I had posted before that I thought a seller on Ebay had stolen my money cause he hadn’t begun to ship my package?  Well, I just was notified that it’s in the syestem and should be here by the 11′th-12′th. I just hope that It won’t be stolen while I’m away. 


Alright guys, here is the deal. Christmas has gotten a bit more expensive than expected this year so I’m resorting to selling stuff lol. I’ll probably end up putting this on eBay in the next 2-3 days but wanted to check here first.
This is the Botcon 2011 exclusive set. It is 100% mint and unopened except for the pictures I just took. I have 2 of these both perfect condition.
I am open offers but I can’t really afford to lowball so be reasonable if you message me.
Thanks for looking!


This is the funniest Botcon video ever. my sides are splitting!!!