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I am a home-based analyst, and most days I walk or ride my motorcycle down to a park or coffee shop to work. I have everything I might need in this bag for work or play and it all weighs in at less than 13 lbs. A few notes on these items: -I ALWAYS have the Architect Wallet (with Space Pen and Moleskine notebook), iPhone with case, and Leatherman on my person. The rest still comes with me everywhere I go, but could be 10-15’ away at any given time. I have Tile locators on my bag, bluetooth speaker, and glasses case (this last one has been a real lifesaver!) -I searched for years for a bag to replace an old satchel I’d sewn back together half a dozen times over the past 10 years and finally settled on this Bluboon Backpack. I love the style, it’s fairly small while still able to carry everything I need, and it cost less than $40! I have had to strengthen a few of the stitches, but it’s worth it! -The Maxpedition Micro Pocket Organizer contains toiletry and first aid hand items. -The 145g Discraft is by far the best small size frisbee I have ever used. It flies as well as a regulation size 175g disc, but saves space in my bag. -The Eno Sub7 is a new release hammock that weighs just 6.9oz, less than half the weight of their Singlenest. It’s perfect for a go bag! -The Matador is another new find. It’s a super compact picnic blanket. Perfect for keeping in my bag and throwing out on some damp grass. -I’ve hacked the car keys and mounted a transponder on the steering column so that I can use a plain metal key without the plastic head. This allows me to fit my keys into the super compact True Utility Key Shackle. -I’ll often throw in my AEO Vintage Denim Western Shirt which works great as a stylish and comfortable extra layer when needed. -Any recommendations on a more compact umbrella?

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Holiday Open House - Small Business Saturday

When: Saturday, November 26, 10am – 6pm

Where: Bottle Works – Ethnic Arts Center, 411 3rd Ave, Johnstown, PA 15906

What: A gallery shop “full of work from talented local artists, featuring unique handcrafted gifts, craft vendors, live artist demonstrations, light refreshments, holiday music, and free gift wrapping!”

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Epic Ales’ Bog (Picked up at Bottleworks in Seattle). A 3 of 4. Really, really weird. The mushrooms and smokiness are quite powerful. Poured into IPA glass, because well, that’s what I had handy - it still produces a nice nose. Pours with an almost oily black body. The finish is a bit dry and some weird tartness on the end. This gets a 3 because it is very interesting, but this isn’t that drinkable - definitely something to sip.


The results results are in…I am still cancer free!!! I got a PET scan last week and saw my oncologist today. Everything looks pretty good on the scan with the exception of my lungs. There is still cloudiness in the bases of my lungs. It is mostly some toxicity caused by the Bleomycin I recieved during chemo. At this point it most likely will not get better, but it probably won’t get worse either. My lung function is normal, and I feel fine. Hopefully it will stay that way. Each clear scan I get the less likely the cancer is to come back. The next step is to continue building a healthy lifestyle.The tools are there, I just need to strive to get on the right track. Here’s to another healthy 6 months! Btw, we got some dope fresh hoagies at Bottleworks in Sunbury.

Laurelwood’s Workhorse IPA (Picked up at Bottleworks in Seattle). A 3 of 4. Great sticky carbonation and lacing, and beautiful color. The nose is quite a bit of bready malt sweetness and a bit of earthiness and floral notes. The body is not overly bitter but well-balanced and decently thick on the palate. Finishes quite smooth on the palate - quite easy to drink despite its thickness. Not a hop wallop, but a great IPA.