Me, closes my eyes: I’m really tired.

My brain: Remember all your ships that will never cannon.

Me, opens my eyes: I must read fanfics to fill the hole in my heart.

my fav kind of otp is when person A is perched on person B’s lap and complaining again about their test since they were one point away from 100 while person B hums and plays with person A’s hair with dead eyes since person B got a score way below average again so they’re staying tight-lipped about it

but person A finds out anyway and ends up tutoring person B plus they offer kisses for every question person B gets right because motivation is key but also a huge huge distraction

Someone: So are your ships ever gonna sail?

Me, looking out on my fleet of ships still docked: No. They just do this thing where they float in the water of salty haters’ tears. Honestly, I’m thankful they can even do that. But I mean…..sometimes if I’m lucky they catch a breeze with fluff interaction in episodes.