I GOT TO DO A GUEST COMIC FOR ‘Manly Guys Doing Manly Things’!!!! :D

You can find it up here on the official website!!

And thanks so much to @coelasquid​‘s for letting me do this! It was super exciting to get to help out with a webcomic that I’ve been a fan of for years!

My Appreciation for Bowser

Why is he my favorite Mario character? well…

He has the best choices for his own world

Has a sick logo

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Doesn’t take any nonsense whatsoever from whoever stands in his way.

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The best villainous dad who actually cares for his children

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Always around to ruin your over competitive parties.

Conquered multiple galaxies, TWICE.

And of course

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Nintendo always trying to make him have a sweet heart on this inside.

ESPECIALLY in this game.


Bowser gives his level contractors some suggestions