Boyle Mansion

Ain’t no party like a Boyle mansion party!

Good night boys, I’m off to ransack the gallery then peace out the front door after I sign my real name in the guest book for shits and giggles, with a sack of loot over my shoulder and a portrait rolled up under my arm. Corvo Fucking Attano OUT

Best Use of a Severed Head

Here’s my entry for whales-and-witchcraft’s Dishonored Head Contest during High Chaos Week 2015~! I am now permanently scarred for life, so I hope everyone enjoys reading this fic as much as I enjoyed writing it. :D

A low whump roused Hiram instantly from his restless slumber.

He sat bolt upright with a gasp, clutching the silk bedsheets tightly to his chest. He stared with unblinking eyes at the dark wall of the four-poster’s enclosing curtains. His mind raced even as his body froze in distress. What had that sound been? Where had it come from? What had caused it? Barely breathing, he listened hard and waited for the sound to come again, his ears straining to hear over the loud beating of his heart.

Several minutes passed. All was quiet.

Rather than relief, however, Hiram only felt his uneasiness increase.

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vagabond-song  asked:

Wait where do you smash jello?

Answering publicly because I feel like this is a very important question!!!!!

The short answer: jello can be found at the Boyle mansion, it’s a beautiful party dish that Corvo cannot eat but CAN smash with no in-game consequences

The long answer: It all started, I believe, with this:

Thomasthewhaler comments that the jello-smashing effect is nice.

The obvious next step was to ask Harvey Smith

It escalated quickly.

….basically what it comes down to is that jello is the most important in-game item and thomasthewhaler is our gelatin savior, or, if you will, our Jello Jesus.

anonymous asked:

being fashionable while getting vengeance on the entire government

Indeed, I believe so.

(Lady Boyle: What an amazing costume! You look straight off the pages of one of those wanted posters. Oh do tell me, who are you wearing, sir?

Corvo [who didn’t at all dress up for going to the Boyle Mansion] : Well the mask is by Piero Joplin, but the boots and vest are ALL Sokolov originals. And don’t forget these bone charms I have, they’re original whale bone, none of this imitation resin stuff some people like to flaunt. The coat is vintage, I er -cough- FOUND it, in a quiet little shop off Holger’s Square. Yup.

Corvo [to himself] : I am the night, and the night feels fabulous.)