Brandon Martin

Legends of Tomorrow Preferences - Cuddling with the Legends.

Cuddling with Len would be amazing. Normally he would be a very broody person, but when you’re together he becomes very soft. He would love to rest his chin on your head and intertwine his fingers with yours. He loves to steal kisses when you’re in bed together, while he has his arms safely around you. He would do everything to make you feel at ease.

Cuddling with Ray would be like cuddling with a teddy bear. He would always hold you in his arms and although he’s very muscular, he always manages to feel very soft. You love to lay on his big torso and you like to fall asleep on it. And he would let you most of the time. He would love to mumble about his work and his suit, while letting his nose go through your hair and pampering you with kisses. In his arms you’d feel really safe.

Cuddling with Rip would be something to get used to. You both have to find a way to lay down good. To really get into cuddly mode. But when that happens, you’d feel entirely at ease. Your favorite position would be on the couch. Your legs would be intertwined with his and you’d always have a blanket laying on top of you. He’d always have his hands on your waist, as an insecurance that you won’t leave. And you’d love to listen to his time traveling stories while you’re cuddling.

Jax wouldn’t be a person to sit still for long. And cuddling isn’t something he does often, because you keep trading places. But sometimes, just sometimes, you’d get into a spot and you would stay there for god knows how long. He would try his best to stay still. And you’d love those precious moments.

When you’re cuddling with Mick, usually you would lay your head on his lap, while he’s sitting up,  and you’d stare into his eyes. And he does this thing where he erases your hair from your forehead and kisses it lightly. And you love him for being so gentle and kind with you. When you’re in bed he loves to hold you really close, like you’re the light of his life.

Mr. Stein:
Mr. Stein loves to hold you close. You would sit on the couch with him, his arms around you. You both would be drinking white wine. And while he’s talking, you’d close your eyes and listen. This scenario would happen very often and it would be a precious time for the both of you. Like an escape from work.

Carter is a very careful with you. He carries you around like you can break into pieces at any second. And he does the same when you’re cuddling. Sometimes you have to tell him to hold you closer, because he is just too afraid something would happen to you if he’d hold you close.
And when nobody is around, he would open his wings and he would use them as a blanket and it would be the nicest thing ever. It would we be the warmest and softest hug you can imagine.

Cuddling with Nate usually turns into something other than just cuddling. You love to cuddle with him, while he sometimes like to take it a step futher and most of the time you have to tell him ‘no’.
When you do, he usually gives up and puts his strong arms around you. He would rock you and tell you how beautiful you are. All he wants is to keep you as close as possible in that moment.

Cuddling with Sara doesn’t happen often. Most of the time she wants to cuddle when she doesn’t feel right. She would lay on top of you, her head on your chest and she would talk a lot. And you’d love to listen, while you play with her hair. It happens the other way around too, but not as much as when Sara needs you. Another thing Sara loves to do is trace your body with her fingers and it would always tickle and she would love to do it, sometimes just to annoy you a little.

Kendra and you love to cuddle in bed. Normally that’s the only place you cuddle, since there’s privacy there. You are always spooning, you being the big spoon normally. She has a great responsibility out in the world and while you’re cuddling, she just wants to be with you. In that moment you’re the bigger person. You would pull her closer and rest your head on your shoulder. Sometimes give her a little kiss while she calmes down after a day full of fighting.

Amaya doesn’t want to cuddle a lot, but when she does it’s usually late at night when you both can’t sleep. You’d find your favorite couch and you would lay there together in the dark. She wouldn’t say anything, knowing she likes to be quiet. But you would make sure she knows you’re there and you are willing to listen. You would squeeze her hand for example or kiss her on the cheek. That way she knows that she’s safe.


my own fangirl challenge | 90′s style ♡ 1/5 tv shows [Beverly Hills 90210]

No matter how crazed and bent out of shape I ever got, you were always there for me and I’ll never forget it. You really are my best friend.