Scooby Doo
  • Fred:Leo (The leader)- Headstrong, loyal and just a little big headed
  • Daphne:Libra (The looks)- Charming, cooperative and just a little superficial
  • Velma:Virgo (The brains)- Intelligent, reliable and just a little judgmental
  • Shaggy:Pisces (The stomach)- Funny, friendly and just a little weak willed
  • Scooby:Taurus (The favourite)- Love able, self indulgent and sometimes just a little lazy

Hannibal S03E06 recap

If you still have Cartesian-style doubts about how the physical could interact with the mental, then I suggest you buy a physical bottle of scotch, pour it down your physical throat, and wait to see if any mental changes take place.
—  Philosophy of Mind professor