I think I finally understand the saying like a moth to a flame. I’m the moth. My heart flutters like the paper thin wings. And he is the flame, incendiary, scorching my soul.
He inhales so heavily, like he’s been holding his breath under water. He presses his lips against mine and tugs at my hair gently. My head falls back and my mouth falls open. His tongue, slick as silver, dances with mine.
I’m wrong. I’m not a moth. I’m Icarus and I’ve flown too close to the sun.
—  A.D. Evans, Born Wicked

All four of these amazing books are out today, and of course we couldn’t resist taking a photo. You know we love our book stacks. 


Jessica Spotswood’s hot new debut, Born Wicked, will be published on February 7!  It’s the first installment of The Cahill Witch Chronicles and looks to be a great read indeed.

You can read my interview with the author here!