Carlos Arredondo, Grieving Dad Turned Hero in Boston Tragedy

The Costa Rican-born Arredondo (with cowboy hat) made headlines in the Boston Marathon bombing aftermath. 


Amidst the terror of the Boston Marathon bombing on Monday afternoon, there were many great heroes, including Carlos Arredondo –  the father of a Marine who lost his life in Iraq in 2004.

Arredondo, 52, can be seen in countless images and videos from the immediate aftermath of the explosion, running towards the area where the bomb went off, pulling away debris to help those who had been hurt, and tending to a young man in a wheelchair who seemed to have lost both his legs in blast.

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Pray For Boston


If you have any information about the explosions please call 1800-494-TIPS.

If you are in the Boston area stay away from trash cans, landmarks, and do not join in large crowds.

Limit cell phone use in public spaces due to the possibility of more bombs being detonated via electronic devices.

Do not attempt to use the subways until they have been checked and cleared for any suspicious packages.


This footage is crazy. :’((( Too intense to even fathom being part of. Please keep everyone involved in your prayers.

if you are in the Boston area please stay in your homes. Please don’t attempt to try to get in the race area and look at whats going on. Law enforcement is attempting to clear the area at this time, and you dont need to add the the confusion. if you are there now let the emergency responders do their job and dont badger them with questions. please try your best to get out of the area safely.  

Bill O'Reilly is a freaking idiot.

Bill O'Reilly is a freaking idiot. I turned to Fox News just to see what the other news stations are saying about the Boston explosion and do you know what this guy said? He said since Boston is a melting pot of people from different countries with a variety of different looking people then it might be hard to find the perpetrator because he wouldn’t stand out as much, rather than if it had occurred in the mid-west or something the person would have stood out. EXCUSE ME? So he’s saying that this person who did it OBVIOUSLY has to be a person of color, right? Someone who isn’t white basically? Because GOD FORBID a white person did it. Fucking Bill O'Reilly, man. Way to generalize. Like seriously, it has to be a foreigner who did it or a person who doesn’t blend in i.e. NOT white. For fuck’s sake man. And even if the person (or people) who did it WAS a foreigner, shit man, he can’t fathom an “all American” looking person couldn’t do it? Good freaking golly. And if that shit doesn’t make you mad, he also said that this incident “wasn’t a tragedy”. Stupid shit. Fox News, why is he allowed to cover this?

Okay this is why I love Tumblr.

A tragedy occurs, and immediately everyone’s like, “I hope all my followers are okay!” and “Nobody drive or take the subway through Boston!” and “The phones are jammed, try texting!” and through all the horror of the situation, it’s amazing to see that people care about each other, even those they barely know.

We’re all so connected it’s amazing.

The news agency is trying to make us believe that 1+1=3 when we know better and can see the truth with our very eyes.

You mean to tell me that the guy who is believed to be behind the Boston marathon explosions was so nonchalant about what he was doing, that he had no problem being part of the crowd, showing his face (knowing there are cameras), tweeting several times during that day, and when identified by the FBI, he robs a 7-11 and then hides out on a boat?

That’s really believable. No trust me, it is. It really is.  



Even i don’t live or ever went to Boston, i really like that place,and my heart dropped when my mom get into my room and told me that bad new.

When i saw all those photos my heart get even more sad,makes me feel so sad,hope they catch fast the people who made this horrible thing, innocent people get really injured,and worst…dead :’(

Over 100+ people get injured,3 persons dead, 1 person is a Child of 8 years old,People from all ages was watching the marathon,kids,old people…so sad all this those people are just enjoy their day watching a Marathon and suddenly a horrible thing like that happened

All my Heart and Pray go to all those who have family and friends in Boston.

Stay Strong,Pray for Boston

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