“When we were doing a sound check, Chester couldn’t even make it through the song. He was getting half way through and getting choked up. And even when we did play the whole song and it was live on TV or filmed for TV, he kinda just stopped, like towards the end like he missed the last couple lines of it. Just couldn’t finish the song.”- Mike Shinoda.


I don’t even know what say… I thought crying for 5 minutes would get all my emotions out but no… he saved so many lives and inspired many but that the fact that his own words couldn’t save his life hurts the most… I wish you were still here and I could give back life like you did for us /his fans/…RIP thank you for the inspiration and I’ll try to continue what you started~☾
You say you’re not gonna fight
‘Cause no one will fight for you
And you think there’s not enough love
And no one to give it to
And you’re sure you’ve hurt for so long
You’ve got nothing left to lose
So you say you’re not gonna fight
'Cause no one will fight for you
You say the weight of the world
Has kept you from letting go
And you think compassion’s a flaw
And you’ll never let it show
And you’re sure you’ve hurt in a way
That no one will ever know
But someday the weight of the world
Will give you the strength to go~LP

Cheer Up Post #5305 - Linkin Park Edition

For the anon who could use a post on the music group Linkin Park, I hope this helps!

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