Some wonderful cosplays from Anime Boston (3/26)

If any of these wonderful people are you and/or you know who they are, feel free to tag them/yourself or let me know so I can tag you/them!

I am the Todomatsu, @killuajoules is the Ichimatsu, and our friend who does not have tumblr is Karamatsu.


OK HERE’S THIS POST. I saw so many super cute cosplayers this AB and I wanted to share a few! If you see yourself here please reblog and say so I can give you credit! xo

atomicmuffin - Sketchbook

bornconfusedxx - Kraehe

kkulfm - Ryuko

im-still-blogging - Tutu

kronolock - Mytho

sacscosplay - Sora and Kairi

okeiru - Honey


Midnight Premier of Green Lantern with my bro Kyle Rayner! 

Good thing Ryan Reynolds still loves me!


So recently I’ve been being called “Boston’s Deadpool”. I’m from that area and I’ve done some Deadpool gigs for the actual mayor of Boston and the Boston Police, mostly Halloween parties. I got pics somewhere…

ANY WHO, with all the recent events that have occurred, I felt like I had to live up to the name my friend’s gave me so I wanted to do a BOSTON STRONG Deadpool for Anime Boston this year. I used the Boston Strong colors and took a spin off of an already existing blue and yellow suit from the comics. Made it all myself with some last minute help from some friends and my lady!

I was proud to wear the suit to show support for Boston around the con. My goal with this suit and my pink suit is to show cosplayers you can do so much more good with your cosplays and all you need is a little imagination and something as simple as a color scheme change.