Boys Life


L O O K  B O O K #196

Hair: little bones - Lana (@N21)
Tattoo: Bolson - Sak Yant
Tee: BOYS TO THE BONE - Croptop #2
Jacket: Semller - 011 jacket rare gacha (@Sanarae)
Pants: Rowne - Maja leather trousers
Shoes: Vale Koer - Dropout trainers (@Signature event)
Waist jacket:
AMERIE - Waist shirt (@CCB)
OVH - Leda bag
Shi - Jhumka & Maang tikka set
Choker: Aubrey - The tight choker gacha
Necklace: ISON - Safari tribe necklace
Septum: MONS - Mystic collection
Hand jewellery: aisling - Darshana hand
random.Matter - Sanza nose chain
Watch: MINIMAL - Tiger watch
Poses: RK poses - various poses

Shooting location: Crack den(TAXI)

As a person with BPD I understand how it is when you find a new thing and literally make it a part of yourself. I understand getting attached to (problematic) shows and things.

 I was in high school the first time I split on something that I loved. It hurt, I felt betrayed and I was disgusted with myself for enjoying it. I cut all ties and decided I wouldn’t get involved with any problematic media ever again. But here’s the thing, it’s everywhere. In every show/game/book, written by cishets, whites, nt, or able bodied people, there is going to be SOMETHING fundamentally Bad that you NEED to acknowledge and accept. You need to be able to analyze and listen to conversations that explain why something you enjoy might be problematic. Especially if you’re white.

You can still like something as long as you fully realize why it’s Bad but you can NOT defend the problematic content or argue with people That It Applies To.  I understand that for some, it hurts when you learn that a writer/creator of a show you love is horrible and problematic. You can still enjoy media while accepting and knowing that the person or content is just… Bad.  

But if you can’t do that, then don’t get into it. Don’t jump into a fandom or series when you can’t see and accept faults. Don’t watch or take part in something that you aren’t fully ready and able to criticize. If you aren’t willing hear minorities point out racism/transphobia/misogyny/ableism/etc… then just. don’t. watch it. Don’t watch it, don’t read it, don’t get involved if you can’t step back and listen. If you get snappy and defensive when someone is telling you that a marginalized group has a problem with something, you probably shouldn’t even get involved. That is honestly such a Red Flag. And you definitely should not try to speak on the subject.

For example, don’t argue with a Samoan person about Mo/ana and why it bothers them. It affects them, it applies to them, it doesn’t apply to yt people. Yt people can’t have this debate cause it’s not about them.

***Also tho, like don’t “consume” material ABOUT people of color if you’re not going to listen to them, or if you’re going to view their opinions on it as less important than your pleasure. That’s fucking gross.

 White creator’s’ve been profiting off native (and any non-white) culture(s) for years while still managing to get their facts incorrect and cherrypicking what they want to Take purely “For the Aesthetics.” And White fans will defend it till they’re blue in the face because they enjoy it.

 And it’s such a gross, rude, entitled thing to do, to sit there and complain about having to “dissect” something to enjoy it. Acting like awareness and respectfulness of other cultures is such a burden.

Anyway, my thoughts are getting jumbled up, I digress, Bottom line, mental Illness is not an excuse to be racist; saying you have BPD so you can’t “help it” when you get defensive over (racist) content/creators actions (cough, s///u///, cough) because you’ve made it a part of your identity is not… okay??? (especially cause it’s racist;. you made somethin’ that you’re not willing to scrutinize a part of yourself. K. Noted. Seen. Read.)

And again, you can be disappointed that your Content is not Unproblematic. You can be upset, but you can’t ignore it, not when it actively stigmatizes and hurts others. 

 It’s that simple. If you’re not going to listen, If you can’t acknowledge shit, avoid it. Don’t get attached. Don’t defend it. Don’t get into it.