Once again, we are guiding a backpacking trip on the Boulder Mountains in Southern Utah. We will be releasing a few shots over the next little bit on the blog, but be sure to check for more info about pricing, dates and details. Come explore remote lakes where 5 species of trout and char eat dry flies and streamers like candy.

Made a trip to Madrock HQ, grabbed myself a pair of the new models: Lyra, Lotus, and Redline!

Psyched to see a climbing shoe company make a female climbing shoe that isn’t something just “comfy”, but downturn and aggressive… just like our personalities ;)

Time to break these babies in!


Chris Webb Parsons Bouldering In Hueco, Texas, USA

indoor climbing

 getting into this new hobby is great and at the same time a lesson that failing multiple times, falling from a start position, and the grip in your hands wear thin, once the top has been reached man its the greatest feeling.

thanks cuzzo jerms for teaching me wassup… be your spotter any day

even big guys can do this

A new blog...

Has been created. It’s going to be climbing only, not that I won’t still post climbing stuff here, but so that I can keep my climbing stuff organized. If anyone would like to follow the link is…

I know what you’re thinking… How was that url not already taken?! I don’t know either, but I jumped on it. Be patient with me. I just lost my store manager so I’m working crazy hours, and the start up may be slow.

Alternative, team start.

If you have ever climbed in Joshua Tree you know how weird things get there. Rounded topouts, reachy starts, flared cracks, runouts, the fun never ends. On this climb you needed to be 6’ 2” or taller to even come close to reaching the starting holds or you could run across a slopping ledge and make a desperate jump for a side pull. @jeffjohnson_beyondandback and @kristotorgersen improvise with an alternative, team start.

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