This is a PSA: Anyone who’s never watched this or heard Chris speak in his natural Boston accent, STOP what you’re doing! (Chris starts speaking at 1:38)

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Welp, since so many people absolutely loved the first recorded voice I did with Springtrap (which, admittedly, I did not expect), I figured I’d do another one, for both my amusement and your enjoyment!

Seriously, does my hillbilly voice sound that good?

Art by @nobody-art​ and Audacity editing done by @flightbotjetwing​. Go and check out their works!

Music track “Hotel” © Toby “Radiation” Fox

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I’m wondering if Chris Evans tries to hide his Boston accent most of the time because I rarely hear it this thick!

Okay but I just want everyone to understand

the best thing about Ilvermorny being in Massachusetts is that this brings up a bunch of stupid fucking Massachusetts headcanons about wizardry: 

-Professors with disgusting Boston accents 

-The platform for Ilvermorny HAS to be at North station

-enchanted MBTA commuter rail 

-the division between NY and Mass wizards going deeper than house rivalry 

-the Red Sox curse being ACTUAL dark magic 

-confirmed wand fights over Sox vs Yankees and Patriots vs literally everyone not from new England

-a Dunkin Donuts suspiciously close to the school that is always looking for workers because people are terrified of working the nightshift there. 

-Magical Dunkin Donuts 

-There’s an underground passage at the school (a la Whomping Willow and One Eyed Witch) that exits at the old Harvard station.

-On the train ride to Ilvermorny, students like to fire off spells. The stray magic wreaks havoc on cars between the station and the school, making them nearly impossible to drive and making the drivers seem exceedingly reckless. MASSHOLES EXPLAINED 

-The real reason the Pumpkinfest riots happened at Keane State was because Ilvermorny wizards decided to crash and cast some drunk spells without realizing the consequences, once something caught fire, people rioted. Student wizards are not well liked in New Hampshire

-There’s a reason why Boston is “the hub of the universe”: wizarding folk powerful in astrology and divination gather there for readings more accurate and powerful than anywhere else.

-There was a gang of dark wizard students, who caused an unbelievable amount of mayhem and panic one day. The local magical authorities realized it would be almost impossible to totally wipe the memory from everyone’s minds. One wizard joked, saying that they’re going to come up with some ridiculous excuse like a family of ducks trying to walk through the city.

How Spotlight Got Boston Accents Right While Black Mass Got It So Wrong
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Hollywood is having a Boston Moment. Wonderful movies such as Mystic River, The Departed, The Town, Black Mass, and Spotlight are some highlights of recent years—and with Spotlight receiving two Golden Globe nominations, the city is as visible as it’s ever been. Boom time for voice coaches, to be sure. But, sometimes, one wonders why they even bother.

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