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For the lewd ask-story meme, how about... category 5, option 2, with Viktoria and Yuriko (I assume those are the gender-swapped variants?)


Bradley Serrano is an American skater somewhat known within the community for being a creep. Viktoria has seen him compared to Christophe and always grimaces at whoever’s doing the comparing. Chris is a pervert, sure, but the only person he ever makes lewd comments about is himself. Chris has enough brains in his head to know that hovering over someone almost a full foot shorter than you is predatory, and that backing someone into a corner makes them deeply uncomfortable. 

Viktoria had a feeling that they wouldn’t be able to escape figure skating in a city full of figure skaters. Not even at a club.

“I would tell you not to get involved,” Chris says, watching Viktoria slowly unfold her legs, the crimson soles of her Louboutins reaching towards the floor as she slides off the barstool. They’re still dressed for the gala, even though they left ten minutes after it started when Chris huffed into his champagne glass and Viktoria hissed I could not agree with you more out of the corner of her mouth. “But I don’t think you’d listen to me.”

“Well,” Viktoria says, smoothing out the lines of her dress (Dolce and Gabbana, Fall/Winter 2015, Pink Tulle and Rose) and reaching up into her hair to pull out several strands. They fall about her chin, still curled elegantly. “You’re not wrong.” She hands Chris the rest of her drink, which she has been pretending is a martini. It’s vodka in a martini glass. She hates gin, and hates vermouth even more. 

“Godspeed,” Chris says, and knocks back the rest of it. 

Viktoria crosses the room to where Bradley has cornered his unwilling prey. She’s a dark-haired slip of a thing, with wide brown eyes and glasses on her nose. She’s wearing an unflattering and shapeless black dress with full-length sleeves and a crew neck. Someone’s grandmother’s idea of a little black dress. Also, a hideous striped blue satin sash around her waist.

She’s cute though, and is doing pretty well at tottering on a pair of pretty high heels despite her other fashion choices.

Viktoria sucks in a huge gust of air and releases it in a bleat of, “Darling!” that catches both of their attention. 

Bradley turns and raises an eyebrow. Viktoria came up in the senior division with Bradley and has always entertained fantasies of someday jabbing the heel of her stiletto into the meat of his foot and saying something cool and dramatic like, “I eat two-bit skaters like you for breakfast,” but she’s saving it for a time when she can afford to have the ISU expel her from competition for a season. Maybe it’ll be how she announces her retirement. 

“Darling, I’m so sorry, I’ve been looking for you everywhere.” Viktoria pushes past Bradley’s shoulder and takes the girl in her arms. She’s stiff against Viktoria’s shoulder. 

“So you know each other?” Bradley asks, trying to sound friendly. He’s not a friendly person, so it fails miserably. 

“Haven’t you met my girlfriend?” Viktoria asks, and if possible the girl stiffens up more. I’m rescuing you!! she wants to yell. Let me rescue you! “She’s at all my competitions. Isn’t that right, Kitten?”

“Um,” mumbles the girl. “Yes. That’s–yeah.”

“Oh?” Bradley says, and he and Viktoria aren’t even trying to subdue the open hostility in their eyes anymore. Your quads are sloppy and so are you, Viktoria shrieks from the front of her mind. “Do you have a favorite?”

“Um, well,” the girl stammers, and Viktoria feels her breath against her breast. She loosens her grip so that she can pull away if she wants to–oddly, the girl doesn’t even seem to notice. “I really love her free skate from this season, but my favorite of all time is–two years ago, she skated to Jupiter, Bringer of Jollity and she wore that rust-gold hankerchief dress with the swirling details on the bodice–”

Oh shit, goes Viktoria’s inner monologue. This chick literally knows who I am.

“But her Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien program will always hold a special place in my heart, as well.”

Bradley says, “Sounds like you caught yourself a fan, Vickie,” and Viktoria wants to sock him in the jaw so hard that a shiver goes down her spine. 

“Fucking bite me,” she snaps, and drags the girl away, both of them tottering on their heels as they lean on each other. They get across the room before Viktoria pulls away and straightens the girls’ hideous dress and very lovely hair. “Hi, sorry, I just–he’s a bastard, and you looked really uncomfortable, and I–hey, sorry, just a question, but do you know who I am?”

“Yes,” the girl murmurs, and leaves it at that.

Viktoria nods to herself, glances around the room and sees Bradley still staring like the creep he is. “What’s your name?”

“Yuri,” she murmurs, and Viktoria thinks how odd, because this girl is beautiful and slight and a name like Yuri doesn’t suit her at all. She adds, “It’s a girl’s name, in Japan,” because Viktoria must be doing that thing where she thinks so loudly that the room can hear it.

“Okay, Yuri, can I kiss you?”

Yuri squeaks. 

“It’s just that he’s not going to go away until–”

“Um, yes. You can kiss me. Um, yes. Please? Yes.”

Viktoria grins and leans down to kiss her. She smells like something fruity-sweet, apples or cherry blossom, and her lips are a little chapped. Her hair is so thick that it immediately integrates into Viktoria’s fingers when she sets her hand on Yuri’s jaw. 

Oh, goes something in Viktoria’s heart. Oh.

They part ways after a moment because someone bumps into Viktoria and she has to catch herself against the wall. There is a blush high on Yuri’s cheeks, and her hand is clenched in that stupid blue ribbon.

“Can I buy you a drink?” Viktoria asks. “Could I–anything you want. Could I?”

Yuri nods slowly.

GAY! I’M SO GAY!! Viktoria shriek-texts to Chris later, as she and Yuri are riding a cab back to the Sochi Marriot. Yuri had two champagne cocktails and she’s giggling quietly to herself at something on her phone as her hand inches up underneath Viktoria’s skirt. They’re staying in the same hotel. Viktoria is starting to think that maybe she should know who Yuri is. I AM A BEACON OF QUEERNESS IN THIS TAXI RIGHT NOW. HELP ME?

Do you honestly want to be helped? Christophe texts back.

Viktoria thinks about how badly she wants to put her mouth between Yuuri’s legs, how she wants to watch her tits fall out of her bra and feel the weight of them in her hands. And, because Viktoria is the worst kind of U-Haul lesbian on the face of the planet, she briefly lets herself fantasize about marrying Yuri in a ceremony by the sea. 

No, Viktoria says. That was more like an existential cry for help. Like I know I can’t be helped but I can still ask for it you know????

Use protection. I slid a dental dam under your door. Please don’t try to move in with her.

No promises, Viktor says, and then slides her phone back into her purse, takes Yuri by the back of the neck and glues their faces back together. Yuri’s hand moves fully up under Viktoria’s skirt and Viktoria can’t believe that she actually chose to wear underwear today.

They make it into the hotel with few mishaps, aside from perhaps the fact that Yuri takes off her shoes and sprints into the lobby barefoot, heels dangling by their straps from her fingers. Viktoria follows her and presses her against the mirror of the elevator, kisses down her neck. 

“How do you walk in those heels?” Viktoria asks, sloppy. “They’re so tall.”

“Ballet,” Yuri hisses. “Lots of ballet.” 

“Oh, oh.” Viktoria is imagining Yuri’s feet en pointe and this is not productive. Will she ever be able to wear this underwear again? Probably not.

They slam into Viktoria’s hotel room at top speed and Viktoria all but tosses Yuuri onto the bed, crawls on after her and immediately presses her whole face underneath Yuuri’s skirt. Let me die here, Viktoria thinks as she presses her nose against Yuri’s damp panties. I would be so happy. 

“Viktoria,” Yuri whispers, and Viktoria pulls her head away for only a moment so that she can pull Yuri’s underwear down. They’ve got poodles on them. Viktoria is in love

“Call me Vika,” Viktoria says, and sets to eating Yuri out with the kind of focus usually reserved for step sequences and braiding her own hair.

In the morning, Yuri is gone. 

Viktoria tells herself that this is fine. 

When the video of Yuri performing Stammi Vicino goes viral, Viktoria realizes where she might have erred. 

Don’t, Chris texts at one in the morning.

Viktoria does.

I don’t even know anymore  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ 


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Stepping Up: When This Man Lost His Home In A Fire, His Neighbors All Awkwardly Looked At Each Other Until One Guy Hesitantly Asked If He Wanted To Stay With Him

Get ready to feel all the feels, because this story will restore your faith in the power of community.

When an electrical fire left Bradley Parker’s house in ruins, he thought he had no one to turn to and no place to stay. But it turned out the help he needed was all around him: After a good half hour of his neighbors all just kind of standing around and looking at each other, one of them finally spoke up and reluctantly offered to let Bradley crash at his place.

Thank goodness for the kindness of neighbors.

As Bradley’s neighbors gathered on the street to watch firefighters extinguish the blaze, they quickly realized that one person among them was probably going to have to step up and offer Bradley a place to stay for the night. Glancing around at each other to gauge whether anyone else was going to make a move, they kept quiet as they tried to remember if anyone else seemed to know Bradley very well, or perhaps had a guest room. Finally, after a protracted period of waiting for someone else to speak up, Bradley’s next-door neighbor Kenneth Wu walked over and let him know he could crash on his couch for a few days if need be.

It was as simple as that. Kenneth saw Bradley was in trouble, waited through 10 minutes of tense silence as his neighbor watched his possessions turn to ash, and then sprang into action. Absolutely inspiring.

As if that weren’t enough, after Kenneth offered up his home, several other neighbors also hollowly chimed in that they, too, had couches Bradley could stay on. And as Kenneth told Bradley that he’d only be able to stay until Friday because he had a cousin coming into town, another neighbor said that Bradley could probably stay with her Friday onwards, if he really hadn’t found a more permanent situation by then, but she’d have to check with her boyfriend first.

Wow. What an incredible outpouring of love in the face of tragedy. It’s comforting to know that when things look dark, social obligation will ultimately force your neighbors to extend a basic kindness.

Faith in humanity restored!

Feelings (13 Reasons Why Jeff Imagine)

Description: After Jeff died, people tell you to talk about your feelings about him and his death.

Request: none

So I was looking at the promts from a list a reblogged and found this.

“16. ‘I never meant to hurt you.’“

Warning: Death mention, suicide mention

You were walking to Communications Class, your favorite class once upon a time. That was before Jeff died. Now the class just reminded of you and how much you missed him. Your teacher and your parents kept telling you that you needed to communicate with people about how you were feeling, so you were forced to arrive to that class early every morning.

“(Y/N),” Mrs. Bradley said as you walked into class this morning. “How are you this morning?” She asked you this every morning, and the answer hadn’t changed. You were terrible, but how could you actually say that? You hadn’t cried about the accident. You wanted to. You love Jeff, but you just couldn’t cry.

“Fine,” you replied quietly. “(Y/N), I thought we talked with Mr. Porter about trying to make progress about communicating your feelings.”

You heard that Hannah Baker had talked Mr. Porter before she killed herself, so how could you possibly trust him with your feelings when he let her down?

“I don’t trust him, so I don’t want to communicate with him,” you mumbled.

“Okay,” she looked at you worridly. “Why don’t you trust him?”

“I know about the lawsuit with Hannah’s parents. I know she went to talk to him, and he let her down. I don’t want to be let down by anyone anymore.”

“Those are big accusations, (Y/N). Just…be careful what you say about other people. You could really hurt-”

“I’m hurt! My boyfriend died because one of my best friends did a stupid thing! I shouldn’t have to talk to someone I don’t want to, and quite honestly, coming here every morning isn’t helping me.”

“You’re not trying. That’s why. Why don’t you talk to Sheri today? Tell her how you feel?”

“How can I do that. She basically-”

“I know what she did. Talk to her,” Mrs. Bradley said as the bell rang and your classmates started coming in the class.

You took your seat at your table. The other kids assigned to your table didn’t talk to you, as usual. Ever since the accident, Justin and Zach would just look at you sadly, but never speak.

“All right, everyone,” Mrs. Bradley said as everyone got in their seats. “Today we are going to talk about grief, seeing as there is a lot of it around here.”

“Can we please stop talking about this? We get it a girl killed-”

“Montgomery, I was referring to Jeff. Drinking and driving is-”

“He wasn’t drinking,” you said.

“(Y/N), we’ve missed your participation in class-”

“Jeff wasn’t drinking. That’s why they asked him to go. He was the most sober one at the party.”

“Who’s they?”

Justin and his friends stared you down, making sure that they weren’t responsible.

“I don’t know. I wasn’t around,”

“How do you know he wasn’t drunk?”

“I was with him the entire time until he left.”

“(Y/N), we appreciate your participation, although-”

“I just don’t understand. You started talking about grief, and now you’re blaming him for drinking and driving when there’s evidence that he wasn’t. Can we please just talk about literally anything else?”

“You can go to the principal’s office. I will not let you interrupt me anymore. You might not want to communicate with others, but some might want to learn how to communicate their feelings of grief.”

“I think (Y/N) just wants the lesson to not be so specific. Maybe if you speak more generally, it would help her and her grief,” Clay finally spoke up.

“(Y/N), please go to the office.”

You grabbed your stuff and walked out the door. You walked to the bathroom and saw Sheri. Well, Mrs. Bradley wanted you to talk to her, so you approached the sink next to the mirror she was looking at. “Hey, (Y/N). How are you?”

“How do you think?” you looked down at your hands. “I know what you did.”

“You do?”

“I know you knocked down the stop sign. I know you didn’t call anyone. I know that’s the intersection where Jeff died. I know everything.”

“(Y/N), I’m sorry. I just can’t come forward about this. If colleges see that-”

“My boyfriend died because you did that! Why didn’t you tell me? We’re best friends.”

“(Y/N), I never meant to hurt you, or Jeff, or anybody. It was an accident.”

“His parents still think that he was drinking! They won’t believe me when I told them. Mrs. Bradley doesn’t believe me. No one believes me.”

“His parents know.”


“Clay Jensen told them. He knew about everything. He found Jeff at the accident.”

“He did?”

“Yeah, he loved him, too, so did I. We all did. You’re not the only one grieving.”

“It sure feels like it.”


I chocked laughing when I saw @sportarobbieislife’s post!! I told them I would get Bad Bradley done before I go to bed… AND I DID. I tried reblogging, but tumblr hates image reblogs and messed the sizing T-T

This is my own headcanon I thought of while drawing him, not to be taken seriously >w>;

Bad Bradely knows he’s a knock off and is proud to be number two! Actually no he suffers from crippling self-esteem issues who am I kidding, but he hides it REAL well. Bad Bradley has good posture and loves chaos and noise.

50 shades of bradley

A/N: ill admit at first i didn’t know what to make of this request but i had so much fun writing this, i haven’t wrote actual smut in a while so its the first time in a long time that i just sat there and wrote the whole imagine/smut in one sitting. Hope y'all love it! 

******* also remember this is smut so it does include sexual acts******

Request by @maxinejordanstyles : Helloooo It’s me. AHAHHAHAHAHAH Anyway, thanks for replying! So here’s my plot I guess? Um maybe you and Brad decided to watch 50 shades of gray and then later Brad becomes um you know. And blah blah stuff happens. thanks you don’t have to rush yourself doing this!!! Ilysm! Ps. You writing still rocks!!! Bye for now! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Brad invited you over for a movie night, tonight so you gladly obliged and was at his house by 5pm. He greeted you at the door with a hug and a kiss, per usual. You sat on the couch with your typically busy boyfriend and sat with him on the couch, content with even just being with him in that moment.

“So what are we watching tonight?” You asked curiously leaning into him on the couch.

“I wasn’t sure, thought we could look through what’s new” he suggested as you went through the movies available for renting.

“Hey what about that 50 shades of gray that everyone is obsessed with, i have to admit ive been pretty curious about it” you admit slightly timid of what brads reaction would be.

“Seriously? I mean sure, if you want to”

“Yeah, let’s go for it.” You say, clicking on the movie.

As the movie started you sat close to brad with his arm around you and you both stared at the screen watching the movie. That was until the first sex scene came on and you felt brad kiss your neck.

You giggled and said “brad stopp, watch the movie” you said taking his hand that was around you in your hand.

“But baby” he whined touching your leg.

“Brad, be patient” you said teasingly kissing him quickly.

You could tell he was already sexually frustrated, but you had hardly gotten half way through the movie.

Once you were getting towards the end of the movie you decided you would have a bit of fun with him in the mood he was in. You moved your hand to the inside of his thigh inching close to his bulging hard on that he had from this extremely sexual movie.

“Babe what do you think you’re doing” he said becoming flustered.

“Oh im just having a bit of fun” you joked placing you hand directly on his hard on, whilst you began palming him.

“Baby dont tease me like this”  he whined.

“Yeah, what are you gonna do about it” you teased, knowing exactly what he was going to do.

“Thats it, you asked for it” he laughed, picking you upover his shoulders carrying you to his bed. Leaving you in giggles.

“Is this what my baby girl wanted? Hmm” he said climbing on top of you kissing you softly.

“Mmh yes please brad, i need you” you said coming off more needy than you had wanted.

“Whatever you want my princess” he said kissing down your neck to the parts of your chest that were already exposed from your shirt.

“Oh these half to go my love” he said smiling to himself removing your shirt and then your pants revealing you in your panties and bra. Brad hummed as he kissed all over your body, leaving you in shivers, then returning to your mouth.

“Mmh, bradley its your turn” you giggled peeling his shirt off his toned body and unbuckling his belt.

He took his pants off and threw them on the floor and returned right on top of you in only his boxers.

“Better? Hm?” He teased kissing your neck.

“Perfect,” you say getting into a heated makeout session with him, You pause for a moment, and slip from under him. He looks at you confused, but you only smile at him. You walked to the front and center of his room and looked directly at him whilst you touched all over your body with your bra and underwear still on.

Brad stared at you in awe, you’ve never done this but you were feeling particularly feisty tonight. You seductively remove your bra slow and teasingly, letting it hit the floor. You then turned around and slowly removed your underwear before slowly walking over to brad and getting on top of him.

“Baby that was so bloody hot” he said moving his hands to your ass and squeezing it.

“Yeah,you liked that?” You said in a cheeky tone. You then kissed your way to his v line right above his boxers looking up at him with innocent eyes.

“Fuck your so beautiful” he muttered.

You removed his boxers and tossed them on the floor revealing his hard on hitting his stomach. You licked the tip before putting his entire member in your mouth, bobbing your head up and down. You’d glace up at him every so often because you knew that drove him crazy. He had his head back muttering sounds of pleasure. He was really close but you just couldn’t wait any longer. You got up and almost put his member into yourself until brad flipped you over.

“I dont think so darling” he laughed.

He did something unexpected, he kissed you slowly down your stomach, right to your pussy.

“Fuck brad don’t do this I need you inside me right now”

“Oh ill be inside you, but not quite yet my princess” he said kissing your clit, then began lapping his tongue around your clit and inside your pussy driving you insane.

Your moans filled the room and you were reaching the brink of an orgasm, but he didnt stop.

“Brad, fuck dont stop” you moaned out.

This made him go faster and lick the shit out of your clit while working his fingers inside of you pumping in and out finally bringing you to your orgasm.

“Thats my baby girl” he smirked licking up every inch of cum on his fingers.

“Fuck brad its been so long” you panted.

“I know baby girl, you ready for the real deal” he said pumping himself before putting a condom on.

“And you were going to rush, and not put a condom on, tsk tsk young lady” he teased you.

“Mmh, ive been a bad girl teach me a lesson” you teased

He laughed at your mocking voice mimicking the movie. He started thrusting into you like it was nobody’s business.

“Fuck bradley keep going it feels so good, fuck” you said moaning loudly. He kissed your neck softly while thrusting even faster than before, just hitting your g spot.

He was on the brink of cumming and so were you, you both seemed to be in sync.

“Brad dont stop, im almost there”

“Me too baby girl me too” he said in desperation.

He brought a hand down to rub your clit finally making you cum for the second time tonight. He came in his condom, pulled out and took his condom and threw it in the trash.

“That was so amazing brad, i missed you”

“I knew you had a reason for that movie” he teased before kissing you

“Well bradley, you’re supposed to say ‘i miss you too babe’ but i guess your kiss will suffice” you laughed.

“You know i missed you, so stop that” he said kissing you again.

“Can i sleep here” you whispered while under the blankets cuddling with him.

“I kind of assumed you’d be sleeping over anyways my love” he said cutely kissing your nose.

“Okay cool because i’m definitely to lazy to get up right now.” You said causing him to laugh.

“ i love you so much, you know that?” He said brushing his hands through your hair.

“I love you too bradley, to the moon and back” you said before falling asleep on his chest.

“My princess, always” he whispered kissing your forehead as you slept.

Best Thing I Ever Had

Pairing : Norman Bates x Reader

Summary : Imagine Norman defending you when his mother tries to convince him you’re not good enough for him.

You hated going over to the Bates house because you always ended up getting screamed at by Norma. She had made it known that she didn’t approve of you dating her son, it didn’t help Norman had started questioning her and she blamed you for that.

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Coercion - 19

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You are just about to start your new job at the BAU after years of working to get there, when a man you don’t know approaches you with an evil plan and knowledge of every sordid detail of your past. What will you do? Will you give into the man’s demands? Or will you be able to find another way out?


When your eyes opened, they took a minute to focus. Someone had come up behind you. As you looked around, your eyes blinking open and shut in an effort to focus yourself more quickly, you took in the hardened floor at your feet. You weren’t outside anymore. Your hands pulled down, but were stopped by something…it was rope. Your hands were tied, but not well; you could easily get out of this and run. 

Undoing the ties, you pushed up off the floor and tried to figure out where you were. That’s when it dawned on you – it was an abandoned warehouse that had been in and out of repair for nearly 20 years, starting when you’d first lost your parents. They constantly commented on how someone needed to buy it up and renovate it because it was a breeding ground for crime.

And it had been. Rocco used to recommend this place for clients who wanted extreme privacy with his girls. You had a feeling you knew what was coming, so you reached into your bra, grabbed your phone, sent a quick emergency text, and turned on the recorder before placing it back where he wouldn’t be able to see. 

“My Sierra,” he said proudly, wielding a knife that he seemed to have just sharpened or cleaned. “I’ve missed you.” The deep yet smooth nature of his voice sent shivers up your spine. Out of habit, you pulled your legs into you, shielding yourself from his prying your legs open. “Still mine after all these years.” 

How were you supposed to play this? If the team hadn’t realized your absence already, with the text, they would soon. But you had to buy enough time for them to find you. 

There was one thing you knew – you’d die before you let him touch you again. “I’m not yours,” you said softly, gazing his reaction. Despite knowing you were a federal officer, he believed your meek tone and laughed condescendingly to himself.

 “You’ve always been mine, Sierra. Even after all of these years, you’re still one of my favorites.

He inched ever closer, tucking the knife into a bag on chair at the entrance to the room you were in. You swallowed hard, but stayed where you sat and looked up at him, eyes defiant. The goal was to strike a balance between meek and defiant, make him think that the defiance was an act. “My name isn’t Sierra. It never was. I was Kayla Connors before, and I’m Y/N now.” 

“You’ll always be Sierra to me,” he said, bringing his hand underneath your chin and guiding you up off the floor and against the wall.

For now, you needed to play along with his little game. With all of the courage you could muster, you took a deep breath. “Why, Rocco?” 

“Why what, my sweet girl?” he asked, caressing the side of your face. You recoiled from his touch desperately wishing you could just murder him, but you wanted justice for your former friends. He needed to pay for what he’d done. 

“Mary, Clara, Trina, Leslie…you were going to kill everyone that worked the same time as I did…” You trailed off, not wanting to give him all of the information you had on him. You were a big fan of letting an unsub hang themselves with their own noose.

Slowly, his smile softened – not so much a frown, but more indifferent, and he stepped away from you. “I’ll never understand how someone like you became a federal agent.” He pulled your badge out of his pocket and flipped it over in his hand. “My guess is you were hired because you could give them valuable information on people like me, but I’m going to have a little fun with you, for old time’s sake, before I dispose of you too.”

You thought he was going to lunge at you, but he hesitated. Please say more, you thought to yourself. Say more so holding my tongue will actually mean something. “You remember how I used to transport my drugs?”

As you nodded softly, he continued. “Do you remember my best client?” You did. His name was Bradley O’Connor – a CEO who frequently traveled through the area and bought coke not only for himself, but for his top-ranking members as well.

“Bradley O’Connor. You double-crossed him, didn’t you?” 

“Not as dumb as I thought,” he said, his eyebrows raising as he walked toward you. “For years, I cut his drugs and charged him twice as much. He never knew. And I couldn’t risk it anymore, especially now that we’re doing business together again.” Outside, you swore you could hear a car door slam shut, but whether the team was here or not, you didn’t have much longer.

As he approached you, you could sense his intentions. Sure enough, his hand ran up the side of your legs and rested at the juncture of your thighs. A developed reflex took over and you pushed him back with all of your might. He stumbled backwards, his look of nostalgia turning into one of boiling rage. “How dare you!” 

“How dare you!” you screamed. “You will never touch me again. Ever.”

Pushing back his sleeves, he took a deep breath and did his best to shake your newfound confidence. “I will do whatever I please, because you’re mine and always will be.” Before you could protect yourself, he ran toward you and wrapped his hands around your throat.

Without a moment’s hesitation you brought your dominant arm up over your head and slammed it down across both of his, immediately breaking the contact he had with your neck. A growl escaped you as you leaned back against the wall and kicked at him with all of your might. “Bastard!”

The last thing you wanted to do was get backed into a corner, so you circled around each other. “I’m going to have a good time with you before I kill you,” he said, breaths heaving. He truly never expected you to fight back. Even as an officer, he assumed you had no strength – that you were still the cowering, scared teenager begging for scraps off the streets.

“I’m going to have a fun time killing you.” You smiled, wanting to enrage him. If he lost control, you’d be able to figure out his fighting style quickly – learn his weaknesses. It worked, because he ran toward you. You easily sidestepped his “attack,” and spun around to kick him again. This time your leather boot came into contact with the side of his face with a satisfying crunch. 

Again, he ran toward you as he screamed. “You think just because you’re a fed means I you have any power. You’re nothing. You’ve always been nothing. You’ll always be nothing.” You tried to sidestep him again, but it didn’t work. He tackled you to the floor, the full weight of his body weighing down on you in another chokehold. 

But that had been his biggest mistake – underestimating you. Your dominant arm grabbed his opposing wrist while the other grabbed his upper arm. In order to get away unscathed you were going to need to disable one complete side, arm and leg. So you wrapped your free leg around his, pinning it to the ground before using the non-dominant side of your body to flip him over. The second you were out from under him you pushed off of him.

For a while, you were wondering whether the team knew you were missing – or worse, if they cared, but as you stood up, ready to defend yourself to the death, you saw the entire team barge into the room out of the corner of your eye. “Rocco Mitchell! FBI! Hands up!” Morgan screamed, his face so contorted in anger, his blood vessels were rising to the surface.

“You’ve got nothing on me,” he said smugly, putting his hands up and getting up off the floor. “The money I have? I’ll be out in no time.”

With a smirk, you reached into your bra, opened it up, and pressed the play button, his words from earlier echoing in everyone’s ears. “No, Rocco. You’re done.”

“You fucking bitch!” he screamed as he ran toward you. But he didn’t have the chance. No one gave him a second chance, because within feet of you, he fell to floor, a bullet in between his eyes, courtesy of Spencer. 

He ran up to your side and you fell into him, the energy now drained from your body. “Are you okay?” he asked. He grabbed your face in his hands and turned you toward him. Y/N, did he hurt you? Are you okay?”

Your eyes filled with emotion as you saw the genuine fear in his eyes. “I’m okay. I was going to die before I let him touch me again.” When you looked down at the body on the floor, you broke completely. Spencer caught you, wrapping his arms around you as you screamed. The man that had caused you so much physical pain, and even more emotional pain, was lying in a pool of his own blood. No longer could he terrorize young girls. No longer could he violate them. No longer could he wrap his hands around their throats and watch the life drain from their eyes. He was gone. But still all you felt was overwhelming grief.


Note: Thank you sooo much to anyone who has read so far. I really appreciate it

“Here you go,” she said as she walked inside and handed you a big bag of clothes.

“Oh my god thankyou. You’re a lifesaver.” You took the bag and followed Ava into your room. “Do you think it’ll fit? Isn’t it from last year?” 

“Oh they’ll fit. It’s not like I’ve grown that much,” she said and rolled her eyes, as if she had been somewhat offended at your question. She reached in her bag and began taking out  a lot black clothing and bags full of  makeup. 

“What are you going as?” 

“A skeleton.” She shrugged. “It’s not like you gave me time to plan for anything else did you?”

“I’m sorry.” You laughed. “I forgot the party was today.”

”It’s fine, go try it on. After you put it on I’ll do your makeup and we can go.”
You rolled your eyes. “Fine”

You headed into the bathroom with Ava’s old cheerleader uniform and put it on. It was a dark red skirt with a white line around the borders, paired with a long sleeved shirt with the same colors and design. The clothes fit nicely, they weren’t too small or too short. It seemed to fit just right. Once you were happy with the way it looked, you walked back into your room too see Ava already dressed all in black, sitting at your desk doing her makeup.

“Oh my god! You look so cute!” She turned to look at you with a smile, while half of her face was painted white. She sounded like a proud mother sending her child out for trick or treating. “Here! Take the pom-poms!” 

You took them and goofily posed, pretending to be a cheerleader as she finished with her skeleton makeup. “Wow, that came out pretty cool,” you said . She turned around and took a few long looks at herself in the mirror, and then turned back to you.

“Thanks, you know, my uniform fits you really well, you should’ve been a cheerleader with me back in highschool.”

“Eh, it’s not my thing guess.” You shrugged.

“Whatever, you look good. I’m sure Brad will love it,” she said with an evil smirk across her face. Her constant reminders of Brad made you roll your eyes, but also gave you the urge to smile. “Come on then, let me do your makeup and we can go.”

“No one’s answering.”

“No kidding,” she retorted. “You can hear the music from downstairs, you think they’ll hear you knocking on the door? Especially at this hour, they’re probably already all drunk.”

You stared at her blankly unsure of what to do, “so- um?”

She let out an annoyed sigh. “Just open the door Y/N.” You shrugged and did as she said. Most people were wearing masks or some sort of costume in which you couldn’t tell who they were. It all dark for the most part, with empty cups scattered everywhere. You looked around, trying to find Brad, though it was kind of hard, considering you had no idea what he was dressed as.

As you made your way through the crowd, you felt an arm swing around your shoulder, you looked up and saw a tall blonde guy dressed as some sort of zombie.

“You must be Y/N,” he blabbered, you could smell the alcohol in his breath.
“Yes, and you are?” You let out a little laugh, he looked funny. Ava simply stared at you raising an eyebrow.

“I am James.” You felt him leaning on you. “James McVey.”

“Oh. Your Brad’s bandmate.”

“Aha,” he said with a drunken laugh. 

“So, how did you know who I am?” you asked, pushing him a little since he was leaning on you and he was quite heavy.

“Well, Bradley over there.” He turned you around and pointed to who seemed to be Brad out on the balcony, talking to some guys. “Won’t shut up about you, he’s described you in such- such detail.” He was waving his hands around and leaning all over you. “I saw you, and I immediately new. That. That must be Y/N.”

“Oooh. So you’re meaning to say Brad is always talking about Y/N?” Ava cut in, as she stared at you with a grin. You shot her a glare.

“Always.” He smiled, and turned his attention to Ava. “Who are you?”

“Ava,” she answered in a tone that sounded oddly girly and high-pitched. James took his arm off of you and took a few steps towards her.
“You’re very pretty.” He smirked, and you could have sworn, that for the first time ever, Ava blushed.

“Ok, so- I’m gonna leave you two alone,” you said with a slight face of disgust and made your way to the balcony. You gave Brad a little poke on the shoulder so he would see you.
“Y/N!” he said with a huge smile plastered on his face. “You came!”

“Of course I came!” you gave him a playful push. “Cool costume by the way, really digging the whole Mad Hatter thing.”

“Thanks! I like yours too, cheerleader suits you.” You smiled and turned to look at the guy he was talking to and you gave a small polite wave. “Oh! um, Y/N, this is Connor, also from The Vamps.” You shook his hand and smiled. Suddenly you felt Brad’s hand slide to the small of your back. You did your best to ignore it and continue with the conversation that how now evolved into something about video games and other guy stuff you didn’t understand. 

You turned around to look for Ava, who appeared to be dancing with some people dressed as Vampires. “You want something to drink?” you heard Brad say next to you, always keeping his hand on your back.

“Yeah sure.” He guided you to the kitchen and poured you something to drink always keeping that cheeky smile on his face/ He later introduced you to his other bandmate Tristan and his girlfriend Anastasia, who you ended up hanging out with for a while. Brad left you with her and went around the house talking to friends. You noticed him occasionally glancing at you and flashing you a smile.

As you spoke with Anastasia, you felt your phone buzzing. You looked at the screen and saw that it was Gemma calling.
“Hello? Y/N?”
“Hi Gemma”
“Hello? I can barely hear you, what’s all that noise in the background?”
“Um- just give me sec.” You looked around for a quiet place you could go to speak with gemma, you ended up going into the hallway but even there, it was filled with people, there was a line for the bathroom too. You saw a door at the end of the hall, so you decided to go in there, you opened it slowly making sure walking in on anything, but it was empty. You went inside and closed the door, drowning out most of the music and noise from outside.

“Hello Gemma?”

“Oh there you are. Where are you? What was all that noise?”

“Um. I’m at a Halloween party,” you said as you looked around the room, there was a big king size bed with simple bedside tables on each side. You also noticed some men’s clothing piled up on a chair. This must be Brad’s room.

“Oh- well then, don’t worry about it, I can call you later, I just wanted to know when you were available so we could go check out dresses for the wedding,” Gemma said.
“Whenever really.”

“It’s fine, I’ll text you the details later, go have fun at your party.”

“Ok, bye Gemma.”


You hung up the phone, and on your way back out, you heard a door open behind you. You turned around and saw Brad walking out into the room.

“Oh, hey,” he said somewhat confused.

“Sorry, I was just on the phone and it was really loud out there.” You pointed to the door.

“It’s fine, I was just in the bathroom, there was a line for the other one, so… yeah.” he looked down at the floor as you both just stood there in an awkward silence. 

“So…” you said. “Great party.” You were internally cringing at how uncomfortable the both of you were. He laughed under his breath, loosing up the situation.

“Thanks, though this costume has really been a hassle, my hat has been falling off all night. And I can’t just take it off, since the costume wouldn’t make much sense without it.”

You smiled. “Tell me about it, I’ve been having to carry around these pom poms all night,” you said with a goofy put. He let out a loud laugh. “What? It’s not funny,” you added, holding back a smile.

“It’s very funny,” he said with that cheeky grin of his. You raised your eyebrows and took a step closer to him. You raised your hands and shook your pom poms in his face, causing the both of you to laugh. As he reached to cover his face his hat fell off, and he let out an annoyed sigh. “You see what I mean?”

You laughed and picked up his hat, and threw your pom poms to the ground, since you had now decided you no longer wanted to carry them around all night. You placed his hat back on, making sure to mess up his hair in the process, making him chuckle.
“I like you hair.” And just as you said this you noticed how close to each other you were. 

“Thanks,” he said with a grin. He reached up and tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear. “I like yours too,” he added and took a step closer to you as he cupped his hand around your cheek. You sorta figured out what that meant, knew you should be stopping him.You knew of all the things that could go wrong, when you find yourself about to kiss Brad Simpson.You knew you should pull away, but you didn’t want to. So you let him get even closer, so much, that your foreheads were now touching. You closed your eyes and wrapped your arms around his neck, and waited for the small space between the two of you, to disappear. And just as his lips were about to touch yours, you heard someone shout your name behind you. Your eyes flickered open and you gave Brad a small push, making him take a few steps back. You quickly turned around and saw the door, still closed. But you heard your name being shouted again.

“Y/N!” you heard. You walked towards the door breathing heavily, still processing what had just happened. You slowly opened it and looked out side. “Y/N! There you are!” You saw Ava in the hallway, walking towards you. “I couldn’t find you anywhere!”

“Uh- sorry. Um I was-”

“ I just wanted to tell you that I have to go. I have an early class tomorrow, so I need to leave. But I’ll stop by tomorrow in the early afternoon, because I left all my makeup and stuff at your place.”

“Oh, ok.”

“So um, bye. See you tomorrow.”
“Bye,” you mumbled. She gave a quick smile and walked away. You stood quietly from a few moments, not wanting to turn to face Brad after what just happened. Slowly, you turned around and saw Brad, standing still, he gave a shy smile and remained quiet. “Um..” you didn’t know what to say. He opened his mouth as if to speak, but didn’t. you spent a few long moments in an awkward silence, both unsure of what to do next.
 “Ugh. I need a drink,” you interrupted the silence and did your best to leave the room as quickly as possible.

You woke up the next morning, in a room that seemed somewhat familiar. You slowly sat up, and groaned at the awful headache you had. You rubbed your eyes and looked around the room, trying to figure out where you were. That’s when you realized you were in Brad’s room. You were in Brad’s bed. A small panicking feeling went through you as you pushed the bedsheets off of you. You let out a sigh of relief when you found that you were still fully dressed in Ava’s cheer uniform.

Slowly, you made your way out of bed, when you stood up you noticed how much your legs hurt. With a defeated grumble you walked out the door, and into the hallway.

“Shit,” you said to yourself as you walked out into the really bright hallway. You strong light made your head hurt. Hurt more that it already did. You slowly made your way into the kitchen, and you were left wide eyed when you saw Brad standing, wearing only sweatpants, apparently cooking breakfast.

He glanced towards you and let out a chuckle. “You look nice,” he said, assumingly, being sarcastic.

“Good morning to you too.” You rolled your eyes and sat down on one of the stool at the kitchen island and let out a sigh. You couldn’t help but stare at his back, and having to blink  few time to make sure you weren’t hallucinating. He turned around and passed you a plate of pancakes. “Ugh, no. Thanks but, I think I might throw up if a look at food,” you said and pushed the plate back to him.

“That bad huh?” He smirked and took the food away from you, you shot him a glare, making him chuckle. “More for me then.” He shrugged and sat across from you and began eating his pancakes. As much as you wanted to look at him you couldn’t, since the sight of food was making you nauseous. He handed you a glass of water and a few tablets. “Take these, for the headache.”

“Thanks,” you said, taking the water. “So um- what- what happened last night?”

He put down his fork and looked at you with a smile. He took an abnormally long sip of his water and stared at you with a grin.. “Well, basically, you went a bit overboard with the alcohol.” You shook your head, embarrassed.  “And so, long story short, you ended up throwing up in my plant over there.” he pointed to a plant pot in the balcony. “And then you passed out on the couch.”

You mentally face-palmed yourself and sighed. “Ugh. I’m so sorry. i’m not usually like that, I was just- I don’t know. I’m sorry.” You knew why you had acted the way you did,you might not have remembered everything, but you did remember that almost-kiss from the night before.

“Don’t worry about it, you weren’t the only one that threw up. In fact, I’m still scared to go into the bathroom to see just how gross it must be…” You were going to laugh, but then stopped yourself, because laughing hurt, and you didn’t want any more of that. “Anyway, I didn’t want to just leave you on the couch in the middle of everything, because, you know. Just incase some guy got any ideas…”

“Thanks.” You blushed a little at his words, and gave a shy smile.

“I was gonna take you back to your place, but Ava left, so I didn’t have a key. So I just decided to leave you in my room, and I just crashed on the couch.” He smiled and finished up his pancakes. “Anyway, you were definitely tired, you slept in really late. It’s quarter past noon.”

“Fucking hell!” you slammed your hands on the counter. “Today’s wednesday, I’m late for work!” You stood up, but later regretted it, so you sat back down as Brad simply stared at you wide-eyed. “Ugh, I guess it’s too late anyway, I’ll have to call in sick.” You reached for your phone and called Mrs. Edwards, letting her know you didn’t feel too well, which was actually true. She said it was fine and hoped you felt better, and that she’d see you tomorrow. You hung up, and opened the front camera of your phone.
“Ew. I look like a racoon” you exclaimed noticing how your mascara had smudged all over your face, making Brad choke a little on his water from laughing.
“You look fine,” he rolled his eyes and smiled. “Are you sure you don’t want any food? You haven’t eaten in a while…”
“No, but thanks anyway.” You shook your head. You felt your phone buzzing, and saw that you 6 text messages from Ava.

-I’m here, where are you?
-Are you dead
-You’re asleep aren’t you
-wake up!!!!!
-come open the door! I need to get my stuff.

“Oh shit, Ava’s here. I need to go.”
“Ava?” He frowned, puzzled by her mention. “What’s she doing here?”
“She came to pick up her stuff, she’s waiting for me downstairs.” He nodded and you began to stand up. “I need to get my things.” And just as you said this, Brad rushed out of his seat and towards you and signaling you to stay sat. 

“I’ll get your stuff, stay here.” He walked away and into the hallway, and you simply stared at him, admiring his shirtless upper body. You were pretty much swooning.

“Don’t forget the pom poms!” you shouted.

“I’ll get you your pom poms, don’t worry.” He chuckled and disappeared into his room. a few moments later he came back, carrying your jacket, shoes, and of course, pom poms. Shirtless Brad carrying pom poms, was quite the sight. You walked out the door that he held open for you. He handed you your stuff and flashed that smile of his. “Do you need any help?” he asked as you took your things.

“No it’s fine, I can handle it. Thanks for everything though.”

“You’re welcome.” He leaned against the door and stared down at you with a smirk. You felt quite intimidated, taking into account that you looked like a mess, and he looked like very hot (shirtless) supermodel. “I guess I’ll see you later then huh?”

“I guess so.” you looked down at the floor and turned to walk to the elevator. “Bye,” you said.

“Bye Y/N.” He smiled, and the elevator doors closed. You went down to level 4 and saw Ava standing in the hallway, knocking violently at your door.

“I’m over here Ava.” She turned around and looked at you puzzled.

“Jeez you look like shit”

“Yeah I feel like shit too,” you rolled your eyes and unlocked your apartment door. You walked inside and flopped yourself on the couch with an exhausted sigh. She walked in and sat beside you.

“Why were you- wait. You’re wearing last night’s clothes. Oh my god, you were upstairs! You spent the night a Brad’s didn’t you!” You could hear the enthusiasm in her voice as she let out an excited gasp. “ Shut up! Did you and Brad-”

“No! God no Ava. What the hell?” you snapped. The pitchiness in her voice did not help with your headache.

“Alright. Sorry. But I mean, look at yourself. What was I supposed to think? And why are you so hung over? Since when do you drink?”

“I don’t.” You sighed and rubbed your head, trying to ease the headache. “I was just, stressed. And confused.”

“Oh come on Y/N. Everyone’s always stressed and confused. What happened last night after I left?”

“I can’t remember.” You turned to look at her, she was staring at you, with excitement and curiosity in her eyes. “Look, I’ll tell you- but you have to promise me you won’t like- scream or squeal, because it gives me a headache.”

“Ok. I promise. What happened?”

“Right before you left, we-” You sighed. “We almost kissed,” you mumbled and noticed how she was biting her lip to try and keep herself from bursting with excitement. Her face lit up and you could tell she was having a hard time not screaming.

“Oh my god! That’s why you were in that room! You were with Brad!” And then she face-palmed herself. “I’m such an idiot.”


“It was my fault. I interrupted you two didn’t I? Shit! I should have just texted you I was leaving and that way you two would have kissed!”

“Uh, yeah, I guess. Anyway, after that things were really awkward, and yeah. That’s pretty much why I got drunk. And i can’t remember anything after that.” You shrugged and she just stared at you attentively as you explained the rest of the story. 

Note: Soooo? What did you think? This was a pretty eventful chapter if you ask me, I really like it though. Also, what do you think about the whole James-Ava thing? I didn’t plan on that and I wasn’t sure if I should continue it since, ya know, Kristie… But anyways tell me what you thought about this chapter! 

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I saw that Bradley James was gonna be in Netflix’s Medici and my first honest reaction was “God damn it, now I have to watch Medici” which, took me a full minute to realize that i didn’t HAVE to. I honestly do NOT have to watch this show. But since I paid good-honest money on Underword for Bradley, I might as well spend time on Medici for Bradley.

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Milo lowkey ships Bradley and Melissa. He thinks they compliment each other well. Meanwhile, Bradley thinks he and Melissa would be perfect together, but thinks there's more than friendship going on between her and Milo.

Honestly, Melissa and Milo strike me as the type of friends who neither confirm nor deny anything. You wanna say they’re dating? Well gee good for you. You think we’re friends? Well you’re not wrong dude. They probably shared their first kiss when they were like twelve because they’re friends so they might as well and nobody has been completely sure of where they stood ever since, even though they were literally twelve when it happened.

And since nobody has any real info either way, and Bradley is naturally a pessimist, he just assumes they’re crushing on each other.