Okay, so quick story. I picked up my younger brother (he’s like 8 and a half, still in that kinda cute stage) from school today. On the drive back, I played Seventy Times 7 in the car. It was the only song synced to my iPhone for some reason so we heard it four times in a row until we made it home. He was in the shower just now and he was singing the following:

“so, is that what you call a jellyfish? tell me what your jellyfish got away with. cause i’ve seen more spine in jellyfish. i’ve seen more jellyfish in eleven-year-old kids. have another jellyfish and drive yourself home. i hope there’s jellyfish on all the roads and you can think of me when you forget your jellyfish, and again when your jellyfish goes through the windshield.”

Or something along those lines. Regardless, I cannot breathe right now. Please enjoy your afternoon and tell someone little that they are freaking incredible.