Bosu Ball

I am excited to share with you that as of this moment, I will be prepping for a fun fitness and bikini photoshoot that will take place in a month and a half.

I’m planning on toning up a bit, so I thought I would document some of the exercises I use to get in shape and post them on my Youtube channel. I’d like to apologize beforehand for the video quality not being HD as I’m planning on filming everything with my phone - I like to keep things nice and simple!

I really enjoy setting fitness goals, it’s a great way for me to hold myself accountable and honestly… it’s just more fun this way! You can’t begin to imagine how excited I am to share this journey with you.




I got a Bosu Ball for Christmas! This should be interesting! Setting this as my ‘baseline’ and hopefully I can post updates with improvement throughout the year.

Balance is not my strong suit!

No- no these photos aren’t of me haha i found pictures of the exercises i was doing to explain myself.  I work out alone (it’s my only alone time in the day) so it’s hard to take photos of myself…and i do not have a bosu ball at home. :) I also did 3 sets of 20 leg lifts (laying on my back raising my legs up and lowering them to within an inch of the ground). Try these if you have access to a bosu ball!!

the day before yesterday wasnt bad eitherrrr

30 bosu burpees
90 bosu squats
3 1 min planks
3 each side 30 sec side planks
60 donkey kicks each lef
60 leg lift things
45 50 lb squats
90 of these back things i dont know how to describe haha
90 of these arm things that i dont feel like describing either
10 min at an 18 incline on treadmill

i didnt do cardio really either that day but i guess its okay


8/2015 – Bosu Ball Balance work. 

I know my Chair isn’t very deep and I could be straighter up, but if you could see how much my legs/feet shake doing that, you’d be very impressed! haha! 

I still fall off the Bosu ball a lot (or, step off, I guess is more accurate), but my balance is improving with consistent practice and I’m holding these poses longer, sometimes even coming out with control. :)

DAY 150 - October 16th 2012 - BOSU BALL ME UP!!

Hi guys and girls,

Ive just been to what i think was the best gym session I’ve had in a while and I’ve come back completely buzzing!!! I haven’t been to the gym in over a week and all of the school stress was just piling up on me so much! I think i was really thankful to be able to break that all down! 

Today i tried some exercises on a new piece of equipment: a Bosu ball.

For those of you that don’t know what a Bosu ball is, it is half of an inflatable ball that works on your balance and core! You can also do additional exercises on it that will work your arms, butt and legs!

BOSU Ball Plank

There are so many variations of the BOSU ball plank that you can take your pick! All of these variations work the same muscle groups but some target different muscle groups more than others:

Regular BOSU Plank

This plank works the legs, arms and shoulders but mainly focuses on the core. By resting your forearms on the squishy part of the ball, it engages your core more than doing a regular low plank on the floor because your balance is being tested. Remember that balance comes from the CORE!!

High BOSU Plank

This plank engages your full arms as well as the core, legs and shoulders. The glutes are also working in this plank.

Reverse BOSU Plank

This plank focuses more on your leg muscles, right up from the glutes to the quads and down to the calves as well as still working on core/balance, arms and shoulders. This can serve as a good stretch for post-running exercise.

Reverse Ball Plank

And finally my favourite! I really like this variation because it engages the core much more than the others and makes your body work! Just flip the BOSU Ball over and rest your forearms on the flat side, this serves as a more challenging balance test!

BOSU Ball Squats

Squats are done as normal on the BOSU, just choose which side you want to squat on! I always find the flat side more challenging because it tests my balance while engaging many of my muscles. Add in weights to increase the difficulty even more!

BOSU Ball Lunges

Again, lunges are exactly the same as normal, just pick a side of the ball to lunge on!! Add weights to increase difficulty.

There are so many more exercises that you can do on a BOSU Ball, this is just a fraction of them! I think that if you do not have one of these in your gym, buying one would be a great investment because it will really help you to tone up and show muscle definition!

Vicka xoxo


High intensity bosu exercise!


Had to repost this since a few were having trouble viewing it through tumblr. Bosu ball push ups are murder this is my third set of 10. My chest felt inflated at this point. My first 2 set were a bit more explosive.


bosu squat medicine ball chest pass