My Appreciation for Bowser

Why is he my favorite Mario character? well…

He has the best choices for his own world

Has a sick logo

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Doesn’t take any nonsense whatsoever from whoever stands in his way.

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The best villainous dad who actually cares for his children

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Always around to ruin your over competitive parties.

Conquered multiple galaxies, TWICE.

And of course

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Nintendo always trying to make him have a sweet heart on this inside.

ESPECIALLY in this game.


Bowser gives his level contractors some suggestions

You know what messes me up if i think about it too hard? How goddamn tall Waluigi is canonically. Like you might think he’s about a head taller than Luigi, but nope. That’s just how he looks in-game because he squats and hunches over so he can be on the other characters eye level:

Seriously look; even squatting he’s still super tall. I like how in the bottom left one they just put him in the background so he fits in the scene, and in the right they straighten him out a little bit and shove him next to the princesses, but he’s still a lot taller than them even then.  

You know who he is the same size as when he stands fully upright, though?

Waluigi and Bowser are basically the same height and that makes me scared.