The Ruins of Bandar Ziyada & Bandar Qasim

Bandar Qasim ( Bosaso), known as Mosylon by the ancient Greeks, is a strategically located port city in the Bari region of Puntland. The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea indicates that ancient Greek merchants sailed to Bandar Qasim, providing notes about the strategic and geographical location.

Located just outside of Bandar Qasim, Bandar Ziyada (Qaw) is an ancient town that was active in the Horn of Africa’s ancient trade system. The town was destroyed by the British colonialists when colonial rule divided the Somali territory into five parts since it lay on the borderline between British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland.

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Riding around and getting it! 

Bosaso 2009! 

Though how much of activity Al Shabab is achieving - not known. 

Bosaso an Al-Shabaab Stronghold?

Locals believe that al-Shabaab not only arrived in the Galgala Mountains, but is now creating a stronghold in the seaside commercial hub of Bosaso.

"I believe Bosaso is one of the important cities that feeds al-Shabaab, whether financially or militarily. Just go the mosques and Quranic schools. All the youngsters are supporting al-Shabaab and its ideology? Does this mean al-Shabaab have active members in the city? According to my sources, we believe more youngsters joined Galgala militias to fight Puntland forces at the same time others went to south and central Somalia to help al-Shabaab," Ayub Ahmed, a scholar in Bosaso, told Somalia Report.

A local witness reported the militants were conducting a recruitment drive within the city.

"The day I believed that al-Shabaab had power in Bosaso was on 17 June 2011. After I finished Jumía prayer around 1:35pm, a friend asked if I needed money and I said yes. He then told me to come back the following evening, so I did. After we did Maqrib, he told me to follow him. He took me on a path through the city, going around and among houses and very tight roads in the new Bosaso village,” explained the recruit.

"I was really tired when he finally opened the door of a house. Inside there were more youngsters. I can’t remember the exact number. Also there were three old men who asked me if I was ready to fight for Allah and go to south Somalia. I said yes, because I needed the money. After more talking they told me they would give every person $500 when he reached Mogadishu. After I got back my home and decided to not go back again. Then I tried to remember the house at which I met them, but I was confused because of the similarity of the houses in this village," he told Somalia Report.

Bosaso & Garowe were my two favourite cities because the cities were always alive and active, never a dull moment! Met so many amazing people. It helped that i met many young people who always wanted to talk and ready to have crazy adventures with me

Drama um dänische Geiseln

Das Drama um die dänische Familie, die mit ihrer Yacht Ing ins Piratengebiet vor Somalia gesegelt und am 24. Februar gekidnappt worden war, verschärft sich.

  1. Die Familie befindet sich zur Zeit auf der entführten MV Dover, die vor Hurdiyo liegt. Mutter Birgit Marie Johansen und Tochter Nala sind schwer erkrankt. Nala hat Fieber, erbricht sich und nimmt seit einigen Tagen weder Wasser noch Nahrung zu sich.
  2. Die Piraten weigern sich, Ärzte an Bord zu lassen.
  3. Für die Dover wurde angeblich Lösegeld bezahlt, sie soll in den nächsten Tagen freigelassen werden.
  4. Was dann mit den 7 dänischen Geiseln geschieht: unklar. Die Piraten können schlecht mit ihren Geiseln an Land gehen, weil die Dorfältesten in der Region die Geiselnahme von Kindern ablehnen und Milizen gegen die Piraten aufgestellt haben. Außerdem warten Anti-Piraten-Einheiten der quasiautonomen Region Puntland auf die Piraten.
  5. Die Piraten fordern 5 Mio Dollar Lösegeld für die dänischen Geiseln. Ihre Familien haben bisher aber nur 1,3 Mio. zusammen gebracht.
  6. Den Piraten geht das Geld aus. Sie haben nur sieben Investoren, darunter den Geschäftsmann Guuleed aus Bosaso.

Das sind die entführten Johansens (v.l.): Rune (17), Mutter Birgit Marie, Naja (13), Vater Jan, Hjalte (15)

Mehr Infos zur Entführung der Ing.

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