ahhhh one my students from the middle school just came into the library!  it’s been seven months since I saw him last, and i miss these kids so much. (and he remembered my name, yay!)

and he’s out doing things this summer–I’m so proud, last summer he spent the whole summer in his room watching anime because he was isolated and homesick.  he looks like he’s doing well and i’m so happy. ^_^

-askmajora- asked:

Vanishing Starlight by Sound Horizon (English translation)

{ ♘ } – -askmajora-

     The night had been silent – way, way too silent. Perhaps it was due to the late hour, or simply because not many would visit the Termina fields to begin with, but either way, he had once again found himself sitting cross-legged near the mushroom shaped rocks, on the hill which overlooked Snowpeak Mountain.

     For the longest of time, the silverhaired didn’t let anything escape his lips – Eventually, though, the Deity glanced left, right, and behind him, sighing in relief once he had made sure no one was around.

         He began to sing in a hushed tone.

   [ ♫ ]–
I’ll aim straight for the sky so sadness won’t catch up with me
With enough speed to shake off tears
Why am I living? Why was I born?
I’ll look for a place where I can make my life bur–

     – Oh,
         So someone was there the whole time.

     And cue the blush that instantly turned his cheeks bright red.
                   “Majora?! You– Wh–…!!” –…And it took him more than a few seconds to regain his composure. How long has he been there?! “You– You DIDN’T see anything!”

jaredssmirkingrevenge asked:

Last time we were traveling down around Africa we got to hang with a bunch of really nice locals, went in a safari and I got to play an elephant. Who proceeded to wrap his trunk around me in a 'hug' and I gotta say those beauties are the major gently giants.

oh my god i would freak out if an elephant tried to hug me with its trunk, i heard they could squeeze you an crack your bones. you’re so brave dude. i’m so happy to hear you had a good time though. africa sounds like an interesting place for a trip!!!