Brandt Peters

Hey guys! Check out my “Golden Rainbat” custom Night King vinyl by Brandt Peters!☝😀 He’s for the “Bats in the Belfry” show opening tonight at 6PM at the Strangerfactory Gallery in New Mexico! 🦇🌈 It’s the beginning of Pride month! So I want to tell you about why I paint rainbows 🌈 😊 They unify all the colors, and bring them together in harmony. And that’s what I want for my art and the world 🌎 for us all to share in equality and love! And I love bats! I’m totally going batty over these vinyls! 😆 It was so much fun to paint an art toy again! 😊🖌 I took a break for a little bit but I hope to paint more toys after I finish my current projects! 😉 They’re a really great way to mix things up! 🎨 I definitely recommend painting them if you’ve never done it before! ☺🖌 But I also recommend you make it out to the show if you can! 😁 It’s a group show featuring some really talented guys and gals!✨✨ And if you’d like to take this guy home with you, please contact the gallery at! 😘 Hope you’re having a great Friday loves!

I’ve made it to Houston! 😊 I got here safe and sound so I wanted to share something fun I was working on before I left! 😁 This is my custom Night King vinyl by Brandt Peters for a new show, “Bats in the Belfry” opening June 2nd at the Strangerfactory Gallery in New Mexico! 🦇🌈 I am so excited to work on a custom designer toy again! 😄 This was a blast to work on and I can’t wait to see the other custom Night King’s in the show! 😆🖌💕 If you’re in the area I hope you’ll check it out! 😊 Have a great afternoon lovelies! 😙💞