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Tyler Seguin - Sensitive (Requested)

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A/N: Hey Anon hope you enjoy it! Don’t forget requests are open guys :)

Warnings: None

Word Count: 623

Request: Tyler Seguin where he’s teasing you about something in a flirty way?

You tried to hold back your tears, you really did but once the movie got a little sad you were in tears. 

“Babe, are you crying?” Tyler laughed from behind you. You had managed to convince him to spend his rainy day off watching movies with you. It was really relaxing and nice to just spend some down time with Tyler in the middle of the season but he had a knack for laughing at the fact that you were very sensitive.  
“I’m not crying; I just have something in my eye,” you said as you wiped away tears. You could feel Tyler’s body shaking behind you as he tried to hold back his laugh. He was sitting in the corner of the sectional in your living room with his legs stretched out. You were sitting between his legs with your back resting on his chest. Cash was resting at your feet while Marshal with laying on the other section of the couch. 

“Baby you are one of the most sensitive people I have ever met,” he said as he kissed the top of your head. It was true, you were particularly sensitive and cried at some point during most movies. You couldn’t help that your heart went out to the characters in difficult situations. 

“It’s not my fault I have a big heart and you have a small one” you pouted.

“I don’t need a heart, you have enough for the both of us” he answered quickly.

"And apparently you got to take all the humor to replace your heart,” you said sarcastically.

“Yeah and you have all the beauty,” he said sincerely. 

“So smooth Mr. Seguin” you smiled and turned to kiss him. 

“That’s my middle name, Tyler Smooth Seguin” he answered while wiggling his eyebrows. You laughed and tried to get up but Tyler’s strong arms wrapped around your waist and kept you glued to him. “Where do you think you’re going my little crybaby?” he said as he buried his head in your hair. 

“To get a snack and change the movie, since you laughed at me I’m forcing you to watch The Notebook. I’d like to see you get through that movie without shedding a tear” you said, finally getting Tyler to release you. You went over to the kitchen a pulled a couple snacks out of the pantry. When you got back to the living room Tyler was playing around on the floor with Cash. 

“I think we need a movie break,” he said as he played fight with Cash.

“Oh no mister you’re not getting out of this one,” you said putting the snacks on the coffee table. You grabbed a bottle of water and some popcorn and crawled onto the couch.  

Tyler laughed as he came to join you. You were stretched out with your legs resting on Tyler’s, his hands resting on your thighs. 

“No funny business, you’re watching this movie,” you said as you eyed him. He had a childish grin on his face and put his hands up in mock surrender.  

“Alright, fine miss bossy pants. I’m promising you that I won’t cry, you’ll probably cry but I’m a big tough hockey player” he said with a big smile.
It took about 1 hour and twenty minutes plus Ryan Gosling have a freak-out to get Tyler’s sensitive side out. You watched his face closely as a particularly sad scene played on the screen and you saw one lonely tear escape Tyler’s eye and roll down his cheek. 

“Looks like you have a little more heart than you thought you did,” you said softly as you leaned forward to wiped the tear away. 

“Yeah well whatever heart I do have just know it’s all for you”

Guilty (post HTTYD 2)

@graciekeeper99I had the idea of Astrid being told by someone that it was her fault that Stoick died and Valkas home was destroyed and she starts freaking out and avoiding Hiccup who doesnt blame her at all even after she tells him. Please and thank you

Fair warning, I’ve never done a prompt before. (FFnet version)

(Another part of my “writing when I really should be studying” saga)

Enjoy! :)

Astrid used her hand to shield her eyes from the sun reflecting in the ice that still covered a good part of Berk. Two weeks after Drago Bludvist’s attack, a lot had yet to be done. It would take Berk a long time to fix what he and his Bewilderbeast had destroyed. And she didn’t mean only the village.

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New Religion

Pairing: Josh x Reader

Song Imagine: New Religion by The Heydaze


I’m watching you dancing in the kitchen

I could call you my new religion

You’re waking me up in the morning

Josh’s POV

Being with (Y/N) was probably the easiest thing I’ve ever done. It was like a walk in the park. Nothing was ever forced and the love came naturally. She recently moved in and I think that was the best decision I’ve ever made: to ask her.

It’s been about a month since she moved in. Most of her stuff is unpacked but, man does she have a lot.

My favorite part is when I wake up next to her and she’s still sleeping. I see her in her most vulnerable state: mouth open, small snores leaving her mouth, eyes closed with her long eyelashes brushing her cheeks. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

We plan to leave for Columbus soon for the Tour De Columbus. This will be the first time she’s met my family. I’m very excited to show her off. I want them to see what I see: a strong and breathtakingly beautiful woman who’s capable of doing anything she puts her mind to. She’s told me numerous times she’s nervous; I tell her they’ll love her almost as much as I do and she always giggles at that.

One of these days I’m going to ask her to marry me. I walked in on her making breakfast once. She was listening to her Spotify playlist and dancing to random songs I didn’t know. She’s got a weird taste in music but, I love her anyways.

I always find myself wanting to protect her. Last month some fans were saying some rude things and she let it get to her. She always assures me that nothing is wrong. I knew she was lying when she didn’t stop me when I asked if I could borrow one of her things. She always says something sassy when I ask. That’s how I know something is wrong: when she isn’t sassy. So, I laid in bed with her all night and kept telling her how beautiful she was. She kept denying it at first but when she realized I was going to interrupt her every time, she stopped. We just cuddled that night until we fell asleep. She felt a lot better the next morning and that was what I was hoping for.

(Y/N)’s POV

Today has been a good day. I woke up early and made Josh pancakes. He loves my pancakes. I wanted to give them to him in bed but he woke up before I could do that. I wasn’t angry though, I could never be angry at that cute face.

When he walked into the kitchen, I walked over and placed a small kiss on his lips. “How’d you sleep hun?”

“Great, since I slept next to you.” I giggled and hit his chest.

“Stop being cheesy it’s too early for that.” To prove my point, Josh yawned while releasing a small laugh. He wrapped his arms around my waist and placed his head in the crook of my neck.

“Fine bossy pants. You’re lucky I love you.” He said, his voice muffled. I giggled at the sensation and pushed him to the table for him to eat.

“What do you want to do today?” I asked as we finished breakfast. He gave me a quizzical look before smirking. I cocked my head my face scrunched in confusion.

“Let’s invite Tyler and Jenna over and have a water ballon fight in the backyard.” My eyes went wide and i let out a gasp.

“Oh my god, yes! Josh that’s such a good idea! Let me go call Jenna and make sure we can do it. I’ll be right back!” I ran into our room and grabbed my phone, quickly hitting Jenna’s name in my contacts.

“Hello?” She asked in a groggy morning voice.

“It’s time to get up sleepy head. You and Ty are gonna come over and we’re all gonna have a water balloon fight. You can’t say no. Be here in an hour and a half or I’m coming there and getting you.” I hear her groan before mumbling an “okay” and I hang up and run downstairs.

“They’re coming in a little bit Josh!”

“Did you give them a choice or did you force them?” He laughs as he’s washing our plates.

“That’s not important. They’re coming over so I’m going to get ready.” I kiss him on the cheek before heading upstairs.

Josh’s POV

That day was probably the most fun I’d ever had. (Y/N) and Jenna teamed up but Tyler and I won since we knew the best way to get them. We knew their weaknesses. They were close to winning but we won. We have bragging rights now.

Eventually, (Y/N) met my family. They love her just as much as I do. I hate to admit that but, she’s just too great not to love. I knew the moment I met her that I was in love with her. All I had to do was get her to fall in love with me. She likes to tell me she fell in love with me the first time we met too but I doubt it. I always tell her I love her more and that normally ends in a tickle fight that I win. I clearly love her more. No questions about that. I plan on asking her to marry me in a few days. It’ll be our 2 year anniversary and I want to make it special. What other way than to ask her to be mine forever? I just hope she says yes.

drabble series: monsta x | mistress bossy pants

title: mistress bossy pants
fandom: monsta x
member/reader: minhyuk, female
genre/warning(s): smut, pegging, sub!minhyuk (or rather switch!minhyuk)
summary: in which (i got this from a prompt bank and i can’t remember where now) minhyuk burns breakfast, insults you, and gets what he deserves, the little shit

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Well This Is Awkward (Part 2)


 Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader (platonic)
 Hi! Could you do an imagine where the reader has to share a bed with Steve and Bucky on a mission for whatever reason? :)
Warnings: None
Notes: Part 1. Thank you all for your requests before, i’m getting through them as fast as i can :) Part 3 coming soon!

“Right well, we have no food and no clean clothes.” You muttered as you searched through the cabins cupboards “Can either of you hunt by any chance?” You asked with a hopeful look on your face. “I can.” Bucky mumbled from the doorway. “Do you think you could find us something to eat James?” You asked placing a hand on your stomach. Nodding he strode out of the door and into the forest. Sighing you sat down on the bare wood floor and pulled your knees up to your chest. “Y/N? Can I ask you something?” Steve asked sitting down next to you. “Sure Steve, what’s up?” You mumbled placing your head on his shoulder. “Why do you always call Bucky, James?” He whispered wrapping his arm around you. “Oh” You muttered, “I guess I never really thought about it, I can stop if he doesn’t want me calling him that.” You whispered. “No no, It’s just that you’re the only one he lets get away with it, I mean people used to all the time when we were younger and he always had something to say about it, I just don’t get it is all.” He said placing a kiss on the top of your head. “Well okay then.” You smiled and pushed yourself up from the floor. ‘Do you think you could start a fire Steve?” You asked rubbing your hands up and down your arms. “Geez can you do anything yourself?” He chuckled with a wink. Jabbing him in the side you leant against the kitchen side. “Oh yeah, I found this.” Cap said throwing a large t-shirt at you “It’s a bit big but better than your ripped suit.” Giving you a small smile. “Thanks.” You mumbled heading to the bathroom to change.

 As you unzipped the cat suit and pushed it down your shoulders you felt a presence behind you. “Oh shit sorry Y/N.” Bucky gushed spinning around with his arms covering his eyes. “It’s okay James.” You blushed as you pulled the shirt of your head and stripped the rest of your uniform. “You can turn around now.” You said placing a hand on his shoulder. As he turned your hand remained on his shoulder and his human hand landed on your hip. Looking up at his face you saw a small upturn in is lips. “I like when you call me James” He whispered leaning his forehead on yours. Swallowing you got lost in his blue eyes that sparkled under the cabin lights. “Guys, I need help with the food.” You heard Steve call out. Snapping out of your daze you placed a hand on Bucky’s chest, leant up and kissed him on the cheek before heading into the main room. “What do you need help with now old man?” You said with a wink towards Steve, “Ha ha, very funny kid, Buck couldn’t find anything out there but I found a can of bean’s at the back of this cupboard.” He said holding up the can “But no can opener.” He sighed in defeat. “Weakling.” Bucky joked as he grabbed the tin and jimmied the lid of. “See not that hard ey Punk,” He said with a smirk. “Shut up Jerk.” Steve smiled back. It was nice seeing the boys like this; you never really got to see this side of Bucky. “Boys stop bickering and cook.” You joked pointing at the stove. “Wow look at little miss bossy pants over here!” Bucky smirked wrapping an arm around your shoulders. “Yeah Y/N, you need to respect your elders.” Steve winked. Sighing you grabbed the beans from Bucky’s hand and poured them in a pan to cook. “See not hard.” You giggled as you flopped down on the bed. “So boys, who’s sleeping where?” You asked with a quirked eyebrow.

 Hours later you’d all eaten and joked around the fire. Yawning, you stretched your arms out and stood up. “Goodnight boys.” You said kissing Bucky on the temple and ruffling Steve’s hair. Retiring to the bed, you wrapped yourself in the blankets and closed your eyes. “So James” Steve chuckled “You and Y/N?” He said wiggling his eyebrows. “Shut up Punk, I like her, she’s nice.” Bucky replied running his hands down his face. “Then you need to tell her, Y/N doesn’t like being messed around.” Steve said clapping Bucky on the shoulder. “But what if she doesn’t feel the same, I feel like I only just got her in my life, I can’t lose her already.” He replied sighing. “That’s just a risk your gonna have to take.” Steve smiled “Anyway we should be heading to bed, we’re gonna have to work out a way to get home tomorrow.” Steve sighed and pulled Bucky up. “Yeah your right.” Bucky gulped. You felt the bed dip and smelt the distinguishing smell that was Bucky. You could feel how stiff he felt lying next to you. The bed then dipped on the other side of you as Steve got in. “Well this is awkward.” He whispered, earning a chuckle from Bucky.

Build Up (Young Derek)

THIS WAS REQUESTED my masterlist is ready to go here. If you want something written you can request it right here!

Warnings: Build up to implied smut and implied smut

Request: Can you do one where your stiles little sister and when Derek is turned young he hits on you. A lot. And he comes into your room during the night … You end it😘 love you bupy

“Wait.” You said, pointing a finger at the young boy standing beside Scott and Stiles.

“You’re telling me, that this kid is Derek? As in grumpy bossy-pants Derek?” you ask, your eyebrows raised as Stiles and Scott exchanged a look. “yeah. That Derek.” Stiles said with a nod. “Derek, this is my sister, Y/N.” You put your hand out for a handshake, but he took your hand and pressed it softly to his lips. “My pleasure.” He said, looking up at you  through thick eye lashes as a blush spread through your cheeks. “Alright.” Stiles said, pulling Derek away from you. “I think we need some ground rules.”

After 10 minutes of the rules being explained (an emphasis on rule number 3 “NO FLIRTING WITH MY SISTER", number 8 which was “NO GOING INTO MY SISTER’S ROOM” and summed up by number 17 “DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT DOING ANYTHING WITH HER.”) You called it a night early on, wanting to escape the impending hours of extensive research about getting Derek back into his adult form.

You could still hear consistent chatter and the occasional thump of a heavy book being moved. You continued to get ready for bed, pausing momentarily when you heard the front door click open and shut, hearing Stiles’ jeep starting in the driveway.

You walk out of your en suite, stifling a yawn that emerged from your minty lips, the fresh smell of toothpaste still lingering. You leaned over, pulling back your duvet when you heard a light gasp. You turned around to see Derek standing in the doorway of your room, un-bashfully staring at the area uncovered as you leant over. “Hey Derek.” You say, turning to face him, a small smile on his lips.

“Hi Y/N. Your brother and Scott went to go get dinner and I thought I should check on you.” He said, his eyes scanning your body, clad in your short pyjamas. “How many of my brother’s rules do you plan on breaking tonight?” You ask, stepping closer to Derek so that your chests almost touched. He looked down at you “All of them.” With that he moved forward, yours lips moving forwards to met his.

Derek broke a lot of rules tonight, with emphasis on rule number 17…

A/N: I’m going to try to get 8 hours of sleep tonight but I’m not sure how that will work out. Anyways, I hope you like it! Have an amazing day/night xx

anonymous asked:

I love the fourth grade au. Are there any other moments among the boys. Is key the only one making a big deal out of it?

the boys almost always hang out together at kibum’s house. they have sleepovers pretty often, and kibum’s mom often lets them make cookie dough (without the eggs) and lets them eat it in the living room while watching movies.

jinki always wants to watch a star wars movie, jonghyun likes anime movies, key always insists on disney, minho wants to watch sports movies, and taemin just wants to watch horror or studio ghibli movies. they take turns in picking movies, but somehow key almost always gets his way even if it’s not his turn to pick. he says it’s called “home advantage.” taemin just thinks he’s a bit of a bossy pants.

also, when they all find out that taemin’s mom is dead, they don’t really say anything about it, but kibum says something along the lines of, “you know you can always borrow my mom whenever you need a mom. she’s real great at being a mom, you know.”

“thanks” taemin mumbles.

but they really do all become best friends, and taemin really appreciates that kibum said he would share his mom with him.

“my mom had me on her own, you know,” kibum says one day at lunch. “she decided she wanted a baby and didn’t wanna wait around for some guy to have one, so she went to the baby bank and got pregnant all on her own.”

“i think you mean a sperm bank,” jonghyun says in a snotty voice. “unless you’re adopted.”

“i’m not adopted!” kibum says. “my mom had me all on her own!”

“then you came from a sperm bank,” jonghyun says. 

you’re a sperm bank,” kibum shoots back, throwing a carrot stick at him.

the others all just laugh and try to dodge the carrots kibum throws at them. 

The 100 - Dating Jasper Jordan

Could you please write about what it would be like to go out with Jasper pwetty please <3


Dating Jasper Jordan would include:

- him being a complete weirdo at all times but not being ashamed of it.

  - you two getting caught up in a major prank war 

- you running off with his beloved goggles

- him pretending to be mad with you but failing completely 

- him calling you “sweetie”, “cutie pie” and “miss bossy pants”

- being really good friends with Monty 

- keeping Jasper calm in Mount Weather 

- lots of hand holding 

- cuddles at night time

- back rubs whenever you got particularly stressed out

- really cute sex because he doesn’t want to hurt you 

- him showing you off as much as possible

- hickys to warn off any other boys who have their eyes on you.


 AN: hey thank you for the request for this. I really like doing these so I may do a couple more that aren’t requested :3


what do we make of this?

~Earl~ Ciel Phantomhive (Black Butler): quiet, commanding

~King~ Byron Wagner (Midnight Cinderella/Cybird games): quiet, commanding

This similarity was more based on looks than personality, but the rest are personality instead of looks.

~Demon Butler~ Sebastian Michaelis: Loves cats, is a cocky lil shit, has a way with words and manages to charm everyone around him, very determined, bossy-pants

~Tutor~ Giles Christophe: HAS a cat, cocky lil shit, charms everyone, determined and bossy af

~Gardener~ Finnian/Finny: adorable lil shit, cheerful af, SO sweet, accessorizes (hair pins), abnormally talented

~Servant (spoiler- Secret Knight of Stein)~ Nico Meier: adorable lil shit, cheerful af, sweet, accessorizes (lucky earring), abnormally talented

If you want me to find the rest of the characters’ parallels, let me know but it’s 5:40am and I’m running on no sleep and currently working technically so this post is done lol

Fitter, Faster, Yada Yada Yada

Summary: You enlist your best friend Sam’s help to get fitter and healthier. Dean gets the wrong idea.

Words: 1,968

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Some body confidence issues, but a positive message

Your name: submit What is this?

You were running out of breath. Every bit of air that you managed to heave into your body was stuttered and broken, your legs were burning and your eyes were stinging with tears of exhaustion.

Dean had told you to get out of there, run to the car and not look back, that he would cover you if anything came after you.

It must have only been about a kilometre from the warehouse to the impala, but you had been sprinting the entire way, and you thanked the ever absent God that you could finally see the car at the end of the street.

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Rhythm of my Heart - Brett Talbot Imagine

Rhythm of my Heart – TW Imagine

Prompt: You go to a dance school, along with one of the most popular boys Brett. You were practicing your solo for a school competition. You and Brett were competitive against each other, but eventually your feelings towards Brett develop.

A/N: Definitely going to be a part 2 uploaded! I’m actually pretty proud of this piece, and I hope you guys like it as much as I do! Please please please send me feedback about what you think about this Imagine, your thoughts keep me writing more!

Pairing: Brett x Reader

Word Count: 1483

Originally posted by iheartswagdouble

Your POV

“Come on Y/N, you can do this!” You tried to encourage yourself, but it wasn’t helping much. You sat on the ground, having another stretch. You reached out to your foot, stretching your back and leg. You got back up and played your song on the iPhone audio speaker. ‘I Can’t Feel My Face.” From the Weeknd was playing. It was an upbeat remix of the original, which was great because you needed to work on your pop dance routine. You worked with a group that praised you as their ‘captain’, voting that you should take the solo. You danced, incorporating moves that matched with the beat. “One, two, three, four..” You swung your arms back, moving your feet front. You were proud of your choreography so far, but there was one part you wanted to include that required another person. You just couldn’t get it right, you tried to do the move by yourself, but that plan flunked. You didn’t want to change the routine, but you wanted to include that dance. You sighed, fingers ran through your hair. It was dark, but you had all access to the dance studio after 6. There was only little time until the competition that your team was competing for started. You were a proud representative of Beacon Prep Dance Academy. It was a 5 star school located in between the two schools, Beacon Hills and Devenford Prep. You were home schooled, so you were able to attend Beacon Prep more often than the others. You were the type of student that would work hard for what they deserved and wanted. You had your mind set on the prize, a scholarship to your preferred college if you won best solo or duo dance. If your whole team won, that would mean performing on ‘So You Think You Can Dance.” You were glad you were getting far in your dreams, becoming famous and attending the best performing arts college in America. You decided to dance the routine so far one last time before heading out. You were determined to make the dance right.

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CEO!Luke Part 5

Y/N’s POV:

The sun shines brightly through my windows hitting my eyes. I slowly open my eyes seeing that I’m not in my room. I’m not in my bed. I’m not in my clothes. Where the hell am I? I start to panic as I lift my body up only being pulled back down by the pain in my head. I groan loudly. “Hey it’s okay Y/N you’re okay” a voice says to me. “Mr. Hemming’s!?” I say trying to cover myself up with the comforters of the bed. “What are you doing here? Where am I? Why aren’t I in a hospital? I panic. “Shhh Y/N relax please” he says coming over to sit on the side of the bed. “To answer your questions, you aren’t in a hospital because you don’t have a concussion. Clara insisted on having you stay at her place but I couldn’t let that happen because last night was all my fault and you got hurt because of me. I didn’t know that April was going to come at you like that. I’m so sorry Y/N” he says tearing up. “Luke” you say sitting up facing him. “Hey please don’t cry. It’s okay. I’m okay. I’m not dead aha” I chuckle. “Y/N she smashed your head against the wall three times and splashed hot coffee all over you. How aren’t angry?” he asks. “Honestly I feel like I should be but I’m not I don’t know why” I say. “Shouldn’t we get to work now?” I ask pulling the covers off of me. “Whoa whoa no love you are staying here in bed..all day” he chuckles putting the covers over me again. “Why? You have a full day of-” I was cut off by him. “I cancelled all my meetings today” he says handing me two advils and some orange juice. “Thank you” I say popping the pills into my mouth and washing them down. For some reason, I feel oddly comfortable here in Luke’s apartment, well penthouse. One of those. It’s very nice just like his office. His bed is huge! I smirk to myself. If only Clara was here she would understand. “Why are you smirking like that” Luke asks. “Me? Oh nothing. Just trying to get my mind around last night I guess” I say. Lie. Well no true but still a lie. “Again Y/N I’m so sorry. I won’t let anything bad happen to you again I promise” he says looking at me sadly. “Luke stop it’s fine I’m a big girl I can handle a little cat fight” I chuckle. I decide to ask the ultimate question when silence took over the room.

“Who was she?” I ask looking at him innocently. He sighs and sits down again on the edge of the bed. “April was a girl I met at a business party. Um she approached me and we danced and talked like normal people. We drank a little too much that night and next thing I know we are in a hotel bed. I don’t think that either one of us wanted anything official but-” I cut him off. “So basically you were fuck buddies” I say. “Yes basically. She would visit me on some work nights and yeah” he coughed embarrassed. “Did she want your money?” I ask. “Probably” he laughed. “Is there anything else you would like to know?” he sighed looking at me. “Were there others?” I ask. Shit I probably shouldn’t have asked that. “Yes, there were two others but that ended long before April came along” he said truthfully. Oh wow. I honestly didn’t know that he would tell me. “I see” I say placing my cup on the bedside table. He smiles and asks “would you like some breakfast?”. “Yes please I’m starving” I say getting up only being pulled down again. “Love what did I just say a few minutes ago” he asks. I like this new nickname he has for me. It gives me butterflies. I shouldn’t feel this. No. I can’t. This is way too unprofessional. I rush getting up trying to find my clothes but instead my stomach wants me to go somewhere. The toilet. “Luke where’s your bathroom?” I call to him loudly in panic. “Down the hall to the left” he says. I run down the hall and literally fall on my knee hurling yesterday’s lunch into the shiny white bowl. I hear Luke run down and grab my hair holding it back for me as I continue throwing up my insides. “That’s it love you’re okay” he rubs my back gently. I lean back and he gives me a cleansing wipe for my mouth. “Luke I just puked in your really nice fancy toilet, I’m so sorry” I say. “Y/N that is what a toilet is for” he laughs loudly at me. “Yeah but still do people even use this bathroom?” I ask trying to stand up. Luke holds onto me as he guides me back to his bed. “Only I do but I have cleaners come in every week to tidy up” he says. “That is why it’s nice and spotless” he adds on tucking me in. “Why are you being so nice to me?” I ask. “Because I have this need to Y/N I hope you can understand. Last night was a nightmare for me to watch. A woman should never be treated like that by anyone” he says. I know he is being serious by the look in his eye and the way his body tensed up. “I understand” I say. He smiles heading back to the kitchen leaving me to watch some TV.

He comes back in with some toast on a napkin and hands it to me. “I didn’t wanna make you something that would make you sick again” he says. “Oh no this is great thank you so much” I say sitting up and biting into my breakfast. “Hey I have to go and run some errands. Are you okay staying here by yourself?” he asks. “Oh yeah I’m fine” I say snuggling back into the bed. He smirks “Okay cool I won’t be long” he says grabbing his keys. “Bye!” I say. “Bye Y/N” he laughs closing the door. I look around the room but then an idea pops into my mind. I search for my phone. Thank god my purse was here. I took out my personal phone and call Clara. “Y/N! You’re alive! Thank goodness! How are you? Where are you?” she asks. “Slow down Clara I’m fine. I’m at Luke’s apartment. “I know what a prick! I wanted you to stay at mine but no Mr. Bossy pants had to take you” she complains. “Aw I know he told me. I would have went with you if I didn’t faint” I say. “Thanks babe. Anyway how are you feeling?” she asks. “I’m feeling better. I puked up my insides and ate some toast so yeah” I say. “Yuck!” she says. “I know but you will not believe what Luke told me” I say. “What did he tell you!?” she yells excitedly. “I asked him about April and he told me the truth about her and even the other two women!” I say getting up to use the bathroom. “Wow really? I wouldn’t expect him to tell the truth” she says. “Me neither but he did and I was surprised myself. He said to me that watching last night was a nightmare for him and that he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to me again” I say as I squat down to use the toilet. “Whoa Mr. Bossy pants more like Mr. Protect Y/N at all costs because my mistress went ape shit on her pants” she says. I laugh loudly at her comment. “You’re ridiculous Clara you know that?” I chuckle. “Thanks babe you’re not so bad yourself” she chuckles. “Are you peeing?”  she adds on. “Uh maybe” I laugh. “Ew Y/N, couldn’t you have waited till after calling me?” she says. “Nope sorry I drank some much orange juice this morning I needed to release my bladder” I say pulling up the shorts I was wearing. “Weirdo. Anyway where’s Luke?” she asks. “He went to go run some errands” I respond. “He left you in his penthouse alone?” she asks. So it is a penthouse! I’m not surprised though it’s gorgeous. “Yeah I guess he trusts me that much. Ugh I really need to brush my teeth” I groan. “He probably has an extra spare somewhere I bet” Clara says. I look around and see a drawer under the sink and pull it out. “Mother of god!” I say loudly. “What, what is it!?” Clara asks. “His drawer is full of condoms Clara and not just normal one’s, big magnum ones! I say cupping my hand over my mouth holding in my laughter. “Oh my Mr. Bossy pants likes to be prepared I guess” she laughs. “More like protected” I say.

I hear the door start to shake. “Oh shit he’s back I gotta go Clara. I’ll text you!” I whisper. “Okay sounds good!” she says back hanging up. I flushed the toilet because I accidentally forgot so I don’t need to pretend. I walk back out and see Luke holding grocery bags. “There you are, I thought you escaped” he chuckled. “Nope I just had to use the restroom that’s all” I smile back climbing back into his bed. “Everything okay?” he asks. “Oh yeah all good here” I respond. “Great, I bought you some Tums for your stomach and more Advil for that head of yours” he says sweetly. “Thank you so much Luke but you really didn’t have to do that” I say. “No Y/N stop. Let me take care of you. I let this happen it’s my fault please” he says staring at me frustrated. Okay is all I say because I don’t wanna frustrate him anymore. He went out of his way to cancel his meetings all day to make you toast and to buy you medicine. Be grateful I tell myself. I cuddle into the bed more as I watch some TV while Luke puts away his groceries. “Mind if I join you? Luke asks a couple minutes later smiling. “Well this is your bed” I chuckle. “I meant the TV Y/N” he grins sitting down on a chair. I mentally smack myself in the face ten times. Why do I keep saying stupid stuff!? “Oh aha” was all I could say. Getting into the show Luke and I were watching. I noticed again that I’m not in my clothes. I was in a large grey t-shirt with dark blue boxers. They must be Luke’s. The question is how did they get on my body? “Uh Luke?” I ask shyly. “Yeah what’s up” he looks at me. “What am I wearing?” I ask. “Y/N you had coffee all over you. I couldn’t let you sleep in your pant suit. So I gave you some of my clothes” he says calmly. “And how did I get into these clothes exactly?” I ask slowly. Luke stares at my body. “I put them on you” he says plainly biting into his egg sandwich. I’m not letting him off so easily. “So you took off my other clothes and put yours on me” I ask. “Uhh yes I did Y/N” he said plainly again. “So you’re basically saying that you saw my naked body?” I state. Luke looks at me. “Y/N I can do many things and replacing clothes on someone is one of them. Yes I took off your clothes but I did not see anything so stop worrying” he says turning back to the TV. I give up. He probably didn’t see anything.I slouch back into bed deciding to take a nap.

A few hours later..

I toss and turn around in Luke’s bed. I couldn’t fall asleep and I needed to use the bathroom badly so I got up looking at the alarm clock that reads 1:18 am. I must have slept for a good amount of time. I notice Luke wasn’t in his bed or on the couch so I got kind of scared. I found my way through the darkness to the bathroom and used the toilet. I decide to splash some cool water on my face because I was feeling warm. I see the Advil pill bottle in the corner of the sink. My head still feels odd so I take two pills to prevent more pain. Taking a deep breath I look in the mirror at myself. Bags under my eyes, hair everywhere, slightly-chapped lips. I’m a mess but it’s the middle of the night so I can understand. I unlock the door, shutting the light off in the bathroom as I try to head back to bed. I hated the dark ever since I was little and I still hate it. Even more now. I choose to run a little bit before I shit my pants. Swiftly moving down the hall I almost make it but a body figure comes out of a different room and stops me. I run into this figure and scream falling over. Two large arms catch me. “Y/N Y/N shh it’s just me” Luke says trying to calm me down. He rubs my back as my head lays on his bare chest. “I thought you were a robber trying to kill me” I say breathing heavy. “No just me” he chuckles softly still rubbing my back. I noticed that Luke is wearing nothing but Calvin Klein boxers. I gulp at the site. The moonlight reflecting on his body. He helps me back up guiding me back to bed. “Where did you go?” I ask. “I couldn’t sleep so I went into my home office to respond to some emails since I..or we didn’t attend work today” he says tucking me in. “Luke you should really sleep. You’re gonna have meetings tomorrow, you don’t wanna be drained you know?” I ask. He stays silent for a few taking in my words. “You’re right Y/N. Get some rest now okay? he says. I nod getting comfy in the sheets. Luke sets up a tiny bed for himself on the couch and lays down falling asleep immediately. I knew he needed some sleep but so do I. Turning over I close my eyes and let my body drift off into a deep sleep.

The Next Morning..

The smell of bacon woke me up as I looked at the clock that read 8:45 am. I wonder off into the kitchen to find Luke still in his underwear making bacon and eggs. God now this is a view I wanna wake up to every day. His broad shoulder move slowly as his back muscle contract against each other leading down to his cute ass. I smirk to myself but there was more. Following his cute ass was his muscular thighs and legs that make you wanna climb him like a tree. I wouldn’t mind being his Koala for a day if that makes sense. Ahh I make myself laugh.  I yawned making him turn around. “Morning sunshine” Luke smiles. God these nicknames. Yesterday felt like Luke and I have known each other for years but that isn’t the truth. It’s not okay for a boss to call his assistant LOVE OR SUNSHINE. “Luke, you’re my boss. Why do you keep calling me these pet names?” I ask. His smile fades as he turns off the stove. “Look Y/N, I don’t know about you but yesterday made me realize how much I like you” he says. I feel the same way. “I know we met literally three days ago but so much as happened” he says. I knew he was referring to the incident with April. “I know I am your boss Y/N but I’m not going to treat you like a dog. Yes you get me my coffee and papers ready for me which I greatly appreciate by the way, but you’re not my slave. To me personally, you aren’t Mr. Hemming’s assistant, you’re Y/N Y/L/N, okay? I don’t say anything because he took my breath away. “Thank you” I smile softly. “No problem, now eat up!” he laughs. After we ate, Luke walked off and came back with my clothes from the other day all cleaned up. “I got these cleaned up for you” Luke said handing me my white pant suit. “Aw thank you so much” I chuckle. Luke smiles at me. “You can get changed in the bathroom. I also bought you a toothbrush and all those girly items you may need” he says. “I will be right back, I have to change myself” he chuckles realizing that he is still half naked. I walk to the bathroom and noticed the counter covered in toiletries like deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, makeup, Sephora makeup. Wow he knows well.

After getting dressed and applying my last bit of mascara on my lashes I look into the mirror again. No bags under my eyes, no ruffled hair, no chapped lips. I am not a mess today. Today I will be back to normal at the office. Luke knocks on the door gently. “Y/N you ready to go?” he asks. “Yeah” I say pulling open the door. God he looks beautiful. Luke went with a grey suit today with a plain black tie. Simple but he looks great. “You look wonderful and ready for the day Y/N” he smiles. “You don’t look bad yourself Mr. Hemming’s” I chuckle walking past him. His eyes following down my body as he walks behind me. “You have everything you need?” Luke asks. “Yes” I smile waiting for him at the door. We both walk down to his garage that contains two cars. One a black corvette and the other a grey R8 super car. Yes the one in 50 Shades of Grey. I chuckle to myself. “Wow” I say. “They’re nice aren’t they?” he asks walking over to his corvette. “Very nice” I say following him. He opens the door for me. “Thank you” I say. Luke nods and smiles. “That beauty over there will be used for a special occasion later on this month” he says climbing in the drivers seat. “A special occasion?” I ask. “Yes ma'am” he chuckles putting on his seat belt and poking the garage door button. We pull out and head to work.

“Y/N!” Clara shouts running towards me giving me a hug! “Hey!” I laugh hugging her. Luke smiles at us and puts his hand on my lower back and whispers in my ear “I’ll be in my office”. “Okay” I whisper back watching him stroll towards the elevator. “Did Mr. Pussy-Magnet have to use his condom drawer last night?” she asked leaning in. “No!” I smack her laughing kinda loudly. “Come on let’s go get some coffee” I say.

3 Hours Later..

After getting coffee with Clara, we both drifted to our separate jobs. Luke has been in meetings since 11:00 am and it’s now 2:00 in the afternoon. Luke has been in his office for a couple hours by now.  I’m typing up Luke’s schedule for the next couple of weeks. My work phone vibrates against my desk notifying me that I have received a text. Taking a sip of my coffee, I grab my phone and read the screen.

Come into my office. I have some things I’d like to show you.  ;)  -Mr. H

Hey guys so that was Part 5 of CEO!Luke. This part was kinda mellow but I wanted to focus more on Y/N and Luke’s relationship and how they interact with each other. I hope you enjoy this part because there’s much more to come ;)

arranged marriage kawoshins

For the anon who asked for an arranged marriage AU: an alternate universe where this time, Karl gets to playground marry Shaun, and Shaun is kind of a bridezilla. Part two of the fics I had written for shinkawo day.

“Well obviously, neither of us want to marry you,” Touji told Asuka. Behind him, Kensuke nodded vigorously. “You’re too mean.”

“Good, cause I don’t wanna marry you either.”

“Yeah! And neither do I,” said Hikari, adjusting her stance to match Asuka’s.

This was going nowhere.

“Obviously,” said Asuka, officially stepping into the metaphorical Bossy Pants (+5 authority, +5 negotiation), we have to select a neutral third party from each of our friend groups as a representative. I nominate Stupid Shinji.”

“Oh, that’s a little harsh,” giggled Hikari. “But I guess if he can put up with being friends with you, he can put up with anything.”

“Shut up.”

“Fight with them, not with me.”

“I thought the whole point of this was that we decided not to fight anymore,” Kensuke said nervously. “Touji’s parents are gonna be really mad if you egg their house again.”

“Yeah, that was a good time,” Asuka said in a dreamy voice. She moved that particular memory to the forefront of her mental “things that need attention” pile so as to admire it in greater detail later. “Anyway, who are you gonna pick?”

“Ummm, we could ask Ayanami? She gets along with Shinji pretty well.” Kensuke suggested, glancing up at Touji for approval.

“Nah, she’s still in the hospital. We should’t do that to her.”

“Ooh, doesn’t she have a twin though? That’s like… pretty much the same thing. Right?”

It was not pretty much the same thing. The difference between them that made itself immediately apparent when the four of them visited the Ayanami residence was that Kaworu was more talkative than Rei, albeit in a parrot-y sort of way  (admittedly, being more talkative than Rei was not a difficult feat to accomplish in the first place).

“Sooooooo Kaworu,” Asuka began when he answered the door, “good news. We have nominated you — yes, you! — to be the representative of House Ignoramus,” here she gestured to Touji and Kensuke, pleased, as she usually was, that she knew vocabulary that they didn’t and could thus get away with subtle jabs like this (all those accelerated classes had to be good for something, after all). “As such, your role in the truce between our two houses is to join the representative of House Prodigious in matrimony.”

Kaworu rubbed his nose with his finger. “Why?”

Asuka huffed. “Because that’s what people making truces do.”


Asuka sucked in a large breath to puff herself up a little. “Because I’ve seen it in movies and also I’ve read it in books because I’m in accelerated classes and I’ve read more books than you so I would know.”

Kaworu blinked, unfazed. “Why?”

“Because I’m smart and someday people like you are going to work for people like me so you should do what I say to get the practice.”


Hikari could hear Asuka beginning to grind her teeth and jumped in to rescue Asuka’s molars from the jaws of… well, her jaws. “What if I told you the other boy was really cute?”

“Speak for yourself,” muttered Asuka.

Kaworu appeared to consider this new information. “It’s another boy?”

“Is that okay with you?”

“Yeah,” said Kaworu. He wrinkled his forehead as he thought about it a bit more. Then he chewed on his lip and thought about it some more. Then he thought about it some more until he ran out of physical indicators that he was thinking about it some more. Finally, whatever hoops the offer had had to jump through during processing in Kaworu’s mind emerged on the other side when Kaworu hesitantly said, “… And you promise he’s cute?”

So cute. The cutest,” Hikari was quick to say. “Right, Touji?”

“I dunno, I’m not into guys.”

Right, Touji?” she asked again, reaching up to grab Touji’s ear and twist it.

“Super cute,” Touji agreed hastily.

“Will I get to kiss him?”

“Well, duh. That’s what you do when you get married.”

“Mmmmmmm…” Kaworu hummed as his mind went back into computing mode, and Asuka thought she could see a little progress bar slowly filling up in his eyes. “Mmmmmmmm… okay.”

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"You. Come. Snuggle. Now!!" Louis!!!

“I’m doing something, Mr. Bossy-pants!” You stared at him. Louis was wrapped in the comforter standing in the door of the laundry room.

“Mr. Bossy-pants wants Mrs. Bossy-pants, without pants, in bed cuddling right. now,” he ordered.

Miss Bossy-pants,” you said fluttering your bare fingers in his face. “I’m not married,” you told him. “And I’m busy. I’ll snuggle when I’m done.”

He glared at you. “You’re not married, yet,” he mumbled. “Don’t worry, that’ll be fixed soon,” he shrugged. “COME CUDDLE.” He opened the blanket for you to join. You laughed at him because he was insane.

You patted his stomach as you walked by him to wash dishes.

“BABY!” He whined.

“Saturday is chore day, you brat,” you rolled your eyes.

“You shouldn’t laugh when you see your boyfriend naked; it’s bad for his self esteem,” he muttered as you put the clean dishes away and the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. You looked up at him and smiled softly.

“Are you nervous I don’t think you look drop dead sexy naked, Lou?” You cooed.

He blushed a bit and smiled cheekily. “I don’t know…am I?”

You sighed, smirking  bit as you shook your head at him. “You said snuggle…did you mean something else, Mr. Bossy-pants?” You questioned and wrapped your arms around his waist, the blanket and all.

“Maybe,” he smiled mischievously.

You sighed. “Alright, I guess I have ten minutes,” you shrugged, teasing him making your way for the bedroom.

“Woah, hey, hold on,” he grabbed your hand. He narrowed his eyes at you. “Oh, love, you’re going to regret saying that,” he hummed lowly. It was so seductive it shocked your core. You shivered and you felt your cheeks warm. Louis dropped the blanket and cradled you in his arms and carried you to the bedroom…you certainly didn’t regret saying that.

Request: Hey! Can I get an imagine where you're Dean and Sam's younger sister and you have to go undercover as a cheerleader in high school for a hunt and you get invited to a party and you accidentally get high/wasted and you can come up with the end :)

“Hey, Y/N!” Kyle, the most popular kid and varsity football quarterback of your school called. He ran up to you and started walking next to you in the hall. “There’s a party at Justin’s house tonight. You going?" 

You put on the fake smiled you’d mastered and giggled like an idiot. "Duh, silly!” You exclaimed. 

“Awesome, see you there.” Kyle said, then ran back to his friends.

You instantly dropped the stupid smile and sighed, walking into class. You’d been undercover in the school as a cheerleader for two weeks now, and you still hadn’t found out what was hurting kids. Kids at the school had been being sent to the hospital from taking drugs, but they were all straight shooters. Drugs definitely weren’t in their comfort zone. So, Sam and Dean decided to use your age against you, and shoved you into school. 

You’d used every high school movie you’d ever seen to invent your persona. Obviously all cheerleaders weren’t total idiots, but you had a part to play. Being an idiot made other people undermine you, and being undermined meant you got to eavesdrop on a lot of important conversations. Sadly, none of those conversations mentioned ghosts or monsters, but you’d learned who was sleeping with whom and so on. 

School couldn’t have ended faster and you went to cheer practice. Being a hunter made it pretty easy to do the flips and cartwheels expected of you, and you actually had fun at the practices. You got to run around in the sun for a few hours, what was to dislike? 

“I’ll see you tonight!” You called to your ‘friends’ as you walked around the corner. Sam and Dean were waiting for you, and you jumped in the backseat. You sighed and leaned your head back.

“Long day?” Sam asked.

“And it’s gonna get longer. I have to go to a party.” You informed them.

“What? Will there be boys there?” Dean asked.

You couldn’t help but laugh. “Yes, Dean. Don’t worry, I’m just playing the part. I won’t have sex. I won’t drink beer. I’ll just pretend.” You assured him. 

Neither brother of yours seemed happy, but Dean started the car and drove you back to the motel. You had to get ready. Yay.

You’d decided to meet a few friends at the school and go together. That was Sam and Dean wouldn’t be dropping you off and you could dodge a bunch of unnecessary questions. You arrived at Justin’s house ten minutes late. 

“You made it!” Kyle exclaimed once he saw you. 

You smiled at him and nodded excitedly. “This is awesome!” You lied. The music was too loud and people kept bumping into you, but you continued with the persona. 

“Want a drink?” He asked, yelling to be heard over the music.

“Sure!” You exclaimed, following him. 

He led you to a table with a keg and punch bowl. You didn’t drink alcohol. Despite being a hunter, you were a straight shooter. You didn’t do drugs, and drinking was out of the questions. 

“Do you have any water?” You asked.

“Water?” Kyle asked, looking at you with confusion. You kicked yourself for the request; the character you were playing would never do something like that. 

“Got you!” You laughed, and Kyle’s face quickly melted into one of amusement. “I’ll take some punch." 

He poured you a cup and you took a sip. Just as you’d thought, it was spiked. You spent the rest of the night drinking slowly, taking a sip here and there, you manged to stay sober the whole night. 

But you didn’t know that people were smoking marijuana nearby. The smoke carried throughout the whole house, and you were high before you even knew it. 

You were in the living room, rocking your head and dancing to some song with a lot of fast words, when somebody tapped on your shoulder. It was Lizzy, a cheerleader. You smiled widely and pulled her into a tight hug. "Your brothers are here.” She informed you, pointing to the door. Sure enough, Sam and Dean were there, looking worried.

“Oh my gosh!” You exclaimed in happiness. You left Lizzy and ran to your brothers, wrapping your arms around them. “What are you doing here!” You asked with a huge smile. You loved your brothers.

“You called us.” Sam told you.

“Did I?” You asked, trying to remember. You remembered thinking about how much fun Sam and Dean would be having at the party, but did you really call them? “Oh well! You wanna hang out? This is so much fun!”

“You’re coming home.” Dean stated, angry. 

“What? Why?” You whined.

“Because I know what it looks like when somebody’s high.” He growled.

“Hi? I already said hi.” You giggled. Dean clenched his jaw and Sam placed a hand on your back, ushering you out of the house. “Let me say bye to my friends!” You said, but they didn’t stop moving. “Bye guys! I love you!” You shouted, and soon a group of people were waving to you at the door of the house. You blew them kisses as Sam put you into the car. 

The drive to the motel was silent except for you. You hummed and giggled whenever a funny thought entered your mind. You were completely unaware of how angry Sam and Dean were.

You walked into the motel and sat on your bed, then took your shoes off. Sam and Dean stood in front of you, arms crossed, ready to fight. “What the Hell?” Dean demanded.

“What?” You asked, confused.

“You got high!” Sam shouted. “We trusted you, Y/N." 

"I didn’t get high.” You assured them, laughing at the thought. “I had a sip of alcohol, but that’s just because there was nothing else to drink. I didn’t even go near any mary-joanna!” You giggled at the name of the drug. 

Sam and Dean glanced at each other, not as angry as they were before. “Did you smell anything weird at the party?” Sam asked.

“In the beginning, yeah.” You shrugged.

“What did it smell like?” Sam pressed.

“I dunno! Spices and flowers, I guess.” You said. 

Dean sighed and sat beside you. “You’re not allowed to go to any more parties." 

You rolled your eyes. "Oh my gosh Dean! You’re such a bossy pants!" 

Sam chuckled and Dean threw him an annoyed look, wiping the smile off Sam’s face. "Why don’t you go to bed?” Sam suggested.

“Kay!” You exclaimed, snuggling under your covers.

“Don’t you want to put your pajamas…. Nevermind.” Sam said, then turned off the lights. You were asleep within minutes.

(I hope you like it!)