Made a trip to Madrock HQ, grabbed myself a pair of the new models: Lyra, Lotus, and Redline!

Psyched to see a climbing shoe company make a female climbing shoe that isn’t something just “comfy”, but downturn and aggressive… just like our personalities ;)

Time to break these babies in!


#mypubliclandsroadtrip Heads into the  Holiday Weekend with Bouldering in the Tablelands!

The Volcanic Tablelands in California offer exceptional bouldering opportunities because of their unique geologic features formed by the cataclysmic volcanic eruption of the Long Valley Caldera over 700,000 years ago, which left a highly dissected landscape of Bishop Tuff. Through time, this once barren tableau has evolved to support a unique and fragile environment that takes a keen eye and time to appreciate. The Volcanic Tablelands are situated at the ecological cusp of the Northern Mojave and Great Basin floristic Provinces where plants and associated wildlife species combine to make this an unusual and biologically diverse landscape.

In the early 90s, the Tablelands were visited only by local climbers. By the late 90s, thousands of climbers visited from all over the world to try out their climbing skills on the many boulder challenges of the Tablelands. With this dramatic increase in use, the BLM and the local climbing community have developed a climbing management philosophy to protect the natural resources while preserving access to climbing opportunities. The Bishop Paiute Tribe, a partner and co-manager of the Tablelands, help provide oversight. The local conservation non-profit Friends of the Inyo and the BLM lead interpretive outings to explore the long cultural history of the Volcanic Tableland, including petroglyphs and other native artifacts.  Explore and protect #yourlands with us.

Photos courtesy Friends of the Inyo


Chris Webb Parsons Bouldering In Hueco, Texas, USA