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what counts the most


A sluggish 10 miler this morning, the legs rubbery, the mileage and workouts of the past week catching up with me, wanted to do more but cut it short - the legs were pleading for mercy.  I need to let them recover some, as it’ll be nearly a race a week in May, leading up to the Buffalo Half Marathon on Memorial Day Weekend.

No Saturday run group today, and at least for the next couple weeks.  Three guys are recovering from Boston, where they all went for it, for PR’s - even in those conditions - and paid dearly for it, one of them a 2:28 marathoner ended up around 2:50, crashing just before Commonwealth Ave.  Very proud of all these guys, proud to be their training partner.  They went for it, and that’s what counts the most.

@erocksrunning regarding Boston trip

Well not Boston proper, at least not from my understanding.

Adria, went to school in Worcester and has several friends that still in the Boston area. However, one of her friends from school is currently living in England but will be in town for the holiday weekend.

Apparently it will be at some beach near Boston.

I don’t really know the deets. I just said I was fine with us going.

So, we will be going…

Depending how far it is from where Boston peeps are located I am pretty sure I could convince Adria to let me commute in for a run with the Internets…

Though keep in mind I am relatively slow, 10/mile pace.

Quick 6

This morning before heading into the hospital. Sat down and fired up the BAA Boston stream to get my fanboy on just before the women’s start. 

My predictions for the winners are going to be Davila for the women and Desisa for the men. Will be cheering for all the Americans and think Meb will be the top American finisher. Desi is my absolute favorite runner, though, so will be rooting strongly for her to have a great day in tough conditions (which I think will give her an advantage).

And of course, I’m tracking all my Tumblr buds that I can. You guys/gals are going to do great.

On Monday, I watched a few runners during the Boston Marathon. On Tuesday, I read the stories, watched the interviews, shared the pictures online, and praised my friends who completed the marathon. By Tuesday night I had made the decision that with all the love I have for my city, I am going to use that, alone with other motivational things in my life, to work toward running in a future Boston Marathon.

I started off with a mile run today. I somehow managed four laps on the track with NO walking! And even better, my little guy was with me and ran a half mile along side me. I’m so proud of both of us. I look forward to training and making him proud of me when he sees me cross the finish line one day.

down in 5k, up for The Marathon


Well, this morning’s 5k not exactly what I was looking for, an upset stomach, a bad night of sleep, and lingering effects of high mileage conspired to produce a subpar performance - 17:04, 5:30/mile pace, 4th overall, 1st master.  The best part was the first mile in 5:10 (mostly downhill and w/ wind), then ouch.  

Must’ve eaten something bad yesterday, the stomach was a problem all night and morning, the stomach/legs tight the entire race, even with a long warm up.  'Luckily’ I have a history of not running this race well - it’s usually the year’s first 5k and have done little speed work, like this year - but have bounced back in the past, so hopefully that’s the pattern again.  Will chalk this one up as a good speed workout.

No need for 5k speed for folks running The Marathon tomorrow…just a tempo run…pumped up for/with ya’ll…go get it!

the indignity of putting on winter gear, boston coda


I actually felt snowflakes during tonight’s 12 mile run, it snowed ever so briefly but it snowed.  Had to deal with the ‘indignity’ of putting on full winter gear as the temps hit the freezing point.  The trees must know something we don’t, their leaves haven’t budded yet.  

The winds were so strong that my son’s high school track meet was cancelled.  I agree with the decision but don’t remember a meet ever getting cancelled for weather reasons when I was in high school.  Wish we had had that option - could have eliminated some bad performances!

One more thought on the Boston Marathon.  What a run by American Dathan Ritzenhein.  The guy comes in 7th overall and barely gets any press.  He’s truly an inspiration, once a budding superstar, suffering through several injuries and setbacks - including missing making the 2012 US Olympic Marathon team by a couple seconds - and now on top of American marathoning.  True grit.


It’s freaking beautiful here in Boston today so naturally that was enough reason for me to break out my new outdoor yoga mat and get to throwing down some poses!

I know I look huge, that’s what water weight does to you but who the hell cares it felt so good to be outside and do some yoga!

Milano Marathon: Complete!(Part 2)

The organizers pumped up the crowd with house music and wise words from arguably the greatest long distance runner of all time: Haile Gebrselassie!!! Time for the National Anthem to play and off we were en route for the next 4/5 hours! The weather couldn’t have been better as the sun kissed my head and a cool breeze kept me focused on the goal at hand. 

The first 5 miles went by fairly easily. Passing familiar city attractions and historical landmarks was enjoyable and made me feel at home. I got a huge scare when my ipod shuffle robotically proclaimed “Battery running low”. You see listening to music isn’t vital but its sure helps when struggling some 3 hours into a race. As God made Hanukkah candles burn for 8 days straight, my ipod never died and worked till the end! 

Highlight of the race and huge motivation was seeing a guy with one leg running the full marathon with us. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! I loved the support the people of Milan showed us along the route. It’s no Boston but it exceeded my expectations. A big thumbs up goes to the volunteers who helped along the way. If you’re feeling down, go volunteer at a marathon you’ll get great vibes.

A photo posted by Marc (@mjb1824) on Apr 12, 2015 at 3:10am PDT

I even had time to take a Selfie at Mile 14 in front of San Siro Stadium

My legs were feeling good and my breathing was fine, my pace was on track and before I knew it I was at the half point mark. The real race starts now, I thought to myself, but my race almost ended 3 miles later. The IT Band injury I had been fighting with in training came to haunt me once again. The excruciating pain on the outside of my knee had me stop and almost give up. I knew the pain so very well but I also knew what to do to make it stop. I took my time, stretched for 5/10 minutes before starting back up and testing the leg. As in training the pain subsided and I was free and ready to start crushing the pavement once again. 

Today is perfect to talk running as the Boston Marathon is underway. My thoughts and prayers are with the runners the fans and the students who are set to have a great experience. Countless Kegs and Eggs #MarathonMonday memories come up when thinking of this magical moment. Shoutout to Phil Straessle doing his first 26.2! 

The 3rd and last part of my marathon blog will be posted soon so stay tuned or follow me! 

runblrs awesome at boston


Chilly and brisk, 40+ mph wind gusts, made a workout out of what was supposed to be a 12 mile easy recovery run - though, I’m sure, nothing like the conditions out on the Boston Marathon course yesterday, brisk head winds and cold rain adding to the normal bag of obstacles facing marathoners struggling through the ‘wall’ and 'Heartbreak.’  You guys are awesome, from those with huge PR’s/perfect pace to those fell short of time goals.  Days like yesterday are 'effort’ days rather than 'time’ days.  Congrats to all!

For me, must’ve caught some kind of a bug over the weekend, felt weak during Sunday’s 5k and feeling under the weather yesterday, so rested.  Came back out today for 12 miles that didn’t feel good at all.  Filled back up with a good dinner and planning a restful evening, then back at it tomorrow.  Looking at a Half a week from this Saturday.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to witness the Boston Marathon in person. To make things even better we got GREAT spots to watch all the athletes (the last .2 before the finish line!) Meaning I got to see Shalane Flanagan, my favorite elite, finish the marathon. I was so close and SO excited as I witnessed all the athletes have their final kick before the finish line. The comradery and support that filled the city yesterday was unmatched to anything I’ve ever felt and I can’t wait to watch again next year!