Things that are canon in the Persona universe

A sentient bear suit managed to grow a human body by doing sit-ups.

A character threw ¥1,000,000 ($8,871.94) into a fountain because she thought it would increase her chances of having her wish granted.

Some guy saves the world by turning into a door.

Hitler came back from the dead. His Persona was Nyarlathotep.

There’s a robot with a Boston accent. She can talk to dogs.

Gods can be tsundere.

Some asshole declined ultimate power because it would require him to go out and make friends.

There’s a dog with a Persona. It’s not a special magic dog or anything, just a regular dog that happens to be able to summon a Persona.

The fucking dancing game.


This is a PSA: Anyone who’s never watched this or heard Chris speak in his natural Boston accent, STOP what you’re doing! (Chris starts speaking at 1:38)

Pittsburgh Penguin Memes
  • Sid is part of most conspiracy theories for example he’s one of the lizard people running the world, he has a spot in the great doomsday bunker, he buried the treasure at oak island ect.
  • Every time someone asks Phil for a favor he’ll say “Well i’m a Stanley Cup Champion soooo…” 
  • Connor Sheary starts every story with “back in my day,”
  • Everyone does impressions of Mike Sullivan with really bad boston accents, it gets stronger every time Sullivan says he doesn’t have an accent.
  • Every time Sid does something good someone says “not like Connor McDavid though…” 
  • Matt Murray is trying to assassinate MAF. For instance if Murray walks up to talk to Flower someone will shout “WATCH OUT, FLOWER BEHIND YOU!” 
  • Everything Sid does is linked back to the number 87 a la conspiracy videos on youtube.
  • “Thunder Bay native Kris Letang!”
  • “Father, Son and Jaromir Jagr”
  • Whenever Phil does something good someone responds with “Amanda would have done it better/faster.” Phil agrees.
  • Saying “BoninoBoninoBoninoBoninoBoninoBoninoBoninoooooo” every time they address him.
  • Sidney Crosby’s dad is actually [insert random goaltender] bonus points if it’s a goaltender younger than him or around his age.
  • Whenever Geno does a really fast zone entry, all the players on the bench say “zoom zoom.” 
  • The penalty box is referred to as Sully’s office

The trailah for BOSTON ACCENT:THE MOVIE from Seth Myahs (@latenightseth) is wicked shahp AND funny, kid.

Plus, my hometown gets a shout out! Now THAT is wicked pissah, dood.

awkwardoakenshield  asked:

Au where everything is the same but shits has a twin brother named giggles ( - zim-tits)

I’m gonna upgrade this from an au to a headcanon. While Shitty stayed in Massachusetts, Giggles moved to Chicago to study at iO and Second City, because obviously he got his nickname from being funny. In a few years, he’s gonna be on SNL, but nobody from the SMH will realize he’s related to Shitty because even though they’re identical twins, Giggles has worked to lose his boston accent, keeps himself clean-shaven, and wears glasses. 

For the requisite “hosted by an athlete who’s good at being an athlete but dear god why are they trying to be funny” episode, they choose none other than Jack Zimmermann, Stanley Cup champion. While he’s in rehearsals, Shitty stops by. Jack asks him how he got in to rehearsals without calling him first, when Giggles comes up behind Shitty and starts talking about how much Shitty had told him about Jack.

Needless to say, the group chat loses it completely that night.


this video saved me

Open Wide and Say Guts

Welp, since so many people absolutely loved the first recorded voice I did with Springtrap (which, admittedly, I did not expect), I figured I’d do another one, for both my amusement and your enjoyment!

Seriously, does my hillbilly voice sound that good?

Art by @nobody-art​ and Audacity editing done by @flightbotjetwing​. Go and check out their works!

Music track “Hotel” © Toby “Radiation” Fox

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How Spotlight Got Boston Accents Right While Black Mass Got It So Wrong
Boston native Alex Beam weighs in on the season’s chowdah-accented awards contenders—and some classics that really did the town justice.

Hollywood is having a Boston Moment. Wonderful movies such as Mystic River, The Departed, The Town, Black Mass, and Spotlight are some highlights of recent years—and with Spotlight receiving two Golden Globe nominations, the city is as visible as it’s ever been. Boom time for voice coaches, to be sure. But, sometimes, one wonders why they even bother.

Read more to hear what Boston native Alex Beam has to say about the season’s chowdah-accented awards contenders—and some classics that really did the town justice.


I’m wondering if Chris Evans tries to hide his Boston accent most of the time because I rarely hear it this thick!


OMG. John Krasinski doing a Boston accent. I am in heaven.



Too funny, and Seth is from my state!