IMAGINE: Being Maya’s older sister and liking josh, but he never notices you…


Maya: Hey, you okay?

Y/N: I’m fine. I’m just sick of this. Sick of not being noticed.

Maya: Then make him notice you.


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12 90s Shows We’re Still Totally Obsessed With
These shows defined the 90s, but the passage of time never dulls our love for them.

Check out my latest article for @telltaletv! I had so much fun taking a trip down memory lane. My #1 pick, of course, will not be surprising. One could even call it predicatable, but I’m good with it. Quality is quality y’all.  There may be some other surprises though :)

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I just want to say that I love your Boy Meets World stuff cos it is my favourite show ever. I mean, I love everything you do, but I especially love the BMW quotes.

I’m glad you like them! I was super-obsessed with that show when I was younger. Eric is still one of my favorite characters. And Feeny. X3

The greatest episode was the one where they’re trapped in the school with all the scary movie cliches, haha. 

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