Team7 is shit and makes no sense at all.

They are saying “naruto is ALL about team7. Naruto only is about team7. Those who hate 7 arent real fans, team7 is life. THEY NEED TO BE TOGETHER” LOL???? How can someone support team7 beeing together when SASUKE HATES SAKURA. Naruto have problems with sasuke. Sasuke DOESNT WANT TO BE WITH THEM. A sensai who never even cared of his team? Is this so hard to accept for narutards? I mean no one cant force someone to be in a group when he doesnt even like you at all. Sasuke has the right to hate team7. I mean whats that? A childish party? Team7 is the past. A story which is dead now. Sasuke gives a fuvk to them. Sasuke choosed his own members and they really fit him. Team taka is born. So they will kill team taka , a team sasuke wants to be part of it, because of some childish 12 year old past happening? Come on they grow up. Naruto is the only one who is still retarded and lifes in the past. Kakashi moved on, sakura moved on , sasuke breaked everything YEARS AGO. Team Yamato was born with sai. A better team. Team yamato works. They understand each other. Thats a team. Not team7. Team7 is a joke. A problematic team. - doesnt work - if kishi would like team7 then he wouldn’t create team yamato or team taka. Team taka has members with potential. Everyone one them has a past, a present. Sasuke choosed them and not suckra, narutard or a stupid i-hate-you-all-sensai. He also said kakashi is weak and useless like Sakura. Can’t they see his hate for this team?????? Cant they see it? Sasuke would hate this guys forcing him to be in a village he hates, with peoples he hates. The only person he “likes” is naruto. He doesnt need a team7 back. This is all genjutsu. The real sasuke doesnt even give a fuck to them!

Why are NaruTards so damn annoying like ss/nh tards?

Talk with me about that xD @antishinobisystem


“Ann please lock your doors, I don’t want anything bad to happens to you on the way home.” Said Ted Bundy for Ann Rule, she could never imagine that was faced with one of the most notorious serial killers of the world. 

“well, I’d just been locked up with probably the most dangerous man in the western state.” - Ann Rule about Ted Bundy.

Born To Kill?

Episodes of ‘Born To Kill?’ one of my favourite true crime shows, each episode is about a different killer or killers, thought I’d post these because I personally love this show and it needs more attention :) 

Also I hit 4k followers last week & didn’t post anything so here’s a little something lol idk, I love all my followers I hope you guys know that :) 😚 💖

Jeffrey Dahmer | Ted BundyHarold Shipman | Aileen Wuornos | Richard Ramirez | Edmund Kemper  | Dennis Nilsen | ‘The Hillside Stranglers’ (Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono) | David Berkowitz | Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka | Fred & Rosemary West | Peter Sutcliffe | David Carpenter | Sean Gillis | Charles Starkweather | Gerald & Charlene Gallego | Timothy Spencer | Bobby Joe Long | John Duffy & David Mulcahy | Albert DeSalvo | Richard Chase | ‘The Gay Slayer’ (Colin Ireland) | ‘The Thriller Killers’ (Wesley Shermantine and Loren Herzog) | Herbert William Mullin | Richard Cottingham Patrick Mackay | Hadden Clark | Myra Hindley & Ian Brady | Levi Bellfield | 👍