Stranger then fanfiction is the best sequel to Daring dont and read it and weep.

This episodes is basically what will happen when a fan of the series goes up against a fan who is only into the fandom and enjoys anything before the changes pop up. Oh boy does that sound so familiar. But what makes this episode for me is that they treated both sides with respect. Now granted Quibble is an ass from the beginning, but shows that he can be reason but even then, his opinion hold strong and that is fine. Because in the end, the two agree that they can be friends regardless and that is something I think people should learn. Don’t be dicks to each other just because you like a show with one liking the newer stuff while the other is from the beginnings. So overall good episode and a good way to start the second half of season Six.Also DHX….Are you testing this fandom now? 

Because I’m going to scream if my dash gets a sexy daring do. @deafponyheaven they are on to us XD 

Outlander S1E08 Photo Recap, "Both Sides Now," Part 1

So here we are at the midseason finale. I laughed, I cried, I considered perming my hair and I knit like a flipping banshee. Much like the lauded high-quality bootie we have been exposed to thanks to this show, I hate to see it go, but I LOVED watching it leave. Posted in 2 parts because.

We begin as always with the lovely Skye Boat Song, and I play my usual mental game where I try to recognize each clip and where it comes from. Some are harder than others. Like, why is Claire running here? Towards or away from something? Let’s look.

RUN, GIRL. Damn it, I miss this show already.

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