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This new chapter....... Mutsurie....... Noooooooooo

To be completely honest I am just waiting for Shirazu to come back… tg has slowly been losing my interest… I hope things get sorted out with mutsuki…!! Hugs, rest and some therapy pl s… Everything that’s happened with mutsuki has been so upsetting! Give mutsuki a break!!!!

You know you love someone when you can spend the entire night sitting by the fire watching them sleep.

Title: I Really Don’t Know Love At All
Characters: Keith, Allura (Voltron)
Media: iPad Pro & Adobe Sketch (Lines), Cintiq + Photoshop (Colors)
Notes: VLD Rare Pair Week Day 3: Sleeping. Was listening to Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” while drawing this–because that song is amaze. Rare pair week is turning into rare pare month for me…but I’m determined to get at least one more prompt done :).

I’m just gonna make a completely neutral Oscars statement to say Sara Bareilles’s In Memoriam performance was lovely and moving, and I’m playing it over and over again. 

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(Because no one else was gonna say it)

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(Also, I later realized that was the Joni Mitchell song referenced in You’ve Got Mail, which I’d never heard before tonight. So, y’know, that’s cool)