About vampires

Okay so I’ve collected this from numerous Tumblr posts and personal research, here goes!

Vampires and blood

  • Blood in dead bodies (with no open wounds) after several days will start decomposing, therefore vampires can last perhaps a month before needing more blood? Several is a pretty broad number. Maybe vampires who have lived longer can last longer without it. Just my guess, really.
  • Coconut water can be used as a blood substitute, therefore, vegan vampires can exist.
  • Vampires need blood because it has Vitamin D, a nutrient you get from the Sun
  • Vitamin D maintains your bones and keeps them from getting disease–perhaps this is why old vampires who haven’t gotten as much blood recently look so bony and fragile?
  • Vampires can survive off of any kind of blood
  • Vampires need blood to stay young

Vampire Powers

  • More powerful vampires can control the weather, beasts, transform into many different animals, even have really cool dramatic entrances (see Dracula)
  • Vampires can fit through really tight spaces (Dracula)
  • Vampires can only enter a house when welcomed
  • Vampires can hypnotize people (another Dracula thing)

Vampire Habitats

Vampires are dead, therefore they can live underwater, in really bad conditions, and even in space.

Vampire Weaknesses

  • Silver
  • Garlic
  • Crosses
  • Stakes through the chest/heart
  • Sunlight (must hide in coffin during the day, apparently)
  • Decapitation

Vampire Appearance

  • Red eyes
  • Pale skin
  • Really cold, unless full of fresh blood I’m guessing
  • Long spindly fingers
  • Long nails
  • Noticeable fangs sticking out of mouth (once again, Dracula)
  • Young if they have had a lot of blood recently
  • Aged without blood

That’s all for now. Let me know if I should include something else!

Dracula adaptations are so generally lacking in good takes on the suitors that people should really just start inserting Arthur, Jack, and Quincey into other horror films. We all know that they went on zany globetrotting adventures prior to the novel and that Quincey is totally the sort of guy to be like “Well pards, looks like there’s a ghost infested mansion/ancient cursed artifact/portal to the third terrorhell/army of mummies/etc… I reckon we’d better look into it.”

And then they will, and a horror movie will happen, but by the end there will be some sort of flimsy non-supernatural explanation that will allow Jack to maintain his joyless skepticism regardless of how many mummies were slain.