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I know Tumblr tends to be very US-centric, but there is something happening in my country that I absolutely have to share.

Soon, Brazil will host presidential elections. These are the first elections since the impeachment of our last president Dilma Rouseff.

The leading candidate is currently Jair Bolsonaro. Bolsonaro is a man who has made racist, sexist, and homophobic claims such as, “I would rather my son die in a car accident than be gay,” and, “my sons would not date black women as they were well educated.” He even said to a woman that she was, “so ugly” that she, “didn’t even deserve to get raped.”

A few decades ago, when Brazil was under a military dictatorship, the government tortured many people for speaking out against the regime. Bolsonaro has said that, “their only mistake was not killing those people.”

However, something incredible has been happening.

A movement called Mulheres Unidas Contra Bolsonaro (Women United Against Bolsonaro) has been surfacing. The hashtag #EleNão (#NotHim) has been getting popular and gaining international attention.

Yesterday, women all over Brazil (and the world!) protested against Bolsonaro.

Here are some pictures.

São Paulo, Brazil:

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

Ilhéus, Brazil:

Cuiabá, Brazil:

Porto Alegre, Brazil:

Brazilians living abroad also joined the protests!

Zurich, Switzerland:

Madrid, Spain:

Melbourne, Australia:

New York City, US:

Protests occurred in over 62 cities around the world.

Even if you’re not Brazilian, please share this post! Show your support and raise awareness of the movement!

There’s a fire in the brazilian National Museum, in Rio de Janeiro. The flames seem to have reached everything. The Museum turned 200 years old in 2018 and it had over 20 million items, including the oldest human skeleton ever found in the Americas (over 11.000 years old). The Museum was also the house of the royal family when they came to Brazil as a colony, and the residency of the emperial family after that. This week, on September 7th, we celebrate the brazilian independency, which was signed in that building. I can’t put in words how sad I am, or how huge this loss is for Brazil and for humanity. The government has been cutting funds from education and culture, which includes most of the money for the Museum’s maintance. This tragedy is very simbolic of the crisis Brazil is facing in many forms. Our history is burning to the ground, and this is no accident. 

I’m translating this so any foreigners who have been to the national museum can help as well. Please reblog regardless of where you’re from.

“After tonight’s tragedy, museology students from UNIRIO(University of Rio de Janeiro) are trying to help preserve the memory of the brazilian national museum.
We ask that those who have videos or pictures(and even selfies), of the collection share them through the e-mail thg.museo@gmail.com”

It’s official, the new president of Brazil is Jair Bolsonaro.

The one who hates minorities.

The one who said he would rather have a dead son than a gay son.

The one who said his sons don’t date black girls because they are “educated’.

The one who said indigenous people wouldn’t have an inch of land.

The one who told a woman that she didn’t deserve to be raped because she was "ugly”.

The one who said the only mistake in the brazilian military dictatorship was that they tortured, but they should’ve killed.

The one who idolizes Carlos Alberto Brilhante Ustra, the worst torturer of the dictatorship in Brazil.

And much more.

I’ve never felt so disappointed on my people in all my life. We will need strenght the next 4 years, especially the minorities, because this man hates us.

He’s not my president and I am a part of the opposition. I will resist.

brazil is electing a guy who LITERALLY used the same slogan as hitler. (he used the exact same fucking words replacing ‘deutsch’ with ‘brazil’) if you thought trump was bad you have no single fucking idea whats going on here. i just want to cry. i cant shake the feelings im about to die. history repeats itself and we are on the edge of another dictatorship 

Everyone needs to understand whats going on in Brazil right now

As you might know, the presidential election is happening here. But you don’t understand how serious and dangereous these times are. Theres very high chances that a man named Bolsonaro will win. He is openly FASCIST, and has said that he supports another dictatorship happening.

He is openly anti-lgbt, has said many violent things about gays, including that if parents BEAT their children, they could be “cured from homosexuality”.

He is openly racist, has said that their sons will never date a black woman because their were “raised correctly”, and many other things.

He is openly misogynistic, in an argument with a congresswoman, he said that he wouldn’t RAPE her because she did not DESERVE it.

All of these things were filmed. He has said many other dispicable things. His followers are violent: the election is not even over yet but many groups of his supporters are already harrasing minorities on the streets.

As a lesbian woman, i am scared. I am scared for my life. I am scared for my lgbt friends. I am scared for all of the minorities in Brazil, and all people who are going to die. LGBTs are already killed daily. Black people are killed daily. Women are beaten and raped. These are dark times, and we need support.


I have no words to describe the sadness of this moment.
The oldest Museum of Brazil is now on flames, there were more than 20million itens from all around the world on its collection.
Not only that, but the building itself is part of Brazil’s history as the home for the Imperial family for almost 100 years, and in 2018 was the celebration of its 200years.

Sad day for Brazil’s memory, culture and knowledge. 

More about the collections and the museum here:

these people calling Bolsonaro “the brazilian Trump” clearly don’t know Bolsonaro.

he’s worse. he’s so much worse.

he says he’s proud to be homophobic, he’s racist and sexist and openly expressed that several times. 

he doesn’t believe in democracy and supports dictatorship. 

he believes in torture and civil war.

he believes the only way to change Brazil is by killing thousands of people.

i know Trump is a piece of shit, but i don’t think you guys understand how fucked up is Brazil right now. 


As you all know, I am brazilian. Elections took us to the worst case scenario ever, and now we have a fascist president. We’re already screwed, but I am worried about you guys.

Usually, Latin America follows some kind of patterns when it comes to politics. If neofascism could rise strongly in Brazil, it can happen to you guys too. PLEASE don’t let it happen to you too.

If a politician starts saying he’s gonna save your country from communism, leftists, gays or whatever, DON’T LET HIM GROW INTO THE POLITICS OF YOUR COUNTRY. Don’t give him attention.

You guys need to fight or else fascism is gonna spread. We need to break this chain, or else we’re gonna relive that period between the 60’s and the 90’s all over again.

I just wanna say that women in Brazil made history today by organizing an insanely huge protest and marching across the country against one of our candidates for the presidency that is a fascist-pig-worse-than-Trump

I’m so proud

Credit of the photos goes to Buzzfeed Brasil (x)