So I started budoblr-ing right when I started small circle jujitsu as a white belt (three months ago). From the beginning, I knew I wanted to be able to get my legs strong enough to where I could keep my opponents trapped in my legs and make it difficult to escape out of closed guard. I’ve been putting that effort in at the gym and by taking the ten flights of stairs that it takes to get to my cube.

FAST-FOWARD TO THIS WEEK. We had groundwork on Monday and review stations Wednesday. Every opponent in rolling-rotation that I put into closed guard found that they had a hard time escaping. Like, they had a SURPRISINGLY hard time.

One guy made the ಠ_ಠ face when he realized what was happening. Two guys shouted “WHAT THE FUCK” when they couldn’t get out. The other girl in the class remarked that I was “getting really good” through her teeth as she struggled (and she normally beats the SHIT out of me).

This is such a victory for me and I can’t wait until I get better. MY LEGS ARE GONNA BE SO STRONG, GUYS. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. >:D