Do we wanna talk about the fact that Cosima knew about Sarah missing but gave a shit about it? She preferred going out on dates and skipping work and being all happy and carefree fucking around, because you know, now that she is fine (always thanks to Delphine stem cells treatment) who cares about the cure? Who cares if her sisters gets sick? Her priority is always herself, proving again to be a selfish shallow spoiled brat that could never understand Delphine selfless act of love. 

Also do we wanna talk about the fact that Delphine was just arrived and already found out the cause of Gracie illness? Really they made Cosima so dumb this season, in all areas and Delphine is so superior to her in every aspect. I feel like Cosima, the real Cosima, that smart, indipendent, strong woman is dead and now is replaced by this brat 14 years old twin. Could be that her near death experience actually demaged her brain and soul?