Right now I’m in between jobs and have to get by without a paycheck for a while ( ಥ - ಥ)
So in order to pay my bills I’m opening commissions! ♥
Maybe some of you guys are interersted in a little something!?!

Additional info:

Slots open: monochrome (5) , full color (2)
PayPal only
monochrome could be done traditionally, full color is digital only
I’ll draw pretty much anything except furry but please take a look at my work so far so you have an impression of what I’m able to do

Feel free to message me if you’ve got any questions ♥

Oh, Keith… you really don’t wanna know.

Lance singing a happy little tune about all the places and ways he‘d like to do it with Keith 8′‘D

* Suave contra la nave = smooth against the ship
* Duro contra el muro = hard against the wall
* Macizo contra el piso = solid against the floor
* Sin pena en la arena = with no shame on the sand
*Màs feliz con Keith = more happy with Keith

Sorry I got really lazy with the colors orz

THANKS A LOT @the-five-stages-of-feels for suggesting those rhymes and the help with translating and making up a punch line with Keith’ name in it!!!! ♥ uvu
I hope you like how it turned out (and that it somehow makes sense haha)