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GOM and their s/o going to prom, or a formal dance of some sorts? (This blog is a blessing omg you guys are so good at writing like gosh bless)

Aww thank you! Enjoy! -Admin Fyre

Kuroko Tetsuya:

Kuroko already looked charming in a suit, and there was Nigou walking obediently by his side, wearing a matching tie around its neck. This was where people finally noticed Kuroko, and you felt strangely fond of him.

“Everyone’s looking at you,” you teased him, and Kuroko gave you a small smile. “As long as you are one of them, then I do not mind.”

Before you could reply, Nigou barked, wagging its tail excitedly, and tugged at Kuroko’s pant leg, pulling him closer to you. Kuroko chuckled. “I think Nigou wants us to dance. I should mention I’m not a very good dancer, though.”

“It’s okay.” Bravely you leaned over and kissed his cheek. “As long as it’s you I’m dancing with, then I don’t mind.”

Kise Ryouta:

Kise naturally drew attention to himself, and even more so when wearing a two-piece suit, tie loosened and shirt collar open, with that easygoing smile of his contrasting with dangerous golden eyes.

Well, that is, until he saw you. “________cchi~!!” Kise didn’t run over and hug you, as there were way too many other people in heels around him, but instead trotted over and grabbed your hands, eyes shining. “You look amazing! Well, you always look amazing but you look even better now!”

“So do you,” you laughed, feeling the knot of nervousness in your chest loosen a little, that at least Kise thought you looked nice, too. You were about to ask him if he wanted to get some food, or dance, when Kise took out his phone. “Let’s take a selfie, I wanna show everyone what a great couple we make!”

Midorima Shintarou:

Ugh, prom. The event that Midorima dreaded the most, a night of fake socializing, cheap non-alcoholic drinks, and, most importantly, dancing.

“What’s wrong?” You looked at him with concern. “You look a bit…ill.”

Midorima took a deep breath. “I don’t dance.”

To his surprise, you shrugged. “So? No one’s gonna care. It’s just prom.” When Midorima hesitated, you laughed at the look on his face and took him by the hand. “C’mon. I can guarantee you that you’re not the worst dancer here.”

As it turned out, Midorima could waltz - well enough that you actually blushed when everyone whispered and pointed. “You said you didn’t dance.”

“I don’t like to,” Midorima replied almost proudly. “But I never said I couldn’t.”

Aomine Daiki:

“Could you stop staring just for one minute?” Momoi glared at Aomine, who could not keep his eyes off other girls’ revealing assets. He looked guilty as she went on, “Good thing ________-san isn’t here yet, otherwise—”

“I’m already here,” you interrupted. Aomine took one look at you and found that his greeting had died in his throat, and Momoi, being ever-observant, gave you a knowing smile and disappeared into the throng of people.

Aomine barely noticed that Momoi had left them, and instead cleared his throat. “You look nice,” he muttered, sticking his hands in his pockets. You blushed a little and shuffled your feet. “Thanks. You too.”

“I wasn’t staring at other girls, by the way,” Aomine added quickly. You laughed and took his hand, linking your fingers together. “It’s fine. I know you weren’t.”

Murasakibara Atsushi:


“Murasakibara, come on!” You rolled your eyes at your prom date, who did look great in a suit despite his height, but was currently occupied by a dessert sale on the way to the prom dance. “We can get those later! We’re going to be late!”

When Murasakibara didn’t budge, still drooling over the desserts, you groaned. “Ugh, I don’t have time for this. There’s a buffet! Now let’s go!”

That, unsurprisingly, got Murasakibara moving immediately - in fact, he almost stormed his way in and made a beeline for the buffet table.

And now you had a new problem: how to get him away from the buffet table and how to get him to dance with you.

Akashi Seijuurou:

Attending formal business parties was commonplace for Akashi, but according to the whispered gossip from the maids in the hallways of the mansion, this was the first time Akashi had ever brought someone with him.

You weren’t sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing.

Naturally, your main worry was whether you were good enough for him - a good enough partner in front of all these business associates and guests who would be judging you on your clothes, your posture, your dance technique, your palette…

“Them?” Akashi only smiled when you told him of your worries. “They can judge you and I, but who are we to care? Besides, you are the one I chose. It is my choice alone, so let us enjoy the rest of the evening.”

  1. Are you talking about the Pottermore quiz? Yeah, a lot of people were disappointed with the house it put them in. If the house it gives you doesn’t really suit you, I’d just ignore it and pick you own. :)
  2. You could just be a Ravenclaw if you want to, the Pottermore quiz isn’t always right. Aspiring to be brave is always good though, so maybe be a Ravendor/Gryffinclaw if you want to.
  3. Either, or you can pick one house. It really depends on what you think fits you best. 


You keep telling yourself that you’re confident but that’s a lie. You’re telling yourself what you think you wanna hear. You were sad and anxious that day. That was loud and clear. You put on a brave face though. 

You’re a good liar, that’s for sure. 

I write poetry, worry, smile,
continue for a while
just like most of us
just like all of us;
sometimes I want to hug all
Mankind on earth
and say
god damn all this that they’ve brought down
upon us,
we are brave and good
even though we are selfish
and kill each other and
kill ourselves,
we are the people
born to kill and die and weep in dark rooms
and love in dark rooms,
and wait, and
wait and wait and wait.
we are the people.
we are nothing
—  Charles Bukowski (in this cage some songs are born)

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An asshole evil fish fuschia blood, standing at 6'1" tall, who doesn't give a shit about feelings. He likes to hurt people physically and emotionally and would probably take you to watch trolls die.

We have here a homicidal perfectionist.He enjoys dragging out deaths and the bodies are often mutilated and stitched so that they are “perfect”

A spastic aerialist, her red is taken, but other quads are open. she’s loud, homicidal and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

And then theres Aclips. a 6′7 sea babe with little care for feelings and doesnt believe in red ones at all. She does tattoos and piercings for a living and shes really good, though few trolls brave her personality.