I lost something at RTX!!!

So, this is kind of a long shot, but I’m pretty upset right now and I’m desperate. I was at RTX this weekend and it was my birthday so I had a birthday card I was having RT people sign, and at some point between Sunday and Monday, I lost it. It could be where I was staying but I found nothing after tearing apart my luggage and bed and everywhere else so I believe I lost it at the con. I was at the Off Topic podcast where I last saw it that I can clearly remember and the friend I was with said he didn’t find it next to him or anything (since I had left something else when I had to leave early… go me) so it may have slipped under seats and someone else picked it up.

It had Burnie, Brandon, Meg, Mariel, Zach, Trevor, Steffie, Ashley, and Geoff’s signatures in it and it was personalized (so my name is all up in there). If ANYONE found it please, please return it–I’ve honestly had a terrible birthday unrelated to RTX (which was great!) and this is just the icing on the cake. It’s something irreplaceable and it meant a lot to me. It has 2 dachshunds on the front playing the Wii and it’s in a yellow envelope. Please return it if you found it! This is what the inside looks like:


Sleeping Beauty Castle Profile by Brandon Hardy

Robert’s Rebellion

As imagined here

James McAvoy as Eddard Stark, the Quiet Wolf


Tom Hardy as Robert Baratheon, the Usurper

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Be Our Guest Ballroom by Brandon Hardy