery. Being only a young teenager, the road was difficult. A long journey west took him to a beautiful city where he could start anew. He began begging, but quickly caught the eye of an old wizard. The old man insisted that Fendrel had a hidden arcane talent just waiting to be released.

By the gods was he right, Fendrel quickly began to master the ways of the wizard in a few short years. He took every opportunity to copy spells from books and other wizards’ notes, learning spells from all sects of the arcane. He was truely starting to prove himself to his master.

Then the war began.

Every able-bodied young man in the city was called upon to fight, and a refusal would be imprisonment. Fendrel did not want to go, but he knew that he must. So he set out with a troop of soldiers who he would learn to call his family during  years of deployment.

Tragedy struck one afternoon as his squad was ambushed by orcs. Fendrel was knocked unconcious and tumbled down into a ditch before to much fighting even took place. When he awoke, he found the bodies. His friends. His brothers. His sisters. His companions. His family. They were all dead. The orcs had shown no mercy. Why then did he live? Why could he have not died honorably alongside those he cared so much for.

He would kill the orcs. He had to. Revenge was all that was on his mind. Fendrel was not so strong though, he was not proficient in the ways of blades. His friends were. Were. Not anymore. They still had their armor, still had their blades, but Fendrel could make no use of this. Then it dawned on him.

Fendrel stepped forward, tears running down his cheeks as he clutched his spellbook with one hand and raised his other arm, fingers trembling. He began chanting, starting the spell. A black mist poured from his sleeve, spilling onto the ground and enveloping the corpses of his allies. The bodies began to move then, rising and looking to Fendrel for command.

His head turned. He could see the fires of the orc camp on ridge in the distance, burning brightly in the night. Looking back to his undead companions, only two words escaped his lips.

“Waste not.”


@mr-lazzywolf, hopefully this works for you. It is hard to make a good-aligned necromancer because of the evil implications of the act, but I love the concept alot. That’s why I went with the whole ‘no need to waste whats available’ approach. Feel free to let me know what you think.

Caesar and Joseph go to feed the ducks 

Anyway Caesar is by himself for a little bit and he’s happily tossing bread to this little group of ducks that have settled near the log he’s sitting on and then he hears faint screaming?

and it gets louder

and louder 

and the next thing he knows Joseph is vaulting over him and into the pond, still screaming and being chased by an entire gaggle of aggressive geese 

this is so angsty o h my g o d

AU in which you and 10k drift apart after Cassandras death, you get kidnapped, and he thinks its his fault (AKA a doc and 10k moment, you almost dying, and the aftermath)

requested by my fav @stawmay12



You tried to keep track of the days, but eventually lost count. All there is is the bars of the cage around you, the bread that gets tossed in randomly. There is the knife that is slipped through the bars, cutting into your skin. Your left eye is swollen shut, a prize from a beating you got for trying to dig out under the bars. Your ribs are cracked, more than a few of them. You had no choice but to rip your thin tank up and wrap it around your torso.

You want to believe they’re coming for you.

You want to believe you’ll survive this.

You’ve made it up to this point. Through everything.

It’s your fault you’re here. You were the one who got distracted. You were the one who went back after dark to check it out. You were the one who got stuck in the trap. You were the one who woke up here.

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So Derek had arrived right on time and as you had expected his eyes zeroed in on the dinner table.

You had made his old favorite, shrimp alfredo, four cheese garlic bread, a toss salad and of course the wine.

‘How the hell are you single?’ is all he said as he walked toward the meal.

‘Wash your hands wolf boy.’ you said firmly.

‘Yes darling.’ Derek teased as he went to the sink.

He seemed so normal and relax, you almost wanted to just not bring up Kate at all, but you had to.

But, not right now, let the guy eat first.

You and Derek talked for a while, him asking about work, you asking about living life on the lamb. He confirms that the Mountain lion attack at the high school was in fact staged to cover up all the alpha kills.

Finally, actually quicker than anyone other than Derek could have managed, all the food was gone.

‘Satisfied?’ you teased.

‘Why? Do you have desert?’ Derek asked seriously.

‘You smiled as you stood up and pulled the cherry pie out of the oven where it was being kept warm.

‘That’s it, I’m gonna buy you a ring and marry you and your cooking. After I have a steamy affair with this pie.’ Derek said excitedly as you sat the pie in front of him.

‘Not the “American Pie” kind of affair I hope.’ you joked as you cut the pie and put a slice on a plate.

‘If we weren’t in your kitchen then maybe.’ Derek joked as well.

You sat down with the single slice and motioned to Derek that the rest was his to have.

You each ate in comfortable silence until finally Derek seemed to at last be full.

‘So I bumped into an old…someone at the store today?’ you said, deciding to get it over with.

‘Really?’ he asked casually.

‘It was Kate, she’s back in town.’

At that his face paled and the mood changed.

‘I know.’

You must have misheard that.

‘You know? The person we both know is responsible for the fire that changed everything is back in town and you just…know?’ you asked.

‘She…came by the old house, looking for information about the alpha.’ Derek responded.

‘She came by the house?! Derek what the fuck?! Why didn’t you tell me, hell why didn’t you tell me she was here in the first place?!’ you yelled angrily.

‘I didn’t want you to worry.’ he said meekly.

‘Didn’t want me to- Derek have you met me?! Worrying is what I do, it’s my thing?! I literally made a career out of it?!’ you shouted.

‘What else aren’t you telling me Derek?’ you asked.

‘… I’ve found the alpha, (Y/N).’ Derek said grimly.

‘What?!’ you shouted at the top of your lungs.

‘It’s Peter, he is the alpha (Y/N). That’s why I didn’t tell you.’

 You could only stare at him wide eyed.

‘Derek, this isn’t the time for one of your bad jokes. Peter is at the Hospital, like he has been for the last near decade.’ you said firmly.

‘Only, during your shifts. He smelled Laura and her alpha and it set him off, he got up, got her alone and…he went feral.’ Derek explained carefully.

‘You know too much for it to be tracking…he told you. Because you’re working with him aren’t you?’ you realized.

‘The killings, they aren’t random (Y/N). The video store worker, those two loafers, and the bus driver…they all helped Kate burn down our house and cover it up.’ Derek said as he stood and moved closer to you.

‘Where is he right now?’ you asked as you began to process all this new information.

‘The old house, we meet there.’

You stood up and grabbed your keys and headed to your car, Derek hot on your trail, just like the old days.

‘(Y/N) what are you gonna do?’ Derek asked.

You didn’t answer,  just sped up.

Once you were at the house you saw the door opened and with a deep breath you entered your old second home.

‘I see you brought a gue-’ Peter started to say but didn’t finish because you had slapped him hard enough to hurt your hand.

‘Hello to you too sugar plum.’ he snarked as he rubbed his quickly healing cheek.

‘Eight years!’ you screamed.

‘For eight years I sat at your bedside, taking photos for you, talking to you! Begging you to wake up and heal! I went to fucking medical school so that it would be my job to watch over you! And you wake up while I’m away and then run literally wild for months without ever coming to me!’ you shouted as tears poured from your eyes.

Peter looked at you with what you thought to be sad eyes.


‘I gave up my life for you Peter, and you do this. For years I wondered what I would do when you woke up, and what would happen between us. Would we just be friends, or maybe we’d realize we were meant to be. And I finally have my answer, we are…nothing.’ you sighed, almost in a delirious bliss.

‘(Y/N), just listen to me! I never wanted to break up, I was forced to! It was the punishment the pack gave me, I wanted to be at your side til the end. I still want that.’ Peter said as he took your hand.


“You don’t have to call me that, you know,” she said, brushing her hair back from her shoulders. “There was a time when you called me Winter.”

He leaned his elbows on the enclosure wall. “There was also a time when I could come visit you without feeling like I was supposed to toss bread crumbs to earn your favor.”

“Bread crumbs? Do I look like a goose?”

He tilted his head to the side. “You don’t look like an arctic wolf, either, but that’s what the plaque tells me I’m looking at.”

Winter leaned back on her hands. “I will not play fetch,” she said, “but I might howl if you ask nicely.”

He grinned. “I’ve heard your howl. It’s not very wolf-like, either.”

“I’ve been practicing.”

“You won’t bite me if I come in there, will you?”

“I make no guarantees.”

Jacin hopped over the rail and came to sit beside her. She raised an eyebrow. “You don’t look like an arctic wolf, either.”

“I also don’t howl.” He considered. “Though I might play fetch, depending on the prize.”

“The prize is another game of fetch.”

“You drive a hard bargain.”
― Marissa Meyer, Winter


“Your brother’s all scrawny.” She explains, “Needs some meat on his bones.”

That is true, but Lorian doubted eating would do him much good at this point, cursed as they both were. They both felt hunger but wouldn’t die of it. He tosses the bread at Lothric, who seems to be asleep until he reaches one clawed hand out of his blankets and grabs it.

Imagine the characters of the Iron Fey series running into the Harry Potter characters. 

Rowan and Draco spend time exchanging, “My father/mother will hear about this!”

Puck gets friendly with the Weasley’s; inspiring Fred and George’s new line of ‘Goodfellow Gags’, and teaching Ginny special hexes for special enemies. Later, he spends the afternoon exchanging spook tactics with Peeves in the Astronomy Tower and visiting the elves in the kitchens.

Hermione and Glitch get into a spat over the accuracy of a few theories of magic while Meghan, Ash, and Harry sit off to the side chatting away.

Sage spends time by the lake, occasionally tossing a bread crust to the giant squid when it surfaces, or chatting with the mermaids when they appear to look curiously at him. 

Later, when Mab decides to retrieve her boys from their “ill-spent time” in the Mortal World, she runs into the Dark Lord himself, who, upon announcing he is immortal due to his split soul, merely earns a raised eyebrow from the Faery Queen. 

“I have no soul,” she tells him coldly before striding away.

First impressions

Meeting Gale: ‘Stealing is punishable by death’ he reminds Katniss when she finds a rabbit in one of his snares. Interpretation: You might want to think twice about getting between me and my food. 

Meeting Peeta: Burns the bread and tosses it to Katniss. Interpretation: Here take this bread. I will gladly endure a beating from my mother if it will save your life.

For a girl who refers to hunger to describe some of her most intense experiences, these first encounters are pretty significant. Even if she couldn’t fully comprehend it at the time, Katniss knew where true satisfaction lay.

Author Spotlight: Court81981

This feature is a collaboration with panempropaganda and everlarkedalways as part of Panem Propaganda’s 100 Days of Mockingjay: Shipping and Fanfiction.

This interview is a companion piece to an article written for Panem Propaganda, available at X.

With many thanks to panempropaganda, everlarkedalways, and Court81981.

Graphic by everlarkedalways. Interview by papofglencoe​.


“Court is one of the most talented writers in the fandom… Her stories have made me laugh, cry, and almost faint from how sexy they are.” -allhailthehutch

What is so unique or special about Everlark to you?

For me, Everlark is so unique/special because of the very subtle way that the author shows they are fated to be together from a very young age, and then they are able to overcome enormous obstacles and several devastating tragedies to have that love be affirmed. I knew from the second that I read the backstory to Everlark, him purposely burning the bread and tossing it to her, that they would be the side of the love triangle that endured, but it didn’t stop me from reading the last page of MJ to be sure that both lived. I think I would have thrown the book in a fire if Peeta hadn’t lived. I also love that while Katniss eventually comes to accept that she has noticed Peeta all along, it’s not some over-idealized “love at first sight” trope. She has bigger things to worry about than boys, and thus, the subtle way that Peeta insinuates himself into her heart makes their love stronger. She has to be ready to love him. And then, when she does, it’s with everything she can give him.

What inspired you to write Everlark fanfiction in the first place?

I think I’ve always written fanfiction. From the time I was 6 or 7 and was writing myself into the Babysitters Club (I just aged myself), I’ve always wanted to continue stories and worlds that have spoken to me. I’ve had some ups and downs with writing professors, and I’ve always been insecure about my writing. After one particularly nasty prof in grad school tore apart one of my original stories, I stopped writing for a long time. It wasn’t until I took a workshop where the speaker advised us writing teachers to write with our students that I started writing again. Bits and pieces, just character sketches or descriptive paragraphs of settings, but it was a start.

Funny enough, it’s a student who put The Hunger Games in my hands. I was hesitant, because another student had raved about Twilight and insisted I read it, and I was so underwhelmed by it that I could barely finish the first book. I never read the other three. So when this boy said, “You have to read this!” I replied, “Really? This better not be another Twilight.” By then, all three books were out, and so I didn’t have to wait. I devoured all three in three days. I still keep in touch with that student.

I sought out THG fanfiction and joined the fandom as a reader first. There were already scores of amazing stories out there, a lot of AU canon, and I made sure I reviewed everything I read. Some of those authors were nice enough to respond to me, and I opened dialogue with them. That was how I became a beta. And by being a beta, I was fortunate to have the support and encouragement of the first person I betaed for, iloverynmar, nudge me to work on some of my own fanfiction.

It took Everlark to really force me back on the writing bandwagon. They are the only ship that has truly called to me. Fanfiction exists because readers don’t want the story to end. I am always thinking about Everlark and the happy endings they deserve. Fanfiction is a place for me to safely explore my writing with familiar characters and take risks that I have been wary about taking in my original writing. Writing fanfiction has made me a better writer, and it’s renewed my confidence in myself, even if I still get anxiety every single time I hit the “post” button.

What’s your personal favorite of your own fics and why? What inspired it?

Fics are like children. It’s truly impossible for me to say I have a favorite. There are fics that have special meaning to me for different reasons. A lot of my one-shots have been written by request or as gifts for people, so seeing their reactions to these stories have made me happy. A Favorable Wind was my first story, and the response I received gave me the confidence to keep posting it and to keep writing. The novel that I based that story on has been a favorite of mine for years, and the parallels were too perfect for adapting it to Everlark. Most of my fic is inspired or based on other works, because I save my “original” plots for my original non fanfic work. I’ll use bits and pieces of plots from films, or song lyrics, to conjure up a story that works for Everlark, and then I put my own twist on it. Simple Gifts was the first post-MJ fic that I posted. Writing canon terrifies me, though I have many unpublished canon AUs and post-MJ fics languishing in my drive. Crash My Party has probably been the fic I’ve taken the most risks with, in a number of ways, and it will always be special to me for that.

What’s the greatest challenge for you to writing Everlark?

Doing Everlark justice and keeping them as close to character as possible. AU opens up a host of possibilities in experimenting, but I strive to make all my canon parallels work and make sure that no matter what element gets changed or adapted based on the AU, it’s still the Katniss and Peeta that we all love so dearly.

When you’re pushing the limits of character or situation, what ineffable traits of Katniss and Peeta/Everlark do you keep intact to preserve their characters?

For me, Everlark being soul mates is key. I also hold fast to the idea that toastbabies belong to only Katniss and Peeta, and I could never have them have children with anyone else. In regards to Katniss, her devotion to Prim is key, as is her tendency to take longer to let people in. With Peeta, it’s his selflessness and his kindness and his ability to charm people. Everyone loves Peeta.

What’s your favorite Everlark trope and why?

Um…I don’t really have one? LOL. I guess maybe confident, sexy Peeta. I love to read a wide variety of fic, and I love seeing people try new things in how they perceive Everlark. I do love the idea of Peeta being so excited to learn he’s going to be a father, and Katniss embracing the idea of being a mother when that moment comes.

What is an Everlark fanfic that has stayed with you? Why?

Well, Legend by HGRomance was the very first Everlark fanfic I read and reviewed, and it forged me a friendship with an author that I admired and also introduced me to many beloved Everlark fics by DustWriter and aimmyarrowshigh and monroeslittle.

Different Worlds by iloverynmar will always be special to me because it was in reading and reviewing that story that I got to know its author, and she had asked me to beta her next story, In My Head, In My Heart. That was the start of our friendship, and now, years later, hardly a day goes by that we don’t chat, and I know we will still be friends long after this fandom fades. I’m thankful for that gift.

There are too many other amazing stories and authors in this fandom to even begin to single them all out. I’ve been a beta for many of them. I’m fortunate enough to call so many talented writers friends. I’ve also tried to make sure that if I’ve read a story, I’ve reviewed it, or I’ve found a way to reach out to the author to tell them they’ve done a great job. It doesn’t take long to share kind words and they go so far in motivating an author.

What is your favorite Everlark headcanon or fanon?

Haha, I have so many of them. But we’ll keep it simple: that Everlark fuck like bunnies and can’t get enough of each other.

Court81981 is the author of works such as A Favorable Wind, Crash My Party, For the Crown, Going, Going, Gone, Highland Fling, One By One, and Winner Takes All. She is primarily on FF, but she is also on AO3.

i used to stan so many kpop groups like real heavily but this summer i’ve been on a 24 hour exo lockdown i really dropped my other groups so fast to devote my life to exo’s comeback wow….

A/N: Cute little thing I imagined last night.

“I’m hungry.” You whined

“Me, too. Wanna order in?” Dan pulled his phone out, ready to dial for chinese.

“Nah, let’s cook something.” You pushed yourself off the couch, heading into the kitchen. “Surely there’s something in here.”

“Alright, you have two bottles of mustard, molasses, cheese, mayo, eggs, and expired almond milk.” Dan said, surveying your fridge. 

“I’ve got bread, we can make grilled cheese!” You held up the half-loaf sitting next to the microwave.

“Babe, this is moldy.” Dan said after grabbing the bag from your hand. “When’s the last time you went grocery shopping?”

“I don’t know, couple weeks?” You admitted, tossing the bread in the bin. “I stay at your place so much, and I eat at work a lot.”

“A latte and a muffin doesn’t count as a meal.” Dan teased you.

“It does when it’s free! I don’t know, there’s no point, it just feels so empty in here since Sophie moved out. And since Ethel died.” You sighed, and Dan lay an arm over your shoulder. 

“I know it was rough to lose her. You two were close.” He kissed your forehead. “But it was her time. Sixteen years is a long, happy life for a cat.”

“I know.”

“Well, this seems like a good time to bring this up. I was wondering if maybe…You might want to move in with me?” Dan seemed nervous. “I know you’re struggling with rent a lot, and you stay at mine half the time anyway and…I think it’s time.”

“Really? Phil wouldn’t mind?”

“Are you kidding? Phil would love it. You bake cupcakes regularly and you like horror movies.” 

“It would be nice to not panic when rent is due…” You considered the idea, figuring it only made sense.

“There, then it’s settled.” Dan smiled at you, kissing your head again. “Now let’s order some General Tso.”

“Not so fast, mister. I have a condition.”

“What is it?”

“We get a cat.” You had had cats your entire life, and you weren’t about to stop now. 

“Phils allergic.” Dan immediately shot you down.

“I know.” You grinned, knowing a perfect solution.

“Are you kidding me?” Dan asked two weeks later as he came home to find you playing with a sphinx kitten.

“Kitty!” Phil shrieked, dropping to his knees to pet the new housemate. 

“That’s the ugliest cat I have ever seen!” Dan crossed his arms, refusing to greet her.

“You shush your mouth!” You scooped up the tiny cat, which did sort of look like an uncooked chicken.

“He does kind of look like Gollum.” Phil giggled, tickling her behind the ears.

“Well that’s the name sorted.” Dan snorted.

“It’s a girl. You two are horrid, she’s precious! And hypoallergenic!” 

“Precious! There we go.” Dan clapped, grinning.

“Myyyy Precioussss.” Phil mimicked Gollum as he took the kitten from you, snuggling her. 

“Come on, Dan. Meet your new roomie.” You beckoned, and Dan gave in, kneeling to pet the little creature. 

“I guess she’s not the ugliest cat I’ve ever seen.” He tried to sound detached, but you knew as you watched him scratch under her chin that he was in love.

“GODDAMMIT I’M TRYING TO FILM! Y/N, come get your stupid cat!” You shook your head, hearing Dan shout from the bedroom.

“She wants to meet your subscribers!” You called back.

“Right, everyone, meet Precious. The neediest, loudest, most hyperactive cat in the world. She came with the girlfriend. Now get out of my room.” You laughed as you heard a thud, then the door slamming shut.