Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt 'reach temporary deal that gives her FULL physical custody of all six kids'... as he's allowed monitored visits
The actress, 41, will have full custody of all six children for three weeks After that, the deal will be looked at again by the LA DCFS Pitt has allowed for his first visit with the children to be monitored by a therapist The therapist then will suggest if Brad needs to be monitored for subsequent visits

Here is that famous MALE PRIVILEGE that even a wealthy celebrity can’t avoid. He is presumed guilty without a trial and loses joint custody and has to prove he is fit based on the mother’s accusations, while the woman is assumed to be the “fit” parent. He was extorted into doing random drug tests and monitored visits.

And while Brad wanted to stay in one place, Angelina was more interested in having the brood travel the world with them, it was claimed.

The Gia star preferred a more relaxed attitude with the kids, it was alleged, while Brad liked more traditional rules.

‘Brad wants them to have a normal upbringing and worries that they’ll come out spoiled, elitist and not grounded,’ a source told UsWeekly as far back as 2009.

'But Angie feels they should be “children of the world.” They argue about it all the time: heated, screaming fights.’

In a 2012 interview Jolie said Pitt has had to 'play bad cop more often.’

Sources added that he asked the kids to clean up after themselves and adhere to a normal bed time.

'Brad teaches them to be respectful human beings,’ it was added by an insider.

Their split allegedly 'came down to differences in lifestyle and parenting,’ a source told UsWeekly.

“theirs a test case so closely aligned with CE & she who will not be named” << Yes, except Brad & Angie were very, VERY into each other. Like, so much in love it oozed off them. >>>> Oh YES! YES YES! Agree. Forever convinced every single picture of them is just painful to look at. PAINFUL. From Chruussss mostly. Fake smile? check. Weird body language? Check. Even in set-up Lax pap pics? check. Even in Au-natural wedding weekend pics? check. His face in that first one while walking with the beer be like “fuck. a camera. Pretending I don’t see you camera. Gonna pretend we chill. Does my face say GMTFO? G-M-T-F-O.” Second pic? He drunk. Whatever. Mrs. Potts, you nailed the gifted promo. i couldn’t even go that far in my mind. I’m just not looking foward to the “acting.” Not going to see the movie. But I will see the trailer Christopher! April is the month where films go to die I’m gonna be out doing better things! Something else with the test case: tons of articles mentioning that <<paraphrasing here>> “Angie was always weary of Brad on set with other actresses because of how they had gotten together. If he did it to Angie, he could do it with other women!”  How spot onnnn! And that goes for BOTH CE and she-who-shall-not. I think more so in his case. If I was she-who-shall-not, given how insecure she says she is, I would not trust him one damn bit. Also: Angie citing WEED and alcohol. HAHAHAHAHAHA omg slay sis! Flip this whole damn thing around with some tweaking/twerking and do we have ourselves a inverted mirror image!  

Pretty interesting assessment, anon.

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