Cabinet on Stand, attributed to André-Charles Boulle, Paris, ca. 1675-1680
Oak veneered with ebony, pewter, tortoiseshell, brass, ivory, horn, and various woods; with drawers of snake wood; painted and gilded wood figures; bronze mounts
7 ft. 6 ½ in. x 4 ft. 11 ½ in. x 2 ft. 2 ¼

“The decoration on this monumental cabinet refers to the French king Louis XIV’s military victories. A panel of marquetry showing the cockerel of France standing triumphant over both the eagle of the Holy Roman Empire and the lion of Spain and the Spanish Netherlands decorates the central door. On the drawer above the door, gilt-bronze military trophies flank a medallion portrait of Louis XIV. In the Dutch Wars of 1672 - 1678, France fought simultaneously against the Dutch, Spanish, and Imperial armies, defeating them all. This cabinet celebrates the Treaty of Nijmegen, which concluded the war. Two large figures from Greek mythology, Hercules and Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, representatives of strength and bravery in war, appear to support the cabinet.”

-The Getty