music; computers or passion?

So, I’m passionate about drums. it may be a weird thing to be passionate about – I mean, it’s hitting things in rhythm when it all comes down to it – but, I am. so in love with drums. I’m getting excited just writing this.

Lately I’ve been spending more time reading up on new drum stuff, and the hottest new gear, and what I’ve gotta have to be the best, and all that. I’ve been spending more time with that than actually playing.

I went and saw La Dispute last week – my favorite band, and the band of my favorite drummer, Brad Vanger Lugt. As I’ve been listening to and analyzing all of the drums on all of the La Dispute songs and all of the albums and EPs, I’ve always assumed that he must have a really nice, expensive set. With a really nice and expensive snare. but when I saw them 11 days ago, I noticed that Brad had a very basic looking Ludwig set (I mean it was still pretty cool; 3-piece not including the snare, sparkly green finish), and a full steel snare. (I was expecting some really nice, rich wood.)

But in that moment it occurred to me; music isn’t about gear. granted, you can’t make music without your gear.. but the gear you have is irrelevant. All of La Dispute’s members are incredibly passionate about their music. and their instruments are just like any guy in his room trying to go somewhere with his music. but maybe the drums and the quality of La Dispute’s music sound so good, because you can hear their passion and their love for their music… or maybe it’s because they’re recorded professionally. but who cares? they sounded just as good on their old EPs as they do in their newest albums.

So maybe music can be made from a computer, and maybe the general public will love it. but there are still a few out there who love the real passion that good music is required to have.

but then again, what do I know? I just have an opinion.