Indigenous warriors prepare for guerrilla war with Brazilian latifundios (plantation owners) and state

“Indigenous people in ‪#‎Brazil‬ are preparing themselves for a conflict against a latifundio owner (giant landowners) in Mato Grosso do Sul. This week during a land dispute, an Indigenous leader was killed and several people, including kids, have been injured. Because of this, the council of the Guarani Kaiowa people and the council of Terena people are sending their warriors from all over the country and are calling on other Indigenous communities to do the same. In a statement the council of Terenena people said that 20.000 Terena warriors are coming and that they are prepared for a guerrilla war." 

i couldn’t look dumber, but i just can’t bring myself to care when i have these two towering over me. i’ll never forget the moment when i asked for a “torg photo” and at first they didn’t understand what i said since there were so many girls screaming in the background, so they just kept staring at me for what seemed decades, and right there i felt like everything was right and worth it.

all i can do is simply thank you guys. thank you georg for being so cute (and handsome, oooh, handsome) and for looking so happy when i said i wanted torg (since i was the first one to ask); thank you tom for leaning in because i’m so short; thank you bill for being so sweet and smelling so good; and thank you gustav for not being able to be bothered and looking so awesome on my photo. 

thank you for giving me hope and reasons to go on, every day, again and again.

i owe you forever. 08.28.15.


ha! - 3 word answers only

“people, love, Capirinhas!”