Boy I really need to practice my colouring style

SHER - :Bunny Ear Boys (Easter 2017):
Wacom Intuos Pro 3 in  PSCS3 (new window for hi-res)

Here’s my Easter pic for this year; it’s lame and lazy, but I have been sick for a few days so this is what I doodled while I’ve been sitting here in a grumble. These two idiots make me happy, hence why I did it, LOL. I wanted to do one similar to last year’s but I just really didn’t feel it this year. So you can have terrible anatomy and stupid kissy faces instead. So far really liking this colouring style, but I still need a lot of practice. Should probably stop being so lazy and start watching some tutorials.

Also, ignore John’s long-assed gorilla arm and how he suddenly grew a few inches to be the same height as Sherlock. *shrug emoji*

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