Marco Reus vs. Mario Götze - Wer Weiß Mehr Highlights

Look at them laughing and touching all the time and Mario basically crawling back to his man when he lost 😍


Now that I have stopped mourning Die Mannschaft, let me tell you all about my favorite player:

Marco Reus has glass ankles and actually broke a bone the DAY BEFORE he was supposed to leave with Germany for the Brazil 2014 world cup - homeboy was robbed of a medal; Gotze brought out his jersey after the finals but it doesn’t erase the fact that he should have been up there with them. On injuries he’s missed the Euros, Confederations Cup (Germany won) and many key games - they injure him because he carries dortmund and he’s an actual threat when playing for Germany and also he just has fragile ankles lmao. in his first full world cup game against Sweden he finished with 1 goal and 1 assist (both crucial) and MOTM. He came up with the play for Kroos’s banger freekick. But that’s not the point. My point is that I just want to see him win trophies and be happy because of how much he’s lost and also because of how much he’s sacrificed - after the 2013-2014 season of his life with Dortmund when i first started following him (they took it to the Champion’s League final) he had transfer rumors to Madrid and United and even an agreement with Barca, and just last year Man City tried to buy him but he’s actively decided to stay with Dortmund, the club he has been training with since he was a kid. Cacau put it nicely when he said something along the lines of “There are Ronaldos and Messis but then there is Marco Reus who deserves to be up there but just gets so unlucky, yet continues to love the game and play the game”. I mean he’s not an unknown player – he’s on the cover of FIFA 17 (it’s beautiful btw) because of his cult status as a legend, but I’m just heartbroken because as of today he’s likely never gonna have a World Cup trophy or even a golden boot because he doesn’t get the chance to perform on the worlds biggest stage. Things are looking a little better because Lucien Favre – the manager who built Reus into a star at Monchengladbach – is now going to coach BVB, so we could potentially see Reus do well in the champions league. He still has mad technical skills and vision and pace when he’s healthy and in form but he’s 29 and everyone knows you can’t play that well into your 30s and I’m gonna cry again because he might just retire from the national team after the Russia shitshow so yeah. I just wanted to say that my favorite football player is/was/will be Marco Reus. He’s said it himself he would give away all his money just to be healthy again, and when he was finally healthy and about to light up the World Cup, Germany gets thrown out the group stages. I hope we see him win it all in Qatar, because goddamn, Marco Reus deserves better.