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Making frequent stops along the Bow Valley Parkway; some places easily warrant going below the speed limit.
Photo by @maurice #rusticroamer
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Purity by Jay Daley
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Follow me on FacebookFollow me on Instagram driving back from Lake Louise along the Bow Valley Park way I tried to find a stream with a perfect vantage point of Castle Mountain in the background that I stumbled upon a few years ago. A few wrong turns later and I had re-found my location and, as hoped, Castle Mountain was perfectly positioned in the background. As well as a stunning mountainous vista I also managed to find a nice little calm side stream nestled amongst some snowy trees. It was around midday so I planned to return the next morning before a day of snowboarding for some better light. When I arrived the following morning things were looking good, crisp and clean with only one problem, the car was giving me an outside temperature of -19 degree’s centigrade. I knew that to photograph my little side stream I would need to position myself in a foot of water so, with my gum boots in hand I ventured on. Down by the water it was at least another 4-5 degree’s cooler, feeling very fresh and alive I set to work on capturing both of my locations, my vista of Castle Mountain as well as my little stream. Here is my take on the second. View large and, as always, thanks for looking!