Krejci spent the bulk of his Bruins career with Lucic on his left side, and life without him has perhaps been more of an adjustment for Krejci than for anyone else on Boston’s roster.

But the area in which Krejci misses Lucic most isn’t necessarily on the ice.

“He’s a good friend of mine — we stay in touch,” Krejci said. “[We] text each other a lot. Obviously, we like to support each others’ careers; if he’s doing well or I’m doing well, we’ll text each other. So it’ll be really good to see him. It’s been a long time, so looking forward to that.

“In the hockey world, you kind of get used to guys coming in and out, but you just kind of hope that the friendship stays. Obviously, I miss him on the ice, but I like the team we have. The most, honestly, is kind of having him around in the dressing room and hanging out off the ice.”

And if playing against his former linemate means taking a couple of hits on Tuesday night, so be it.

“It’s alright; he’s got to do what he’s got to do,” Krejci said. “I’m going to go out there and play him as hard as all the other guys on the ice.”

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Denna Laing, a practice player for the Boston Pride, played in the women’s winter classic on December 31st and was injured falling into the boards. It looks like she suffered a severe spinal injury and has no feeling in her legs and limited movement in her arms. Keep her in your thoughts. The Laing family, NWHL, NHL, Boston Bruins, Montreal Canadiens and Kraft family have all released statements. You can read them here

A look at the playoff standings going into the All Star Break

After a crazy start to the year, the NHLnewsdesk news team will lay out the playoff picture going into the all star break. 

On the eastern side we have this:

As you can see, the top two teams in the atlantic are from states who don’t even have ice, (obvious foul play may be to blame) while detroit holds onto their tradition of making the playoffs so they can brag about their playoff record without actually doing anything in the playoffs. 

On the metro side we have the capitals running away with the eastern conference, making everybody else feel bad about themselves (what a dick move, Capitals). The Rangers, are right on their door step…15 points back and miles ahead of the third spot with a 3 point lead. 

The Wild card is the ECF matchup from a few years ago, which isn’t looking good for pittsburgh. but hockey in general isn’t looking good for pittsburgh. Boston on the other hand is doing better than expected this year, which is still pretty sad.

On the Western side we have:

Obviously in the central we see that Dallas has so much talent they’ve split into Dallas and Dallas two. Dallas two so far has played one more game than Dallas and has two more points thanks to it. Honestly i’m not sure how St Louis has a spot, kind of surprised to see that actually.

LA is managing to bully their way to the top of the pacific again, good for them, glad Lucic found his true calling. San Jose manages to be completely underwhelming again but also in a playoff spot. Arizona is just happy to be here.

In the wild card we have the Colorado Roy’s who would have a legit playoff spot if they were in the pacific, and the Nashville Irrelevant Country Singers are too excited for the all star game to worry about the playoffs right now.

NHL 2015-2016 Season Summed Up So Far
  • NHL:*Changes All-Star Format to a weird division separated 4-team bracket 3-on-3 extravaganza*
  • NHL:*Blames Alex Galchenyuk for drawing attention to himself for getting physically abused by his girlfriend*
  • NHL:*Allows the fans to vote for captains of each all-star team*
  • Fans:We want John Scott in the game
  • NHL:lol we don't want him in the game
  • NHL:*Tries to get a player the fans voted in kicked out by trading him to a minor league team in another country, causing him to abandon his wife in Arizona who was 7-months pregnant with twins*
  • Fans:Yo wtf bring him back
  • NHL:He'll ruin the integrity of the All-Star game
  • Fans:Who tf cares bring him back
  • NHL:lol jk we wanted him here the whole time
  • NHL:*Brings in celebrity musicians that only Nashville locals know of*
  • NHL:*has every challenge in the skills competition be sponsored by something*
  • NHL:*has Jerseys sponsored by "Liquid Gold" mac n' cheese*
  • NHL:*has the music "stars" be "celebrity coaches"*
  • Wife of Random Celebrity:Lol I give backrubs to the players that score xD so funny
  • NHL to John Scott before the All-Star game:Is this something your family would be proud of?
  • NHL:*partners up with MLB to fix a website that was never broken*
  • NHL:*introduces NHL.TV*
  • NHL.TV:*Crashes, has poor video quality, restricts videos to people outside of local zip codes*
  • Fans:wtf why isn't this working
  • NHL:lol sorry