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Okay, here's an ask for Bowsario. And non-anon for once! So, Bowser, which suit is your favorite on Mario? The bee suit? The cat suit? The tanooki suit? Any suit? My personal favorite is the bee suit, I mean, how can anyone not love Mario in the bee suit?

“Bee Mario is kind of cute. But I have to admit, I do like Cat and Tanooki better. Mario looks really cute in those two. Especially Cat Mario; I could break out some Super Bells for myself, and become Meowser again. Although, I do like him grabbing a shell to wear sometimes. Shell Mario is a dumb name, though; he should just be Koopa Mario! …Or, uh, wait. M-maybe not that. Then there’s Boomerang Mario, that’s good too. But, that’s not so much for the Boomerangs; it’s mostly just for how he looks…to me, anyway.

Oh, but if we’re talking power-ups, then there’s more that I like than just those. After all, Fire Mario may just be different colors for his shirt, cap, and overalls, but I love that he uses fire regularly. Fits right in with me! Ooh, but Ice Mario creates a nice counterbalance to fire too. Then there’s Invincible Mario and Rainbow Mario because…well, duh. Double Mario is great, because two of Mario makes for twice the fun. And then there’s Mega Mario, which I like because bigger is better. Though, being bigger than me can be a little daunting. Hmm. Now I’m not so sure.”


“Um. I’m not talking about you with curious fans. And I’m not talking about how cute you look in lots of different ways. …How long were you there for?”

“Long enough.”


I GOT TO DO A GUEST COMIC FOR ‘Manly Guys Doing Manly Things’!!!! :D

You can find it up here on the official website!!

And thanks so much to @coelasquid​‘s for letting me do this! It was super exciting to get to help out with a webcomic that I’ve been a fan of for years!

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*A huuuuuuuuuuuge delicous stake is seen covered in the most delicious sauce imaginable passing by bowser, the smell flows to his nose as the steak gets pulled across the floor by a extremely hard to see string*

My Appreciation for Bowser

Why is he my favorite Mario character? well…

He has the best choices for his own world

Has a sick logo

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Doesn’t take any nonsense whatsoever from whoever stands in his way.

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The best villainous dad who actually cares for his children

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Always around to ruin your over competitive parties.

Conquered multiple galaxies, TWICE.

And of course

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Nintendo always trying to make him have a sweet heart on this inside.

ESPECIALLY in this game.


Bowser gives his level contractors some suggestions