So a guy pretended he was going to run me over in a crosswalk yesterday. He made sure to make eye contact and then stepped on the gas hard to make it do the accelerator sound and started speeding towards me, screeching to a halt about 5 feet away from me, then catcalled me. He literally pretended he was going to kill me and then sexually harassed me. The two are connected.

If anyone tells you that catcalling is a compliment, they are wrong.
It’s about control.

I’ve honestly been shaken up and angry about it since.

Boston Post, Massachusetts, July 23, 1921

Stop, Look and Listen - Here’s the Feminine Trousers on Tremont Street.

Miss Hazel Sears, the first to wear the new costume that fashion decrees is “the” thing for women - the Knickerbocker suit - in Boston was photographed by a Post photographer yesterday afternoon as she was strolling down Tremont street in the middle of the afternoon throng. Miss Sears, a star in the cast of the Paragon Revue at Paragon Park, Nantasket, attracted all sorts of attention. Women stopped and pointed, all the men took a look, and the general trend of the comment from both sexes was that the style’s all right for women.