Boyle Mansion

One thing that’s off-handedly mentioned in the Lady Boyle mansion by the two guests talking about how Burrows will “Make Dunwall Great Again” (actual dialogue, man…) is that people have discovered that Dunwall is actually built on top of another ancient, lost city.

The implication there is that there’s some lost history in this setting, that this is where the Outsider’s runes and bone charms come from. I very much hope we get to explore it at some point.

Thinking about the progression of society in Dunwall, it’s interesting because this lost civilisation was clearly advanced through magical means, but the Outsider is considered a heretical figure by the Abbey of the Everyman. How did they come about?

We know that Overseer Clavering ordered the construction of the abbey in Dunwall in 1701, followed by a war just four years later to purge other religious groups, and the war itself lasted only three years - so we’re talking about an already-established group with resources and followers.

This game has an abundance of interesting history and lore, I hope it gets a chance to expand - be it through games released every 4 years, or through books and other media.

dishonored missions ranked

  1. boyle mansion - who the fuck doesn’t love a good party. you can sign the boyles’ guestbook while dripping with sewer filth then proceed to get drunk off your ass, steal everything in the house and proposition your target who (if it’s esma) will call you mysterious and handsome and then invite you up to her bedroom so you can kill her in peace
  2. flooded district - daud time. outsider shrine in this one has the infamous ‘you fascinate me’ line on low chaos. very dark and dirty
  3. kingsparrow (either chaos) - gorgeous endgame… high chaos is so satisfying and low chaos is wonderfully atmospheric especially at the end
  4. golden cat - the golden cat itself is just lovely to look at on the inside. targets have fantastic death animations, emily is in it a lot. you can zap a man with an electrocution fetish until he gives up the combination to his personal safe
  5. dunwall tower - points off for not giving a lot of incentive to explore imo? still fun, good, fuck the lord regent
  6. sokolov - only this low bc it’s so short. aesthetically lovely, especially the lighting, sokolov’s house is really fun to play through, kaldwin’s bridge is an A+ climbing experience
  7. coldridge - great intro to a great game
  8. the loyalists - very depressing on high chaos bc everyone is fucking dead but otherwise pretty good. best mission to get the ‘kill 6 enemies in 1 second’ achievement
  9. high overseer - fuck you