After what I just saw, I am more convinced than ever that Daryl is not going to mince words about his feelings for Carol

Firstly, I’m absolutely gobsmacked and gutted, from watching this episode. These actors are so fucking amazing. I’m in awe and in total shock. I am more convinced than ever, in my unwavering belief that Daryl will not waste one more second in expressing his feelings for Carol. What he experienced and what he witnessed, espically seeing lovers torn apart, will propel him to take that huge leap of faith. I cannot imagine Daryl not wilfully and joyously opening his heart up to Carol. Daryl has always known the are on borrowed time, but this is beyond anything he could ever imagine. Wasting one more second on fearing the unknown because he doesn’t feel worthy of love from a woman will be out the window. It will cease to be of any importance whatsoever. The only thing of importance going forward will be him loving and protecting Carol and making that crystal clear to Carol. If episode 10 doesn’t bring it and bring us to our knees, it will be the most disappointing and wasted opportunity I could ever imagine. After watching this episode, how on God’s green earth could Daryl not scoop Carol up in his arms and never ever let her go again? How in the hell could that be possible? I can’t see it. There is nowhere for Caryl to end up, other than in each others arms. This has to happen and it will happen.

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I wrote a summary for the giant!antisepticeye/tiny!reader fic, which i’m gonna be working on soon!!
for now, here’s just the summary, again lemme know if you’re interested,,!

Having recently found yourself in Ireland, you quickly found a human home to live in the walls of. You didn’t like being so close to humans, but being a Borrower meant taking risks, and this human - Jack - seemed relatively oblivious enough. Him invested in games or editing gave you plenty of time to borrow what you needed before retreating back into the walls.

You always thought the human was harmless, but then something changes. Something arrives, with Jack’s body as a vessel.

Something inhuman.

The jar slammed down around you and the green, glowing eyes peering at you are the first hint that things are going terribly wrong.

i want to live in a world where glenn is thriving and daryl was mature enough to sit and take negan’s taunting like the rest of the group instead of trying to show off and punch a man who essentially had gun pointed at the head of every person daryl loved.

how fucking selfish do you have to be to not take the man’s threat seriously after he just brutally murdered one of your friends. do you feel better? do you feel stronger now?

rick included with that ‘i’m going to kill you’ shit. the ego on these two.

im so fucking angry. they purposely set the deaths up the way they did to lull people into a sense of security once he took out abraham. just when you thought the emotional manipulation couldnt get worse since last season. its bullshit. and everyone’s just celebrating over how they knew it was gonna happen and how glenn had to die and how he’s been living on borrow time over the past seasons and i hate all of you.

genuinely. my god. its a fucking fictional character and i hate all of you who think there’s nothing wrong with this episode.

i cant properly articulate the significance of giving an Asian man such a graphic death as a result of one white man’s apathy and another’s ego. it’s not even as if glenn acted out and got punished for it. but sure cheer for norman when his name is said and celebrate that you predicted the brutal death of an Asian character played by a man who has said on many occasions how difficult it is to be an Asian man in Hollywood.

but is it really just borrowed time?

i think i disagree. i can still learn from this. i’m still learning from it every minute. in the meantime i don’t mind waiting. i’m actually pretty at peace with this.


From the Pixar Animators - Borrowed Time a dark short film
How Andrew Coats and Lou Hamou-Lhadj Made The Independent Short 'Borrowed Time' Inside Pixar

“Making an independent animated short is hard. But what if you had the power of Pixar’s animation toolset and renderfarm behind you?

That’s exactly what directors Andrew Coats and Lou Hamou-Lhadj were able to leverage for their short Borrowed Time, about a sheriff whose memories of a tragic event keep haunting him. The short has been racking up accolades on the festival circuit, scoring Oscar-qualifying wins at the St. Louis and Nashville film festivals, and again this week, winning best in show at the SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival.”


Borrowed Time - Trailer


*Heard this short was done by a group of animators at Pixar*

Oh, it’ll probably be some uplifting cute little short about someone trying to fit in.

One Viewing Later

………………Holy Shit.