Brad imagine - you’re brought up in an interview

Requested by two anons

“So boys,” the interviewer says. “I heard that all of you have girlfriends … care to deny or confirm?”

“Uh, yeah, that’s true,” Brad says, a bit awkwardly. He looks over to you on the side and smiles softly. You smile back.

The interviewer nods. “Now, Brad, your girlfriend is Y/N Y/L/N, the new pop sensation, correct?”

Brad grins proudly. “Yeah, she is.”

“Bloody amazing, isn’t it?” Tristan adds.

“It is,” the interviewer agrees. “I suppose your schedules must clash quite a bit though.”

“Enh, sometimes, yeah.” Brad fiddles with his fingers in his lap. “I’ve been bringing her on tour with me lately since she’s working on new songs and not going on tour herself. So we’ve been able to spend time together recently.”

“That’s great.” The interviewer looks at her paper. “Is it true that Y/N will be collaborating with Shawn Mendes?”

James smiles and nods, answering for Brad after seeing how uncomfortable he is talking about you like this. “Yeah, we’re close friends with Shawn, and thought it would be a really good thing for Y/N. So we called him up and asked for a favor.”

“Are you jealous?” The interviewer looks to Brad. “Since your girlfriend will be working with a very popular singer?”

“Uh …” Brad bites his lip and smiles. “I mean, I was at first. Even though I was all for her doing it, I was a little jealous.”

“A little?” Tristan exclaims. “I remember you saying to me, ‘Why couldn’t she collaborate with a female singer? Or someone who isn’t near her age? Why did I agree to this?’”

Brad shoves Tristan’s shoulder and glares. “That’s only because of how excited she was when we told her.”

The interviewer smiles. “Oh?”

“She was fangirling for nearly an hour,” Brad explains, causing you to blush and smile. “I was pretty jealous then. I mean, she’s dating a boy in a band! Being around another singer shouldn’t be that big of a deal, right? Her boyfriend is a singer.”

Connor smiles from the end of the couch. “It’s not the same, Brad. Shawn’s one of Y/N’s favourite singers.”

“I know, I know.” Brad sighs and smiles softly. “I’m happy for her, I really am. She should just be fangirling over me instead.”

He and the boys all laugh together. You giggle softly from the side, shaking your head slowly as you remember him saying the exact same thing a few days ago.

“Y/N, I’m your boyfriend and I’m in a band! Why are you fangirling over him? He’s a singer, like me.” Brad folded his arms over his chest like a five year old.

“But Brad, he’s my favourite singer! I’ve met him a few times, but to be working with him … that’s my biggest dream.”

“But … you should be fangirling over me, not him.” He pouted at you.

You sighed and shook your head. “Brad, babe, I fangirl over you every day. That’s why I’m dating you. You shouldn’t be jealous. I love you, Brad, okay? Working with Shawn is such a huge thing for me, and I’m just so excited to start.”

“I know,” he said with a small sigh. “I’m so happy for you, Y/N. And I’m so proud. I know that the song you two produce will be amazing.”

Hands on your hips pull you back to reality. You blink and see Brad standing in front of you. You smile, pushing the memory aside. “Hey.”

“Hey.” He kisses your forehead. “Sorry it took so long.”

You shrug and wrap your arms around his neck. “It’s okay. I don’t mind waiting.”

Brad leans in, his lips going towards yours. You lean up and attach your lips to his. Brad pulls you closer and you’re about to open your mouth for him when you feel your phone vibrating nonstop in your pocket. You quickly pull away and pull it out, looking at the screen to see lots of notifications from twitter. With a small groan, you open them.

Brad moves to look over your shoulder. “What is it?”

You see a picture of you and Brad that was taken moments ago. It was when he was kissing your forehead. Tristan posted it to his twitter with the caption, “She should be fangirling over me instead” don’t worry Brad, pretty sure that’s what she’s doing ;)

Brad laughs and pulls you close to him. “He had to use that quote, didn’t he?”

You shrug and lean against him, smiling up. “It’s okay. I think it’s cute.”

He moves his hands to your back and sighs. “Well, if I’m so cute then why aren’t you kissing me?”

You grin and put your phone on silent before moving to reattach your lips to Brad’s.