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imagine balkantalia being tasked with having to make a stage play about into the woods

  • Romania- The Witch
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina- The Baker and his wife
  • Macedonia- Cinderella
  • Montenegro- Cinderella’s Prince
  • Bulgaria- Cinderella’s Stepfather (or just the guy she lives with in their case)
  • Vojvodina- Little Red Riding Hood
  • Serbia- The Wolf
  • Kosovo/Srpska- Jack

You guys can add more ideas to this post! But this is who I’d cast for these roles. 

Srbcro oneshot

Warning nsfw…I feel so ashamed for doing thisXD Its so bad
(I know there are many erros because my english is horrible)

Croatias pov
Its 11 a clock in the evening now the Word conference ends it was very exhausting
Germany drivet me To the conference today. This Time we talk about peace and things like that. I don’t exept that it will help. We are very early as always. I sit behind Germany and hungary. shortly before it begins I saw Bosnia and Herzegovina I smiled at them I really love them but we don’t meet that often. I looked at the countrys i saw many Familiar faces everyone was there… Except for Serbia and russia.

Serbias pov
“We are late drive faster!” I said
“Da da” Russia said.
I am kind of afraid to see some countries …what the yugoslavs will think when they see me I mean I dindn’t Talk To them since the war. Will they hate me…
“Are you OK you look kinda pale?” Russia said.
“Yeah it’s OK I’m just thinking about how They will react to see me. What if he hates me?”
“I don’t think he hates you but if he does then forget him”. he said
“We are there.“he said
I get out of the Car and run with Russia to the room

Croatias pov
“Today we talk about peace and we want to improve some relation of countries. so lets start!!” America screamed.
I am unimportant at these kind of conferences and To shy To say something. So I startet To draw in my Notebook. I draw some waterfalls and some trees.

Serbias pov
They already started so we knock at the door and are quite going inside…russia sit behind america. I searched for a place. The only one was behind the devil called hungary she already looks mad at me …and behind her was him…The person who always makes me crazy and Controlles. He was drawing something in his book…he looks so sweet as always I really kinda missed him. I has a crush for him since forever. We had some beautyful nights but I don’t think he loves me as much as I love him. I sit behind her he didn’t even recognized me.

Hungarys pov
Gosh why he has to sit here not because he annoys me it’s because I don’t want that he starts to talk with drazen again. He already broke drazens Heart. I remember how he was crying coming to me and says that Serbia declares war on him. Drazen was so sad, He loved him so much and Serbia nothing. I promise to myself that I don’t want to see him like that again and that I will keep Serbia away from him.
“So now we want to Talk with some countrys which hate each other let’s see maybe You tow ” America said and showed to Croatia and serbia.

Croatians pov
Fuck why is he showing on me?!…and on Serbia?!…why is serbia standing up? He is going To the frond where america stands.
“Come croatia!"america said with a smile
""i said emberast while I am lookin On the floor. Serbia is lookin with a kinda sad face to me. So i go and stand behind him. This is so emberasing everyone is lookin at us.
"So you two hate each other right? America sad.
I sad nothing and looked at Serbia while he is lookin at Russia.
"Well ok you hate Each other. now tell us one good thing about the other person!"America sad.
"Why would I do that?!"Serbia sad annoyed
Does that mean he hates me…
"H..he is r..really nice sometimes a..and he cares about the p..people who are precious to him. M…most of you dont know t..that He is ..a b…beautiful Person! I said I was lookin at the floor. I am so embarest WHY I SAID THIS. I can feel how everyone is shoked looking at me. i looked at serbia ….he was emarest …surprisely not mad at me.

Serbias pov
What did he just said?!…he don’t hate me and he is Extremly blushed. Kinda cute.
"Soooo that was very good croatia, now you serbia.” The dumphead said.
“He is the Beautifulst thing ever. He always listened and help me when I had problems. I miss that help I want him back. Just like in old times.” I said Everyone is looking at me just like I said some shit but it’s true what I said. Croatia was so blush is whole face was red.
“That was amazing! Wanna say more?” America said.
“Yes he has the best body in the world I mean look at this amazing butt!” I said I don’t know why but everyone laught. It was not bad laughin. But I think it hurts drazen.
“Can I go to the bathroom?” He said without looking.
“yeah” America said.
He was running outside I felt so bad. So I ran after him. He was in the closed toilet cabin. Is he Crying?
“hey open the door i’m sorry like I said I didn’t mean it bad.”
“Idi!” He said with his arogand voice.
“If you don’t let me in or I come in!”
well so I broke the doorXD and go inside he was sitting and crying I was just looking at him.
“Why you said this?!” He said
I was so hypnotized I was just looking. he doesn’t change at all. The beautiful long legs and shiny eyes.
“Do you even listening?"he said again. I don’t know why but I pulled him to me and hudding. He dosent hits me…he huggs me back. This feels pretty good better than i exept. Them he starts looking at me with his beautiful eyes I feel like he is looking right into my Soul.
We were going back To the conference.

~flashback End
So I waited for Germany that he brings me back to the hotel…serbia was also wating for russia. Why did he hugged me..
"Croatia you are driving with serbia because me and russia have To do some work” germany said.
serbia smiled kinda creepy and we ste going to the car without saying a Word. He starts driving…the First half our we didn’t talked a word. I saw That we don’t have Enoght benzin.
“So How was it Going?"vuk said
"W..well ok not easy but ok” i said

Serbias pov
I looked at him he is sitting like a cute little girl his hands are betwen his legs…gosh he looks so hot…I cant hold it back for so long anymore. Fuck the car is stopping we don’t have enough benzin…I called russia that he can bring some benzin.
“He can come in 2 hours.” I Said
“Uh ok…” He Said …he kinda looks embarrassed.I was the whole time just looking at this body…and he was reading something. If I think about it…we had some really nice nights. I mean for me it was idk if he liked it…but I couldn’t resist at this time. He just was so cute…he never stopped to be. I don’t know about these feelings Are now coming back. He makes mi fucking horny…I mean we are alone ….in the car ….for two hours. I started to Touch his leg.he didn’t said anything. So I started more between the Legs. He was embarrassed And he looked at me and tried to push me away.
“Let go!"he said while he was pushing me.
"NeXd” I said while I was unbotten his trousers. He face was red…bud he didn’t hits me…I started kissin him.. He kisses back. My hand slips in to his pants. He moand a Little bit which sounds cute but he tries to hold back. I rubbed his member while his moanig becomes a little louder. He starts kissing me with his toungh.
I unbott my trouser and take of drazens. I pressed drazen to the backseat and layes him down.
“V..vuk w..we shouldn’t "he said but if he looks at me like that I can’t. I pud slowly inside two fingers because I don’t want to hurt him. But he was giving a loud moan which he tries to hold back. I slowly put in my member while drazen moans louder.he holds on the backseat while I became faster. I kissed his cest and rubbing his member.
"V..vuk” he moans quitly. I kissed him on his cheek and became very fast I was trying to hold my moan back. While drazen became really loud.
“Ah vuk !” He moant. I was starting to.
“I am about to….” I moant while he comes. Some seconds after him I came to.
“Nhh” drazen moant while he started huggin me. I really missed this and him.
“Ja te volim.” Why i just Said this i am a idiot i cant say this Frist Time After sex now he should hate me. He started smiling
“I ja tebe” and he kissed me again. Nothing can Ruin this moment…..After some seconds Drazen screams shortly i turnet around and saw russia he smiled and Germany was shoked. Drazen Hides hisself with some clothes. Rus and Germany are going away so that we can get on our cloths.
“Hungary will kill me.” I Said while dra smiled
“Well she is you smallest problem.”
“What do you mean?”
“Uhhh fuck….”

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Thanks. I hope I dont trouble you but could you do like a list of the nations and where they are mostly put in and why? I needed to hear this from a native person not just books.

South European: Greece, Turkey

South-East European: Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania (possibly Croatia too but I am not 100% sure). People also refer to some of them as simply East European.

Central European: Slovenia, Croatia as well I think, Serbia, Romania

Again, some are seen as being part of two regions. Hope this helps!

You know why im so pissed off about the silence when it comes to the Bosnian War and the Srebrenica Genocide in particular? Because this was the most recent genocide commited by Europeans yet no one talks about it? It’s not taught in schools (uk) it’s hardly a topic anyone cares about, it was systematically islamophobic, for those who don’t know it was a genocide targeting Muslim men and boys specifically, 8373 murdered from 11 July 1995 - 22 July 1995 to be precise. Muslim women were raped, Muslims were put in concentration camps yet this is the forgotten war and genocide? How? How can Europe just forget about this? I’m so disgusted. 21 years. 21 years of families suffering and mourning because their father, brother, uncle, grandad was killed for his faith. Fuck anyone who doesn’t care about Bosnia.