Brazilians Keep African Culture Alive in Salvador

Confession: I’m tired of losing my energy with pointless discussions on facebook. How can people be so alienated to the point of saying black people overreact about slavery?? “It ended over 100 years ago, get over it” “You aren’t alive when it happen, you haven’t suffer with it” I mean ??

I guess only I can say what kind of suffering I’m going through. White people need to understand that only black people have a saying on their own suffering, nobody else can mesure this and decide when our pain should end.

This is so exhausting. 128 years are not enough to change the mind of a whole nation, especially when they do no effort to at least respect our pain. We suffer racism everyday and they are the responsibles for this, how can’t they get it? They have to be really naivy or just prefer to discredit our problems. I don’t know why I still try to argue with them.

I’m talking about slavery in Brazil, officially it ended in 1888

Brazil has a public "Dirty List" of companies that are found to use exploited labor. 340 companies were just fined for modern slavery.

Read it here.

If after two years a company pays all its fines and proves that it has remedied working conditions, it is removed from the list.

COMMENT about whether you think this is an effective way of dissuading supply chain abuses.