if the colors on this look super weird to you too, you’ll just have to trust me that it looks REALLY OKAY in print form

at least the colors, I make no defense for the basic structure

Anyway LAST OF THE BOOKMARKS…FOR NOW, with bonus Marius, who I drew with the general idea of having him reacting to *gasp* ANKLES or something equally scandalous but then he wound up surrounded by SCANDALOUS PEOPLE so goodness knows what he’s on about. Maybe one of the World’s Worst Law Students has suggested that it might be okay to KNOW A WOMAN’S NAME.  The horrors! 

usscaptainkirk asked:

grantaire drew himself jehan and combeferre as dinosaurs and they all got tattooes of the them. Actually r probs drew all of the amis as dinosaurs and they all got them tattooed on their arms how cool would that be?

(Oooohhh this is going to be FUN! Each dinosaur was selected by Grantaire based on which he thought they were most like. It was nonnegotiable.)

Enjolras: Iguanadon, aka a constipated t-rex.

Combeferre: Triceratops, on account of the fact it’s his favourite.

Courfeyrac: Dilophosaurus, because those fuckers are colourful and more than once R and Courf have reenacted THAT scene from Jurassic Park with an umbrella.

Jehan: Stegosaurus, as it’s a cute vegan type but haS AMAZINGLY SCARY BODY ARMOUR!!!

Bossuet: Corythosaurus, as it looks like it has a mohawk and the irony is not wasted on Grantaire.

Joly: Pterodactyl… Joly just really likes pterodactyls, that’s all.

Bahorel: Giganotosaurus, because Baz is a huge carnivore.

Feuilly: T-Rex, the raddest most popular dinosaur.

Grantaire: Icthyosaurus, as he too likes swimming and has eyes like Steve Buscemi.

A Summary of Les Mis Songs
  • Look Down:*rhythmic and dramatic grunting*
  • At The End Of The Day:everyday is a shit day
  • I Dreamed A Dream:life goals
  • Lovely Ladies:the immediate shielding song (but so catchy)
  • Who Am I:i must question who i am. i am a number.
  • The Confrontation:surprise bitch. bet you thought you saw the last of me.
  • Castle On A Cloud:dream house
  • Master Of The House:LET'S GET TURNT
  • Stars:i must get the bread man
  • Red/Black:pretty boys who sing about justice
  • In My Life:cosette, you're such a lonely child
  • A Heart Full Of Love:hi girl behind fence i like you
  • On My Own:notice me senpai
  • A Little Fall Of Rain:i like you marius. *dies*
  • Bring Him Home:i need to make cosette happy this boy seems to do it
  • Empty Chairs at Empty Tables:where are my friends. oh they're dead.
  • Epilogue:*intense crying*

Imagine Joly doing something really cute like falling asleep at a table at the Musain during a meeting and Musichetta grins and absentmindedly goes “my boyfriend’s cuter than yours” to whoever happens to be nearest to her and there’s a pause before Bossuet goes “…’Chetta, we’re dating the same person” and she’s just like “oh yeah” and turns and high fives him


Les Amis de l’ABC | The Friends of the ABC

A reinterpretation of the 19th century illustration by Frederic Lix from Les Miserables aka the one where they all look too old to be students. See a bigger version here.

So it’s finally done! A special thanks to fivie and daisy-is-not-a-flower for the encouragement and suggestions. And to et-in-arkadia, whose post started it all.

everyone always forgets how close bossuet and joly were to grantaire. It’s a shame, because imagine modern!au grantaire sharing an apartment with joly, bossuet, and musichetta, and he’s like “yeah, okay, you three go have lots of loud sex in the other room, I’m just going to sit here, getting wasted and playing angry birds, nbd” but they all secretly adore grantaire, and people come over to see the four of them squished onto the tiny sofa, snuggling and watching game of thrones, all of them unconsciously petting grantaire like a cat, because he needs to be surrounded by love to be happy and they know it. 

A bit in advance, but please enjoy those last days of 2014 with people you love ! Or dogs, dogs are good too. 

grantaire turning up late to a meeting one day, and when he does turn up he’s soaked and hiding something under his jacket, and everyone starts joking because what could grantaire have done now

and then he pulls out a little ball of black fur from his jacket and drops this tiny kitten in bossuet’s lap stating that “he’s called lucky, i reckon you’ll cancel each other out, yeah?”