Alright guys, here is the deal. Christmas has gotten a bit more expensive than expected this year so I’m resorting to selling stuff lol. I’ll probably end up putting this on eBay in the next 2-3 days but wanted to check here first.
This is the Botcon 2011 exclusive set. It is 100% mint and unopened except for the pictures I just took. I have 2 of these both perfect condition.
I am open offers but I can’t really afford to lowball so be reasonable if you message me.
Thanks for looking!

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Transformers Animated Breakdown, a set on Flickr.

Breakdown is one of my favourite toys from the G1 era. Yeah, he was simple to transform, but he was part of the awesome Menasor and transformed into a Lamborghini Coutach, one of the coolest cars in the 80s (his fellow Stunticons featured a Ferrari GTO, Porsche 944 and a Tyrrell P34).  This Transformers Animated version from the Botcon 2011 convention set, Stunticon Job, is an absolutely amazing recreation of him.  Yes, he uses an existing mold in Rodimus Minor, but the addition of a new head sculpt and a near perfect paint job recreates him with the fun styling of the animated series.

Pictured in the other photos are Jazz and Blurr in their animated form.

L-R, top-bottom:

SG Optimus Prime, SG Bumblebee, Nemesis Prime, Manatronatee, Dark Rodimus, SG Sari Sumdac, SG Isaac Sumdac.
Sky-Byte, Blot, Mindwipe, Flashpoint, Chromia, Road Rage, Grinder, Bugly, Venom.
Stampy, Longrack, Stungun, Air Raid, Scrounge, Jackpot, Excellion, Strongarm, Moscardo.

Download: 1530x1444


This is the funniest Botcon video ever. my sides are splitting!!!